How Much Will A Property App Cost You in 2024?

How Much Will A Property App Cost You in 2024?

February 20, 2024

The booming real estate market in the UAE is ideal for innovation. And as they thrive, thousands of mobile apps Dubai are appearing like desert flowers. But before you dive headfirst into app development Dubai, a crucial question arises: what is the cost of building a mobile app in the UAE for the real estate industry? This handbook focuses on covering the variables that influence this cost. Therefore, it becomes easier for ambitious real-estate businesses to embark on the development voyage with confidence.

Endless Choices

The cost of real-estate app development Abu Dhabi can vary remarkably, starting from AED 100,000 and going beyond AED 300,000. This sum could even be outnumbered further if you choose to make your real-estate app more diversified. It is this broad spectrum that shows the diverse world of mobile app development in Dubai. Think about your app being a desert oasis – features, complexity, and level of luxury dictate the amount of resources required to run it.

Illuminating the Key Cost Factors

Some principal factors that directly implicate the cost of real-estate app development in UAE in 2024 are illustrated below. 

The Functionality and UI

The functionality and UI of real-estate mobile app development Dubai is cost-dependent. The basic apps which come with a simple functionality of property listing and search fall under the low-cost category. Conversely, advanced features such as virtual tours, AR/VR integration, and detailed filtering require a higher investment. It’s a choice between a desert tent and a villa with all the amenities – the more you pay 1the better it gets. 

The Level of Expertise

Financing the development of real estate applications through mobile app development companies in Dubai can be tricky. Companies with previous experience in this area are more expensive than startups, freelancers or offshore teams. Experience of App developers in UAE will ensure a more efficient and sophisticated app. It therefore reduces the overall costs and time to market. In the end, the best and the most accurate desert guide is the one who knows the dunes closely.

Android? iOS? Or Both?

Developing both for iOs and Android, thus, doubles the development cost and effort. The platform you will choose will definitely depend on the type of audience that you attract as well as the platforms that you already have. Could you imagine would you construct a desert oasis in the site, which is inaccessible and the one which no one can travel to?

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UX Modelling

App developers in Dubai ensure that it has the ability to bring users and make them stick with the app. Invest sufficiently to hire professional UI/UX designers, as they will develop the app that is both beautiful and functional.

Plugins and Integrations

Joining third-party services such as payment gateways, mapping tools, or property management systems will impact on the pricing margin but also the qualities. Pick your alliance cautiously such as getting the very important dates on a hot dessert expedition.

Post-deployment Maintenance

Recall that your App is a living being, and as such will require continued maintenance and support to fix bugs, update features, and ensure security. Allocate these costs to build an oasis in a desert.

Finding Your Developers

Now that you understand the cost landscape, let's explore how app development companies in Dubai can help you build the app. Let’s consider a top app development company Dubai that can assist you to achieve the goal of app building.

Rule the Estates with DXB APPS

DXB APPS is outstanding in the UAE real estate app development market for its proficiency in Dubai app development. We specialize in app development from entry level listing apps to the advanced and powerful ones that connect stakeholders. Our extensive knowledge of market trends ensure your real-estate app aligns with current demand. Furthermore, our team of decently experienced developers who have a successful delivery of real estate apps give you an advantage as a customer. From a small ecosystem with the property listings to a platform with AR/VR tours and intricate search filters, DXB APS is the correct place to make your vision come through. 

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Beyond the Cost

Nonetheless, price being the key factor, always remember that the ultimate value is the application's use and working mechanisms. Work with in-country mobile app development partners in Dubai that know their market, put the user first, and continue to innovate. Choose a team properly and decide where you are going to reach, your real estate mobile app can compete with the others to outperform.

Additional Tips:

  • Start with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product): Launch a stripped-down prototype to determine the acceptance in the market and understand what features are essential and what can be skipped in the more complex design.

  • Seek expert advice: Consult with experienced app developers and the representatives of the industry in order to sharpen app concepts and calculate reasonable app cost.

  • Negotiate terms: Not to mention, negotiating with mobile app development companies in Dubai can be the best way to find the most suitable solution that fits your budget and requirements.

But remember, developing an effective real estate mobile app is more than a destination, it’s a journey. Through an intricate analysis of the cost factors, you can outsmart the competition when it comes to cost of development. the selection of suitable app developers in Dubai, and the concentration on value you can make your vision come true. And you can become a profitable company with many users supporting your business success in the dynamic UAE market.


1. What's the starting price for a set of minimum functionality real-estate apps in UAE?

Mobile app development companies in Dubai are flexible to start with a basic real estate app that can vary in price range. It starts from basic apps to high-functionality and immersive apps. It all depends on the specific features you require. Nevertheless AED 100,000 to AED 150,000 is where it normally falls. This is only an estimate. I would suggest you discuss the aforementioned project with app developers in UAE in detail for precise quotations.

2. How do mobile app developers update on the newest UAE market trend for real estate apps?

Companies specializing in real-estate app development Dubai have involvement in trade shows, execute periodic market research and continuous interactions with the necessary stakeholders. This way, they grasp the present trends and preferences of users, and are able to use this information to create compelling apps.

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