7 Legalities You Need To Consider Before Purchasing A Property In Dubai - All Secrets Revealed

7 Legalities You Need To Consider Before Purchasing A Property In Dubai - All Secrets Revealed

January 10, 2024

Going to a new phase buying property in Dubai? With all the excitement when it comes to buying property, it takes lots of courage and big steps which are as important as the investment. Buying real estate in Dubai can be a complex process for a beginner. It may require basic knowledge of buying the property and also legal considerations. Taking care of legal considerations is much more important than buying property in Dubai. Many real estate companies offer their help for the legalities. But one person who is investing his hard-earned money must know some of the basics. So, we are here to list seven legalities before purchasing any property.

Have a Look at The Statistical Growth

  • The marketing scene has changed in Dubai as the prime markets accounted for 4.8 of the total transaction value in the first nine months.
  • The highlight of 51 percent of transactions was the second market sales.
  • Dubai's domestic properties have proficient growth for the 11th consecutive quarter, witnessing a substantial 5% increase in Q3 2023.
  • The overall growth from Q1 2020 stands at an impressive 30%, with an annual increase of 19%
  • MENA, points out that Dubai's prime marketplace last to play a solid role, contributing to 4.8% of total transaction value.

Dubai Homes where dreams grow.

Know About The Legal Body Of Dubai

When you are buying real estate in Dubai you must obey some rules and fulfill some requirements thoroughly to get started.

Get the basic knowledge about the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA)

Is the actual body that takes care of the real estate industry in Dubai. RERA oversees safeguarding and protecting investors. Hence, making sure that the real estate industry is managed fairly. It controls every aspect of

  • Purchasing
  • Selling
  • Leasing
  • Mortgages on real estate

Get an Idea Of Laws For Buying Property

Real estate companies can help you with this, but you must have the basic knowledge to make the procedure more easy.

Real estate law no. 7 of 2006: land registration law regulates the whole legal aspect of buying properties in Dubai. Article 7 of this law narrates who can buy properties in Dubai. You have an upper hand according to law that you can purchase a property if you are.

  • UAE citizen
  • GCC citizen

Agree On The Terms Of Sale

Getting the ideal property is the dream and the real struggle starts after that step. Now you must negotiate properly to agree on the terms of the sale. For this process, you might need the help of good real estate companies who may guide you. An expert agent can make a good deal for you. Now you must make your decisions like,

  • Agree on purchase price.
  • Payment method
  • Other important housing details

Sign The Memorandum of Understanding

When you are done with all the agreements it's phase to sign Form F, also called the Memorandum of Understanding. You may get the page from the Dubai Land Department (DLD). The buyer and/or seller may edit this form to include their terms, but it will serve as the foundation for the agreement.

Using a broker can be a smart option if you are new to the Dubai real estate market or if the sale involves complexity to make sure that the agreement is in your best interests and complies with the law.

After everything is finalized, the buyer and seller should sign Form F in front of a witness. Usually, the Registration Trustee's office is where this is completed. You should pay a normal 10% security deposit at the time of signing; the deposit is refunded to you after the property transfer is finished.

Go For the NOC From The Developers

When you are done signing the MOU it’s very important to apply for a NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE from the developer who is the main person behind the development. You must have a meeting with the seller and real estate agent in the office to get through all the steps. This paperwork will attest to the fact that there aren't any unpaid service fee balances associated with the property. Must be sure that it is validated before proceeding with the purchase.

Transferring Ownership

This step of transferring ownership is done at the DLD Office. Both parties must be present at the DLD office. You must be ready with the following documents,

  • A check was made out to the seller for the property.
  • The buyer's and seller's original identifying documents (passport, Emirates ID)
  • The initial NOC that the developer released.
  • Form F (MOU) signed.

In a few quick steps, the property is transferred:

  • The information is confirmed.
  • The required fees must be paid.
  • Email confirmation was received, and a new title deed was produced.

Investing in Dubai real estate is not just buying property, it’s like investing in a growing lifestyle.

Mobile App Development Creating Ease In Real Estate Landscape

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Purchasing property can be a complex and risky task. But knowing basic requirements can help you out. So, make smart decisions, do your research, and take the right steps accordingly.


Who is the legal body of Dubai real estate?

(RERA) stands for the REAL ESTATE REGULATORY AUTHORITY. It looks at the real estate industry in Dubai. RERA oversees the protection of investors.

Is there any chance of owning 100 percent of the property in Dubai?

There are some areas where foreigners can own 100 percent of the property without the requirement of local sponsorship or partner. These locations are located in prime areas as

  • Downtown Dubai
  • Dubai Marina
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Emirates hills

Is Article 4 of the property ownership law in Dubai?

Yes, as this law is used to govern every part of the legal process involved in purchasing real estate in Dubai. This law's Article 7 describes who is eligible to purchase real estate in Dubai.

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