How To Create A Real Estate Application Like Property Finder In Dubai?

How To Create A Real Estate Application Like Property Finder In Dubai?

February 14, 2024

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), finding a property is like attempting to grab sand. But since the arrival of real estate apps, Dubai Real Estate has experienced an enormous shift. Now everything is pleasant and within reach.

Therefore, it would be surprising to us if you decided to create a Property Finder-like real estate app in Dubai. These iOS mobile app development Dubai have abundant commercial potential, after all. On the other hand, making a Dubai real estate app takes work, especially if you are new to the app development process in Abu Dhabi. This blog contains all the information you need to start if you're developing a real estate app by blockchain mobile app development company UAE. After reading this article, you will be well on your way to creating a profitable property search app. Building an app like Property Finder by a top mobile app development company in UAE will cost you less.

Property Finder, a popular real estate app in the United Arab Emirates, has over 16 million page views monthly, with over 89% of traffic coming within the country.

The Essential Features Of A Dubai-Based Real Estate App

Proper Listings Must Be There

There should be listings for townhomes, flats, villas, commercial properties, and more in the app's extensive database. Users can easily and quickly explore various options to identify and select the ideal home for their needs.

Conducive Search Option

Users of the app can apply a variety of search constraints, such as those related to location, price range, number of bedrooms, features, and kind of property. By adjusting the search parameters, the user can locate the perfect home.

Detailed Property Information Availability

Customers should be able to access abundant information via the app regarding each property, including dimensions, floor plans, images, and critical features. Users can also use saved searches and notifications on recently posted homes that meet their requirements.

Able To Contact Broker

One of the most essential features of Dubai Real Estate apps is the ability to contact brokers or owners directly. Through mobile app development Riyadh, customers can quickly get them to ask questions about houses, arrange showings, and haggle over costs. Consider including a mortgage calculator to give clients a more precise estimate of their monthly mortgage payments.

Find your dream home with the Real Estate App.

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How To Make The Best Real Estate App Like Property Finder In The UAE?

Conduct Thorough Research

Before joining a market, you should be well-informed about it. It would be easier to begin developing a Dubai Real Estate app in Dubai with enough data.

Remember to collect information on the following bases. Current trends in the real estate sector, Comparative real estate applications, Expense of Android app development company Dubai to create Propertyfinder-like applications, significant errors in the competing applications, and Analyzing customers' behavior.

Define Your Objectives & Make Clear Goals

You know enough to get started at this point. For your Dubai Real Estate application, provide a thorough product description. This will be the summary and finish of your app development process.

The app statement should address the following grounds, such as the aim of your real estate app. Client specifications, essential features and capabilities of your program, Additional features that your app ought to have, and Launching Platform for the Application.

Get The Top Mobile App Development Company UAE

Have you conducted research before choosing a Flutter mobile app development company in Dubai to hire? Examination for the following reasons: Years of experience, the diversity of the portfolio, Communication channels, Technique of creation, the location of the development team, Engage the best mobile app development company in UAE to advance the app development process.

Development, Testing, Deployment Phase

To ensure the app's quality, your development team will assign enough testers to do the following tasks: Functional testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, Performance Evaluation, Deployment

Launching the real estate mobile app development Abu Dhabi on the preferred platform is known as deployment. Your marketing activities will determine how well your launch goes. Before deployment, bear the following factors in mind:

  • Meet the rules of the media that you have selected.
  • The app's server needs to be dependable and secure.

DXB APPS - Leading Dubai Web Development Company

DXB APPS, a website design company UAE provides a unique perspective on how to use well-planned websites to build businesses. Although a website's look and feel can motivate, user-friendliness is just as crucial for success. Being the best web design company Dubai, we always make sure that these two aspects of design are given top priority to provide the most incredible user experience. Our talented designers at the web development agency Dubai will assist you in reaching all of your objectives, including increasing traffic, converting leads, generating revenue, and raising brand awareness.

DXB APPS Is Best For Your Mobile App Development Needs

The best mobile app development company UAE, DXB APPS works with you to innovate using a systematic approach to development services focused on results. With years of experience in the real estate sector, our professionals focus on results by balancing strategy, technical capabilities, performance, costs, and consulting for mobile app development Riyadh.

Our app development company, Riyadh, handles all phases of the application lifecycle, from indeed design to development to delivery, to maximize client engagement and return on investment.

As a trustworthy and efficient real estate solution, real estate apps assist customers in the United Arab Emirates find the houses of their dreams.

In conclusion

With mobile technology advancing exponentially, real estate mobile app development company Abu Dhabi such as DXB APPS may assist businesses in attracting customers and making irresistible offers. An easy-to-use Android development, the Riyadh app, by a top-notch firm such as DXB APPS, can improve client relationships and increase return on investment for real estate firms.


What was the development cost of the Property Finder real estate app?

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the overall cost of developing a real estate app is between $40,000 and $300,000. Other factors affecting development costs are the app's platform, UI/UX design, security compliances, and development company location. Please consult our experts for accurate cost estimates based on your business requirements.

How Long Does It Take To Create An App Similar To Property Finder?

The time it takes to construct a real estate app like Property Finder can vary depending on its complexity and feature requirements. A complex program with many features usually takes nine to twelve months to develop. Constructing a smaller, less feature-rich product in three to six months is still possible.

Which Features Are Essential For A Real Estate App?

The following features make for a compelling real estate app:

  • Listings for Real Estate More Advanced Search Filters
  • Interactive Maps, Neighborhood Data, Search History, and Notifications for the Property
  • Give the proprietors a call.
  • User reviews and ratings
  • Both Language and Money Assistance with Mortgage Calculators

Which method works best for finding real estate in Dubai?

You may look for apartments for rent in Dubai on many real estate websites, including Property Finder and Bayut.

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