Understand All About E-Scooter App Development Dubai In 2024 - Process, Features, and Cost Involved

Understand All About E-Scooter App Development Dubai In 2024 - Process, Features, and Cost Involved To Know

May 23, 2024

Huge raising money rounds, well-planned financial metrics, and collaborations define the flourishing e-scooter App Development Dubai industry segment. With huge potential and industry giants such as Lyft and Uber entering the e-scooter mobile app development space, it's clear that the e-scooter market growth rate is here to stay. Here, we'll go over how micro-mobility vehicles are the missing piece of the rewarding puzzle, what entrepreneurs like you need to know to establish a presence in the promising domain, and why investors prefer to partner with E-scooter Mobile App Development Dubai over other options.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an E-Scooter App

Results from a recent survey indicate that Dubai residents have increased their use of e-scooter-sharing services by 70% over the last one year.

In What Ways Does The E-scooter Application Address Real-Life Issues?

The most important factors driving this growth are its ease of use and increased security. In addition to other benefits, customers use e-scooter apps because they are affordable.

Sustainable Option and An Ecological Project

Since they consume less carbon fuel, e-scooters have a major positive impact on reducing environmental destruction. Additionally, riding an e-scooter encourages physical activity, which helps to maintain people's health and physical fitness. All things considered; these benefits raise the need for e-scooter applications.

Transforming Dubai's Urban Mobility: E-Scooter App Development for a Greener Future

Top Notch Features Of E-Scooter App You Should Really Know

Before we write a rough cost estimate for e-scooter app development, it's vital to talk about the feature set that plays a large influence in cost estimation, especially for the two versions - User and Admin.

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Users Side Features


A well-designed registration process is one of the most critical aspects in e-scooter App Development Dubai. Furthermore, you should exercise caution because it requests users' credentials, which can make them distrustful and cause them to abandon the program. As a result, it is recommended that you ask only what is necessary; otherwise, you can enable social account connection to save customers time when filling out the information.

In-App Payments

Integration of payments within the app is a must-have feature for an e-scooter app by mobile app Development Company. This allows users to conveniently and securely pay for rides within the program.

E-Scooter App Development Process

Push Notifications

It is critical to keep people informed while they are driving or offroad. After all, contacting customers to notify them of new ride discounts or plans, payment schedules, ride specifics, security notifications, and other important information is an unavoidable element of success. Push notification integration allows for all of this to happen easily.


The app's GPS connection makes it much easier and top app development service to follow the vehicle and find a nearby parking spot. This is the most important function because the entire aim of the app is to save time and provide convenience.

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QR Scanner

QR scanner is a function that allows consumers to scan and unlock their e-scooter. However, it is equally crucial to mark an e-scooter with a unique QR code that unlocks the vehicle upon each scan. Furthermore, the user may unlock the vehicle using the same scan.

The growth of e-scooter applications in Dubai is transforming how people move around the city by offering convenient transport solutions that are also friendly to the environment.

A Smart Lock

So, while the previous features allowed users to open the e-scooter in the app, this one locks it. This smart lock feature allows customers to lock the e-scooter at its final location or hold it if they want to continue using it for commuting purposes. This makes it much easier and more economical for people to accomplish their vacation without problem.

User Management

The first and most important feature mobile app developers do is to include in the app's admin panel is user management. With this feature connection, the admin can monitor the rider's data, location, and other credentials, such as how they use the app, any problems or challenges they encounter, etc.

Transportation Administration

The use of this feature in the android application development of e-scooter apps helps administrators oversee all aspects of the rides, including their history, locations, speed limit, and pickup location, all while adhering to legal requirements.

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Conflict Resolution

Although a disagreement is unexpected, prompt resolution is anticipated. There are several situations in which disagreements might occur. Having conflict management in place will enable the administrator to recognize the seriousness of the situation and find a quick solution.

Payment Administration

Features for payment management will make it easier for the administrator to monitor rider payments. Insights are also given to them so they may enhance their payment options and keep consumers engaged with their app.

What Causes e-Scooter Mobile App Development to Take Off Among Business Owners Right Away?

Fast Return on Investment

The Return on Investment (ROI) is a quality statistic that encourages entrepreneurs to enter the e-scooter sector cautiously. As a result, as compared to other business endeavors, the e-scooter market has a rather good ROI.  

E-Scooter App User Side Features

Unexplored yet Vastly Potential Market

Without a doubt, there is a plethora of worldwide potential for on-demand electric scooters. Additionally, companies can combine a variety of functionalities with the current pick-and-drop functionality. The app can be set up in partnership with mom-and-pop stores that transport goods in the surrounding areas, or it can be combined with Beacon technology to display discounts in nearby locations.

The Low Rate of Competition

On the other hand, despite the marketplace being two years old, there are still only a few players that call it home.

With so much competition at their fingertips, there is a great opportunity for businesses to take a chance and establish a unique brand. Even though the underlying causes are largely understood, the result has made it a profitable market niche for both consumers and business owners.

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E-Scooter App Admin Side Features


App solutions like this are becoming more and more common as the world gets smaller. We at DXB APPS provide engaging app-based solutions to help you achieve the greatest outcomes. Our scooter App Development Dubai service providers go above and above to give you solutions that meet your goals, advance your business, and yield a good return on investment.


How does the smartphone app for e-scooters operate?

  • Utilize the app store to download it.
  • Make a profile.
  • Pick an accessible e-scooter in your area.
  • To reserve an e-scooter, pay
  • Find out more about the scooter's condition, battery, and other features.
  • Locate the location using a map, then open the software.
  • Scan the QR code on the scooter before you get on it.
  • You must lock the program once more to lock it.

What will be the cost of my E-scooter mobile application in total?

To start, the price of developing an E-scooter app varies with its features and intricacy starting at $25,000 but not exceeding $80,000.

Using the scooters app, how do you pay?

On the main screen of your app, tap "Pay In Stores." You will have two QR codes available if your account is linked to a debit or credit card: one for scanning and earning loyalty alone, and another for payment and loyalty.

Is the market for electric scooters profitable?

Since e-scooters are now the primary means of urban transportation for daily commuting, e-scooter firms have profited by over $255 million.

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