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Build a Ride-Sharing App in Dubai

For these reasons, analysts predict that the global ride-sharing sector will be worth $117 billion by 2021. And by 2025, its value is projected to soar to $218 billion. This equates to a CAGR of more than 30–35% through the year 2025.

To put it mildly, the ride-sharing industry is massive. Nor does it appear that its meteoric expansion will slow down any time soon.

At the moment, the three biggest players in the industry are DiDi, Uber, and Lyft. And believe us when we say that only from one particular market segment have they made billions.

Obviously, this has received a great deal of interest from all corners of the globe. Many well-known companies and new businesses are making their own ridesharing apps and services.

The question is whether or not you wish to capitalize on this rapidly growing market.

And the fact that demand is so strong only adds to its appeal. Car ownership is costly, and cabs aren't cheap either. The ride-sharing software provides a low-cost and, more significantly, a relaxing alternative to traditional forms of transportation.

Furthermore, you've come to the perfect site if you're interested in learning more about developing your own car sharing app. All the information you need to create a successful car-sharing app will be covered in this article.

So, with that out of the way, let's dive in:

Why Do We Need Car Sharing Apps?

The idea behind car-sharing software is straightforward.

A ride can be reserved using a car-sharing app, as one might guess from the name. Unfortunately, you won't have a monopoly on it. Because it is a public conveyance, you will have to sit next to people who are taking the same or similar journey as you.

Given that the fare is split among several passengers, the total cost of the trip is drastically reduced.

The number of passengers is flexible and depends on the vehicle.

"Car sharing app development" refers to the method by which these apps are created. Later on, we'll have a more in-depth conversation about the procedure.

The practice of carpooling has gained significant traction in recent years. Large taxi booking apps have taken note of the trend and introduced their own takes on car sharing.

In the next section, we'll talk about the different kinds of car-sharing apps and then get into the best ride-sharing platforms that are available right now.

Various Apps for Carpooling

A car-sharing app can be created in various ways. In this article, we'll talk about this.


With carpooling, there is no middleman charging the user a fee for using the automobile. Therefore, the ride's driver and passenger or users are headed in the same general direction.

Those who use it the most are likely to be close friends, coworkers, or frequent commuters. This results in savings on both gas and upkeep for vehicles. These sites, as one might expect, do not rank highly in terms of revenue generation.


Undoubtedly, ridesharing apps are the most widely used form of car sharing service.

Most of you probably know that it enables riders to carpool with others who are headed in the same direction. It operates similarly to a taxi, but you'll be riding with other passengers.

This business model has been successful for a number of automobile sharing companies.

Involuntary carpooling

P2P Car Sharing, also known simply as "Car Sharing," is a practice in which individuals temporarily rent out their personal vehicles to others.

In this group, members take turns driving their own cars instead of renting them. In the realm of ridesharing apps, this is a mainstay.

I'm confused about how a car-sharing app actually functions.

While developing a ride-sharing app is probably self-explanatory, we'll go into further depth here. To wit: the following

  • The first step is to download the app from a third-party source, such as the App Store or the Google Play Store.

  • Install the app on your phone and enter your contact information (email, phone number, etc.) to sign up.

  • Details and permissions must be added to the platform before the app can function properly. Because of the sensitive nature of the information it collects and stores, the app requires a variety of permissions and details, such as a phone number, address, name, payment information, and so on.

  • Enter your desired destination and alternatives will appear for how to get there.

  • Select Your Preferred Vehicle- Pick the ride that suits you best from the available possibilities.

  • After making your choice, you can ask for a ride and be told where to meet the driver and when to expect them.

  • Arrive at your destination; on the way, you'll receive information useful for communicating with loved ones about your safety.

  • You can pay for the ride afterward using a number of different methods, including an eWallet app.

  • You can also rate the rider's behaviour and write a review of your experience with them.

Ride-Sharing and Taxi Services: Key Distinctions

The creation of taxi apps is a common answer. And it's inevitable that discussions of ride-sharing services would inevitably include comparisons to taxi applications.

Let's compare and contrast the two options before you start coding your car-sharing app. The primary distinctions are as follows:

  • Exclusive vs Shared Space

The biggest difference between calling a taxi and using ride-sharing features is how private each one is.

While a taxi gives you the run of the whole car, ridesharing services often only give you access to one seat. There are obvious disparities in the amount of space you'll have, but that's the whole point of ridesharing services.

  • To What Extent Will It Take To Get There?

When using a rideshare service, you'll also have to factor in the time it takes to get from one place to another.

Since you are taking a cab the whole way, it will only drop you off at your final location. On the other hand, when taking a rideshare, you'll likely encounter other passengers en route to their own destinations.

So, you should plan for the trip to take a little longer than if you took a taxi.

  • The cost of providing a service

This is one way in which carpooling excels above other commute options.

While using a ridesharing service may require certain sacrifices, such as waiting longer and sitting next to strangers, there are also some benefits to doing so.

