Growing app value with better mobile app experiences

Growing app value with better mobile app experiences

June 14, 2023

In-app experience is a bit of a broad term, however, it refers to every way in which a user interacts with your app. For a user to commit and become your loyal customer, they must be able to notice the usefulness that your app offers them regularly.


Why a better mobile app experience is important

Any mobile application developer in Dubai will agree that your app's growing value is dependent on the mobile app experience your app provides. Performance factors like load times, app crashes, and complex registration fields all add up to a bad user experience and can destroy your chances of market success. The competition is fierce, with over 2.2 million apps in the world.

According to sources, App crashes cause 71 percent of uninstalling, 67 percent of bugs are reported on iOS devices, 58 percent of users are frustrated by interface inconsistencies, 52 percent of users are frustrated by overall app performance, 70 percent of users abandon an app because it takes too long to load, 43 percent of the users are dissatisfied if they have to wait longer than three seconds for a mobile app to load.



How To Improve the In-App Experience.


Not all of us have an enormous budget to add different features to our apps for improving the In-App experience. Rather, you can concentrate on a few little things that you’ve missed so far.


1. Make your in-app permissions less scary

To hook our customers with the best services, our apps need some permission from the users. But how many of us are truly guilty of making our permissions a bit, well, scary?

It's important to remember that users don’t take sharing their personal information lightly, which means that you need to rationalize all your permission requests. Clarify exactly why your app needs that specific information. This will increase the possibility of a user accepting your permission requests.

It’s a great idea to reward users for approving your permission. Also, try building trust during your onboarding process.


2. Add some personality to your micro-interactions

Micro-interactions are happening all the time. Each time, when we set an alarm, we are actually executing a micro-interaction. When we change our settings, we’re conducting another micro-interaction.

The problem is that some – if not all – of these micro-interactions are extremely mundane. They hardly make an app interesting!

If you’re not spicing things up in your micro-interactions then you’re neglecting a huge trick. Making them more unique and personal is an incredible way to build a relationship between your brand and the customer. This can instantly boost engagement and long-term retention. To execute this strategy properly, you can also contact some expert mobile app developers in Dubai or any leading mobile app development company in Dubai and UAE.


3. Provide in-app assistance

One important thing that customers want us to focus more on is customer support.

Customer support plays an important part in your success. According to various surveys, customers are willing to wait up to an hour for a reply. After that, irritation will set in and they might try finding an alternative business.

78% of mobile users have reported using mobile apps for customer service. Mobile users are notoriously more impatient than desktop users. They want faster replies.

If you can provide assistance within your app, then you’re set to be a winner. In-app assistance makes people engage with your app. This prevents them from uninstalling the app to find a new solution.

To modify your in-app assistance, all you need to do is add a simple live chat feature. This enables the customer to chat with your support team and inquire about questions whenever they require it.


4. Increase payment options

Customers nowadays want to be able to purchase whenever they want and whatever they want. They’ve grown used to an omnichannel shopping experience during Covid.

This is all about ease of use, and it’s something that you need to fulfil with your in-app experience.

For instance, perhaps your customer began browsing on your app but wanted to purchase the item in person. You could add a point of sales card reader to your online store to make the payment process super efficient for the customer by allowing them to buy wherever they are.

The card reader also reserves each customer’s data separately so that you can understand their buying habits better. This ultimately implies that you can utilize the data to personalize their experience further in the future. This can further increase engagement and retention.

All in all, enhancing the user experience is all about attending to the requirements of your customers and giving them what they need. Keep things simple, make beneficial features add value and you can grow your customers.

Now that we know how to grow value with better mobile experiences, if you need an extra hand in building your mobile app or if you are searching for the best app developer in Dubai then our mobile app development company in Dubai, DXB APPS can help you make informed decisions with the right app development tools to match your goals. You can contact us for additional information or queries

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