Key Features Our Ecommerce App Development Provide

DXB Apps stands out in providing exceptional features for eCommerce app development services, offering robust functionality, seamless user experience, and innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses in the digital marketplace.

Ecommerce Mobile Application Development Services

Real-Time Tracking

Enable customers to track their orders and stay updated on the delivery status, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

Ecommerce Mobile App Development Solutions

Integrated App Wallet

Allow seamless and secure transactions within the app, providing convenience and easy payment options for customers.

Ecommerce Mobile Application Development in Dubai

Push Notifications

Keep customers informed about new products, promotions, and personalized offers, ensuring timely engagement and increased sales.

Ecommerce App Development Company UAE

Customer Support

Enable users to reach out for assistance, fostering trust and loyalty.

Ecommerce Mobile Application Developers

Discounts & Promotions

Boost customer engagement, attract new users, and drive sales by offering enticing deals and special offers.

Ecommerce Mobile App Designers

Report & Analytics

Valuable information about your users helps identify trends, preferences, and areas for improvement, ultimately driving higher conversion rates, increasing customer satisfaction, and maximizing profitability in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:An online store for buying and selling products and business services via wireless devices such as smartphones is an e-commerce app “”

Answer: Yes. With the support of a mobile e-Commerce app development company, you can use the current website to create the mobile app. This is one of the best practices that would decrease prices and require less time to hit the market.

Answer: On average, the estimated cost of an ecommerce app’s design and development may be around $20,000 to $40,000 for a basic app and can go beyond $150,000 for a complex app. However, the cost of IT services highly depends on the company you want to hire.


  • Identify a niche and analyse the market opportunities
  • Decide on product development platform
  • Create product design (UX/UI) strategies for effective user experience
  • Develop app skins, write codes, create API and merge
  • Test and launch

Answer: Ecommerce sites take the longest. It can take between six to nine months for a medium app size.