Key Features Stationery E-Commerce Applications

Purchasing office supplies and writing material from Applications which we fabricate for you, DXB APPS, Stationery delivery app Development Company promises you top notch qualty and security without fail.


Real-Time Tracking

Make it easy for the users to track the delivery drivers or their orders in real time.


Integrated App Wallet

Allow your users to pay for the orders directly via app, using the integrated wallet within the app.


Push Notifications

Send quick updates to the users and Stationery owners with the help of push notifications.


Customer Support

Let your customers get in touch with you quickly with the in-app chat support and queries form.


Discounts & Promotions

Promote your stationery delivery app by utilizing the features of discount coupons, promo codes & other exclusive offers.


Report & Analytics

Track your business’s progress via analytics that collects data and generates reports on campaigns, returns, and sales.


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Why Choose Dxb Apps for Food Readymade App Development?

With years of industry and technology experience, we have built a whitelabel food delivery app like Talabat, incorporated with the modern day features.


Customize as per your Needs

You can customize your Talabat like food delivery app, the way you like.

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Whitelabel Solution

Our food delivery app like Talabat is bespoke and the end product will belong to you only.

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With our readymade solution, we empower our clients to start receiving orders within days.

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Event Management


We have utilized the best coding practices, tools and technologies to ensure that the end product is secure & reliable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:Just within a few days! We can't let you know the exact number of hours to get your on-demand stationery delivery app ready, but it will be built within a day. Our pre-built stationery app development solutions are so designed that it won't take much time to build your app or release it in the market “”

Answer: Yes, you can! DXB APPS have ready-made on-demand stationery delivery app development solutions ready for you. Our solutions are designed only after high-level authentication, complete encryption and consistent testing of all tools and technologies that we use. Without any hesitation, you can rely on our on-demand app development solutions that are completely secure, reliable, and scalable. Plus, it satisfies all your stationery business requirements. Hence, a profitable deal for creating your robust books and stationery e-commerce marketplace online.

Answer: Definitely, we can do that for you. Our customizations are quick and highly interactive, exactly what you are looking for. All you have to do is share your customization needs with us before we analyse it, and give you the exact quote to get those customizations done.

Answer: With most businesses quickly moving to the digital mode of doing business, it is highly important to keep up with this technological shift if you want to get left behind. With an on-demand stationary delivery app, you will be able to stay at the forefront of this change and cater to customers in a way that will grow your enterprise to greater heights.

Answer: The pricing of an on-demand stationary delivery app is dependent on the factors such as the amount of work that goes into it, the features that the customer wants to include and other variables that change from project to project.