Key Features Our Mobile App Maintenance Services Provide

DXB Apps is a trusted provider of feature-rich mobile app maintenance services in Dubai. With a dedicated team of experts, DXB Apps offers comprehensive support to ensure the smooth functioning of your mobile app. Their maintenance services encompass regular updates, bug fixes, and compatibility checks, guaranteeing optimal performance across different platforms and devices. Additionally, DXB Apps prioritizes proactive monitoring to identify and address any issues promptly, ensuring uninterrupted user experience and maximizing the longevity of your app.


Real-Time Tracking

Ensure seamless real-time tracking functionality is maintained in your mobile app, allowing users to track orders, deliveries, or services without interruption.


Integrated App Wallet

Continuously maintain the integrated app wallet feature, providing users with a secure and reliable payment method within the app for convenient transactions.

Mobile Application Maintenance Company

Push Notifications

Keep the push notification feature up-to-date, enabling businesses to send timely and relevant updates, offers, and important information to users to enhance engagement.

Mobile Application Maintenance Service in Dubai

Customer Support

Maintain robust customer support features, allowing users to easily access assistance and support within the app, ensuring prompt and reliable customer service.

Mobile Application Maintenance Service in UAE

Discounts & Promotions

Regularly update and maintain the discounts and promotions feature, offering users access to exclusive deals, personalized discounts, and promotions to drive user engagement and loyalty.

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Report & Analytics

Continuously monitor and maintain the reports and analytics feature, ensuring businesses have access to accurate data and valuable insights to make informed decisions and optimize their app's performance.


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Why Choose Dxb Apps for Food Readymade App Development?

With years of industry and technology experience, we have built a whitelabel food delivery app like Talabat, incorporated with the modern day features.


Customize as per your Needs

You can customize your Talabat like food delivery app, the way you like.

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Whitelabel Solution

Our Maintenance app bespoke and the end product will belong to you only.

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With our readymade solution, we empower our clients to start receiving orders within days.

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We have utilized the best coding practices, tools and technologies to ensure that the end product is secure & reliable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:The app development time depends on the type of app you are planning to get developed. Usually for an app with no or less complexity takes approximately 6 to 9 months and the one with too many features requires more time and depending upon the complexity it may take more than a year to create a highly intuitive and feature-rich mobile app. For a quick estimation, feel free to discuss your requirements with our team at “”

Answer: To create an Android app the main technologies used are either Java or Kotlin. So based on the technology you choose and then based on the complexity involved in your app development project, the cost will vary. Also, the overall Android app development cost depends majorly on the hourly rate of an Android developer. The more they charge you for your project, the more will be the cost.

Answer: The whole success of your app development depends on your development team. Hence, it is very important to do thorough research before reaching out to any mobile app development company or hire mobile app developers. Having a look at their overall experience, the work they have done in the past, technologies they work upon, tools used, expertise, and client reviews are a few things that you must check before you go on and finalize a developer for your mobile app development project.

Answer: Yes, you must keep a little budget aside for yearly app maintenance as your mobile app will require yearly maintenance in terms of updates, new OS versions, and many more. Generally, it is advisable to keep at least 10% of your overall app development budget for yearly app maintenance. Also, you must hire the developers that offer app maintenance services as they are the ones who have created the app for you, and they know everything in and out about your app.