Cloud kitchens in Dubai

Cloud kitchens in Dubai: Everything you need to know about Deliveroo

Cloud Kitchen is the new innovation in food management and delivery to keep up with the growing population and modernize your food industry.

A cloud kitchen is a type of virtual kitchen space that doesn't have a banquet, except that it works with a take-out menu.

Cloud kitchens are in huge demand in Dubai as they cost little and are enhanced by a fast, undemanding delivery experience that is highly demanded by customers and easily accessible with customer information.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, virtually all banquet halls lost interest in the grocery store. Additionally, online grocery delivery orders have generally increased.

In this article, we will look at the dynamics in Dubai and the rapid development of the Kitopi cloud kitchen, and how it can foster such a scenario in Dubai.


What is Deliveroo and how can it function?

Deliveroo is the world's leading cloud kitchen organization operating in the United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Hongkong, and Kuwait with over 110,000 employees. The organization is currently valued at over $1.8 billion. They work with cafes that need to disseminate their administrations on the internet. Deliveroo has become the most compelling player in the food industry, especially for a wide range of kitchen needs.

Founded in 2013, in the United Kingdom, Delivroo aims to satisfy world hunger with exceptional food on consumer terms. It enables restaurants to work in different areas that require the least investment and capital, with framing and programming in less than 14 days. Apart from that, they enhance a seamless customer experience when deployed

  • Received orders

  • Dealing with ingredients and cooking

  • Delivery

  • Users Feedback Management


Brands or restaurants must pay an onboarding fee to join the stage. Deliveroo keeps part of the revenue and also offers them a 10% sovereignty fee as compensation for all transactions.


Once established, the brands will deliver their menu and train Deliveroo staff to cook with recipes.

Basically, trained staff cook for brands.

Finally, Deliveroo carries out end-to-end activities for the customer. Deliveroo has a central kitchen in every town they work in, and most of the planning of food production takes place here. The last small details are given in a more modest kitchen, located near the premises.

They also make their in-house innovation called the Smart Kitchen Operating System (SKOS). Designed for a wide range of applications, it offers an improved layout across all parts of the cloud kitchen to increase productivity and customer engagement.


Highlights Required To Develop A Cloud Kitchen Like Deliveroo

You should really consider the physical and special elements that come with opening a cloud kitchen.

Actual Location

The contrast between conventional and cloud kitchens is the size of the property. Cloud kitchens don't have to worry about a huge plot of land in a convenient location. This is usually any local unused or after-market lot, presumably a 250-300 square foot lot.


You need an extensive legal document to start your cloud kitchen business. This will help you get rid of all legal troubles. Because it's virtual, your customer can come into your workspace to check out the food layout, security, and cleanliness. Therefore, possession of authorized documents is protected.


Talented workforce

In a cloud kitchen, you don't need the number of employees, you choose the type of 4-5 skilled people with their own cloud kitchen specialties. If you have a multi-brand kitchen, the kitchen specialist or brand staff may improve.


Select your online food aggregators or carriers

As interest in food transportation services increases, you need to choose the best of them. Since they already have certain customers, you need to list your base to choose the best feed aggregators on the web.


Integrated system for taking orders online

In order to run a cloud kitchen, the absolute first specialty requirement is to create a framework that allows orders to be taken from your internet-based aggregators. This is necessary as your base will enter a variety of stages of food transportation. Also, a built-in framework helps you track your daily orders every step of the way. This way you can choose the best level of transport for your specific customer.

The website and mobile application for online ordering: You can not only rely on the food transport authorities. You need to promote your own website or mobile app to emphasize getting orders. We offer the best app development and web development services in Dubai. Also, online transport companies guarantee more free transport requests. To avoid this problem, you definitely want to have an improved internal SEO team for online orders.


Integrated call center team

An integrated call location helps take orders over the internet by phone. A POS call management dashboard lets you show the customer and ask for niceties, and it helps you collect a history reported by the customer so you don't have to keep asking for similar niceties.


In-House Delivery System

As we discussed in the previous point, you have your own website and multipurpose app. So you also need an integrated food transportation system so that your offerings provide a better customer experience. This will make it easier to submit your application than hiring an outside freight manager as there is a cost involved.


Stock Management Software for Cloud Kitchen

An inventory management app is a must for any business. As you probably know, deliveroo collects all the raw materials first. Maintaining an inventory management framework helps monitor food costs and reduce material waste.


Cost to foster a cloud kitchen stage like deliveroo

Building a cloud kitchen scenario like deliveroo which integrates a website and a mobile app will cost you between AED 60,000 and AED 80,000. Depending on your item requirements, this may vary in some cases.



We at DXB APPS are the leading mobile app and web development company in Dubai that can help you develop various websites and multipurpose apps at the most affordable cost. If you have described the requirements for your application in detail, we will give you an exact idea of ​​the costs of the application. You can contact us for more data to make iOS and Android mobile apps.

We've put together these tips to kickstart your cloud kitchen business. Cloud kitchen management in Dubai is arguably the biggest problem in food innovation. Therefore, it is better for entrepreneurs and restaurant brands to work together on this incentive plan to move the innovative project forward.

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