How To Create An Online Streaming Mobile App Like Netflix This Year? Strategies, Features, Technolog

How To Create An Online Streaming Mobile App Like Netflix This Year? Strategies, Features, Technologies To Know

January 23, 2024

With the rise of VoD, or on-demand video streaming, we find it impossible to imagine our lives without watching seasons of our favourite Netflix series. It has introduced fresh content across a variety of genres, offering us a taste of many cultures, ideas, situations, and eras in history.

To understand what it takes for successful video streaming Dubai app development that is similar to Netflix and how much it costs, both business enthusiasts and mobile app development company Dubai are researching its business models and technical features. In this post, we'll go into great detail about it.

According to Statista research, the market for video streaming was estimated to be worth a fantastic 80.81 billion dollars in 2022 and is expected to reach an even more amazing 137.00 billion by 2027.

Features To Add To Your App, Similar To Netflix

Netflix's content algorithm, which repurposes content based on user preferences, has been a significant factor in its success. In addition, the app shows how vital usability is. For a Netflix-like streaming service, mobile app development company UAE integrates the following features in your Netflix clone app. These include:

Creating Accounts And Maintaining Profiles

For entertainment application development Dubai that is similar to Netflix, user registration and profile management are crucial features to concentrate on.
More than reducing the number of details on the form is required for simple sign-up and profile management. Since social media integration and SSO verification increase the percentage of app user retention, you should implement these features.

Search Content

With thousands of videos available on the platform, the search and filter features are essential. Users will be able to look for their favourite television series and films using this tool by using several parameters such as genre, language, and country of creation.

Gateway For Payments

A profitable strategy is to consider payment gateway integration in the future, as data security and privacy are becoming increasingly important in the industry. The rate at which users leave on the app or website is decreased when you provide consumers with the option to pay using a variety of quick payment methods.


One of the essential things to think about for video streaming mobile app development in Dubai is a Watchlist. Here is where people add shows they want to watch at a later time. It reduces the amount of time they have to spend looking up the same TV episode or series again and increases the rate at which users return to the app.

Social Features

These days, people love to post everything on social media platforms. In this case, it is essential to add a social element to your Netflix-like applications. Including social media elements aids in the promotion of recently published or trending video material.

Strategies To Follow For Online Streaming Mobile App Like Netflix

Friendly User Interface

The VoD application is indeed made to make it simple for users to begin watching any new show or pick up where they left off in previous episodes. For Netflix, like mobile app development Dubai, the app is packed with features that make watching movies and TV more accessible for users, like "add to my list," "skip intro," and a lot more.

Support For Multiple Screens

Netflix's multi-screen capability allows several users to view things simultaneously on multiple displays or user profiles. Your favourite shows are available for viewing on TV, web apps, and mobile devices. The same content can be displayed on two screens simultaneously.

Tailored Experience

Netflix presents a list of TV series and films on the user's screen based on the style or type of content they are now seeing, utilizing machine learning and other AI techniques. It gives users another reason to use the application longer and lets them feel valued.

The Search Button

When users click the search icon on the app's main screen, a new screen with a virtual keyboard appears on the right side. The application starts to feed ideas as soon as users start typing, which automatically lessens the effort required to find the content they want to view.

“Changing the Way You Watch Movies and Shows”

Technology Stack For Creating A Service Similar To Netflix

Before beginning development, it is essential to know the technology stack required for creating video streaming apps such as Netflix. The details of the tech stack have been organized down below.

Development Tools

  • Languages: Kotlin, Javascript, Swift, Python, and Java
  • Database: Cassandra, Oracle, and MySQL
  • Frameworks: Node.js
  • Cloud Storage: S3 on Amazon
  • Cloud Hosting: Amazon EC2
  • JS libraries: WinJS, React
  • Big Data as a Service (BDaaS): Amazon EMR
  • Running system: Nginx; server: FreeBSD

DevOps Equipment

  • Version control and code collaboration: GitHub
  • Jenkins is a continuous integration tool
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins
  • Log Management: Sumo Logic

How Can DXB APPS Help You Create A Video Streaming App Like Netflix?

Here at DXB APPS, we've some unique and cutting-edge streaming mobile application development Dubai to support companies in providing incredibly seamless experiences for customers. After redesigning the app, we provided a robust architecture along with extra features. The professionals at DXB APPS, a top mobile app development company in Dubai, will surely walk you through every step of the app development procedure.

Getting engaged with the world of video streaming is similar to getting an adorable fluffy pet. It's convenient, and once you try it, it isn't easy to imagine living without it.


Creating a streaming application similar to Netflix can be expensive overall but can also be profitable. The cost of a video streaming Dubai mobile app development should be taken into account before starting any such project since it can be a considerable investment of money.


How many people are Netflix subscribers?

Netflix had 221.8 million subscribers in 2021, but for the first time, the business lost more than 200,000 users.

How much does it cost to produce an MVP for a video streaming app?

The features you wish to include in your MVP will determine the typical cost of development. Nonetheless, it will often take 300–500 hours to create a minimal viable product for an app that functions similarly to Netflix.

How can I guarantee my users an excellent streaming experience?

It would help if you had a content delivery network (CDN) and a robust server infrastructure in place to guarantee your users a great streaming experience. To make sure your app can manage a lot of users and streaming sessions, you should test it frequently.

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