The price of service, if you will. It's fair that the fare should be split between passengers since that's how a shared trip works. This is why many people prefer to work with a ridesharing company rather than one that specializes in developing apps to book taxis.

In the UAE, the most popular car-sharing app is

It's recommended that anyone interested in developing a car-sharing app first study the one that already exists. You'll get a sense of what others like, dislike, and expect from you this way.

So, let's have a look at some of the top car-sharing applications in this section of the blog:


We'll start with one of the most well-known Dubai car-sharing companies, Ekar. This business, one of the first and largest of its kind in the Middle East, allows users to access over a thousand vehicles on-demand for a fee. Clients can utilize the service via a mobile car sharing app on a daily or monthly basis.


We also think Udrive is a great option for those looking for a car sharing service in Dubai. Rental rates are calculated on a minute-by-minute basis and include taxes, but do not include SALIK fees or any other penalties incurred during the first trip. The service's fleet consists of cutting-edge models from manufacturers like Toyota and Nissan and includes cars like the Yaris, Tiida, EcoSport, Spark, and more; the company is working on a self-driving or pay-as-you-drive model.


FriendyCar is another well-liked choice among the top car sharing services in Dubai. FriendyCar is the first business of its kind that allows automobile owners to rent out their vehicles to others. Customers can be divided into two camps: car owners and people looking to rent a car, with the former given the opportunity to rent out their vehicles and earn a profit depending on the rates they establish.


EZhire is another option for renting a car online or through a mobile app; weekly and monthly rental options are available. This service, like UDrive, maintains its own fleet of automobiles from a variety of makes. Commuters in a pinch will appreciate the service, even though it falls short because it does not permit rentals by the hour.


What Goes Into Making a Ridesharing App? developing a Ride-Sharing App

There is a specific sequence of steps that must be taken in order to create a successful car-sharing app. Yet, we will be covering all of it in great detail for people who aren't very familiar with the development process.

We'll show you how to build a car-sharing app from the ground up, and by the time you're done, your app could be bringing in millions of dollars every year.

So, with that out of the way, let's dive in:

1) Idea Generation

The first step is to think up a concept.

2) Research methodologies

The next step after coming up with a concept is to do some research. This is a major step forward in developing a ridesharing app that succeeds in the United States.

Competitors, market opportunities, and client demands can all be investigated here.

3) Verify the Concept

Now that you have all the necessary data, you may check your hypothesis.

Investigate the idea's feasibility, the demand for the proposed solution, and so on. When you're done, we may move on to Step 2 and begin monetizing the app.

4) Profitability

Monetization is a crucial step before approaching mobile app development services.

There are now a number of ways to make money via car sharing apps. Several of these are discussed in further detail below.

Paid by the mile commission on each serviceFee for each partnership

5) Collaboration with Mobile App Creators

Now that everything is set up, it's time to bring on full-time developers.

There are a few things to remember during this time. The following are some of them:

Interaction between you and the development staff

  • It's part of their portfolio.

  • Prior work and its results

  • What kind of technological tools do they use?

At this point, you can decide whether to use iOS or Android and start looking for app developers.

If you need something that will work on multiple platforms, you can have a native app developed.

The features of a ride-sharing app are crucial since they can significantly affect how the app runs and what it can do for its users.

6) User Interface and User Experience Design (UI/UX)

A ride-sharing app needs to be created immediately.

The solution's user-friendliness can now be significantly influenced by the UI/UX design. Because of this, it's important to make car-sharing software that is both aesthetically beautiful and straightforward to use.

Hire UI/UX designers to help you build a well-designed interface for your mobile app.

7) Backend development

The design phase for the ridesharing app is complete; now comes the time to put pen to paper.

This is one of the most labor- and material-intensive procedures.Maintaining open lines of contact with the development team is thus recommended.

8) Attempting to determine

The next step, after development, is testing the software.

It's crucial since it gets rid of any problems that could affect the app's success on the market.

9) Deployment

How you go about releasing your app depends heavily on whether you choose an iOS or Android app developer.

However, after this is completed, routine upkeep can begin.

10) Application Maintenance

Services that aid in the upkeep and improvement of mobile applications are invaluable. Therefore, it is, obviously, crucial.


A Ridesharing App: How Much Does It Cost to Develop? How Much Does It Typically Expense to Develop a Car Rental Sharing App?

The answer to the question of how much it costs to develop a ridesharing app is "it varies."

Numerous variables must be considered. For example, consider the following:

  • Platform

  • Computing infrastructure

  • Complexity

  • Specifications about the layout and construction

  • The Integration of APIs

  • The Address of the Developer Office

  • The Degree of Safety

  • Members on a Team

Expenses associated with developing a car-sharing app can be affected by the aforementioned variables. The cost of creating a car-sharing app might range from AED 25,000 to AED 80,000


There has been a rise in the use of ride-sharing apps recently. And if you want to create a car sharing app for your own company, all you have to do is contact a top firm in the industry.

They might help you turn your idea into a marketable app that makes your business more money than ever before.

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