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Mobile shopping apps surged 22% during the holidays.

The Christmas shopping season, which includes Black Friday, often accounts for 40% of a retailer's annual revenue, and it is soon approaching. As a result of the epidemic, the retail landscape has shifted, with many stores adopting mobile technologies and developing their own retail apps. But what does the holiday season mean for shopping apps this year?

Surge in the use of shopping apps

According to, a mobile and app analytics industry leader, mobile shopping app visits are expected to climb by 22% per year to 450 billion by 2019. If China is included, the total number of sessions will be 850 billion.

According to, Android shopping app traffic in the UAE will top 15 billion sessions in the fourth quarter, representing a nearly 10% rise year over year. The findings provide compelling evidence that retailers and brands should prioritize app marketing techniques that will help them increase sales during the current shopping season.

Increased use of shopping apps leads to increased sales.

In retrospect, the pandemic most certainly encouraged many of us to develop the habit of making all of our purchases using apps. Downloads increased at half the rate of shopping applications.

More than 150 million hours will be spent using Android shopping apps on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a 41% increase over the pre-Covid period.

Furthermore, the more time people spend using applications, the more money they spend in physical establishments. That's yet another way to think about loyalty programs and instant messages! Brick-and-mortar retailers with a strong local presence may be able to compete with mobile-only enterprises with a mobile strategy.

Shopping App Development

Attempting to cut costs

With inflation on the horizon, people will be looking for bargains this holiday season. Downloads of apps that provide discounts and rewards climbed by 31% in the first half of 2022.

Downloads of reward apps climbed by 24% internationally during the same time period.

Despite the current economic situation, consumers are still ready to spend their hard-earned money on luxury items; thus, fashion apps such as SHEIN and Nike are expected to perform well throughout the Christmas shopping season.

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