Top 11 Shopify Apps for Your Ecommerce Store

Top 11 Shopify Apps for Your Ecommerce Store

June 13, 2024

Using the best Shopify apps in your ecommerce store can help you take your shop from basic to advanced. Integrating apps in your store can help you increase sales, streamline customer support, and improve customer experience. Fortunately, Spotify’s vast app store boasts of having many Shopify Apps Store  or Ecommerce Store to guide your business’s expansion.

However, with a seemingly endless plethora of choices at our disposal, it becomes exceedingly strenuous to determine which among these are ideal for your store. You don’t have to worry, for here are some of the things we have discovered after research. In this blog post we will discuss major Shopify apps and how they can be used to improve your business.

Shopify has a list of ecommerce apps wherein each of the apps makes mobile ecommerce easy for business traders. To make things easier, here are 13 of the most popular in the Shopify App Store. From shopify filter app to abandoned checkout shopify app.


1. Instafeed

Instafeed is an official Instagram app that will let you display shoppable Instagram feeds to your Shopify store. It comes with a free plan with video support, grid or slider layout, auto-optimized layout—all devices and themes. It is also the best product review app for shopify. For $5.99/month, you can unlock everything from the free plan, including tagging products, creating video snippets, —Reels, more advanced profile features and layouts, and up to three different feeds.

2. Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow for Shopify customers on the Shopify, Advanced, and Shopify Plus plans lets merchants create custom workflows, tasks, campaigns, and processes inside their stores and apps. It is the best shopify inventory app. The bold apps accept buyer experience, customer management, inventory and merchandising, risk and fraud management, order management, loyalty and retention, and promotions.

3. Pirate Ship

Shipping can put a dent in profits for any ecommerce business, but Pirate Ship can change that. It's free to install, and all you have to pay for are your own shipping costs—no monthly fee. The app has negotiated with both the United States Postal Service (USPS) and UPS for the lowest possible rates, so your ecommerce business can pocket as much profit as possible.

Shopify Shipping

4. SEO - Image Optimizer Page Speed

SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed does exactly what its name promises: It optimises your ecommerce site for search engines, resulting in better ranking, higher conversion, and faster loading speed for your store. The app offers optimization for images and their ALT tags (alternative text on images for accessibility), Google structured data and meta tags, site verification, and SEO analysis. Users can access a free plan of a free 3-day trial or a paid package that will cost $34.95 per month.

5. QuickBooks Online Global

QuickBooks Online Global connects your Shopify store with your QuickBooks Online International account, making bookkeeping a snap because it is best order tracking app shopify. It's available to businesses selling outside the US and will allow you to track your income and expenses, maximize tax deductions, automate invoices, sync inventory and accounting data, and automatically calculate sales. Get started with its free plan today or choose one of its tiered pricing structures, which start at $30 per month and go up to $85 per month.

6. Linkpop

Linkpop is Shopify's own free link-in-bio tool, allowing you to turn your social media bio into a storefront. It seamlessly connects with your Shopify store. Don't have a store yet? Just pair linkpop with Shopify's Starter Plan that will allow you to sell through Linkpop for $5 a month.

Linkpop Shopify

7. Klarna On-Site Messaging

Klarna On-Site Messaging offers a credit option allowing customers an opportunity to pay over time for bought products- buy-now, pay-later, popularly referred to as BNPL. It is integrated directly through the Shopify admin dashboard and can easily be customized to suit your site.

8. Spocket – US & EU Dropshipping

Spocket is used to source and integrate products from AliExpress directly onto one's website. It's the best dropshipping apps for shopify. The App is available with several subscription options, such as free, which allows browsing only, and others, such as Starter at $29.99 a month, Pro at $49.99 a month, and Empire at $99.99 a month. The starter subscription powers the beginner, Pro is for growth, and finally, Empire for scaling.

9. Printify- Print on Demand

This app allows ecommerce businesses to create customized products that are automatically synced to their ecommerce store. In this regard, its cheapest plan is free with free install only. Product costs and shipping are billed only after you make a sale, and it includes five online stores, unlimited number of product designs, mockup generator, manual order creation, and 24/7 merchant support. For $29 a month, you get all of that plus 10 online stores, a self-serve help desk, and up to 20% off all products.

10. Mailchimp For Email Marketing

Mailchimp offers an email marketing ecommerce app. This app helps business owners create and automate targeted email campaigns. Its free plan option under email marketing allows up to 2,000 contacts and offers email, marketing CRM, a creative assistant, sign-up forms, landing pages, social posting, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, postcards, domains, and other ads. For only $11 per month, you get all that plus email templates, multi-step journeys, custom branding, A/B testing, and 24/7 email and chat support. Mailchimp's Premium starts at $299 a month, is for 10,000 contacts, and users benefit from a customer journey builder, send-time optimization, behavioural targeting, custom templates, advanced segmentation, unlimited seats, and role-based access.

11. Shoppable Instagram & UGC

Social proof can give customers more confidence in the quality of your products, making them more likely to buy. Shoppable Instagram & UGC allows users to change Foursixty user-generated content from Instagram into shoppable galleries and use them in your online store, email campaigns, and Shop App.

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In conclusion, one gains employment success only after employing the right tools and technologies in the world market particularly in e-commerce. Simplify workflows, increase revenue, and provide the best customer experience possible with these features found in Shopify apps. See how your store can greatly benefit from our services now!


Q: Are Shopify apps easy to integrate into my store?

Yes, of course. The good news is that all of the Shopify apps are created to be easily used and displayed in your store. Everything described above can be done with a few clicks, and you can begin making use of these tools in order to enhance the performance of your digital store.

Q: Can various apps installed in my Shopify store assist me in enhancing the store’s conversion rate?

A: Yes, indeed! A number of Shopify apps are purposely built to help you optimize your store to achieve better conversion rates. Indeed, Shopify apps are designed to assist you in forgone cart collection, own sale through collected ones, construction of your social proof and so on.

Q: Is it necessary to determine which of the Shopify tools are suitable for the given store?

A: In order to determine which of the apps is most suitable to use in business this requires proper evaluation depending on the needs of the business as well as the specific objectives that the company or the website intends to achieve.

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