Mobile App Monetization in Dubai - Sustaining Profits, Beating Competition

Mobile App Monetization in Dubai - Sustaining Profits, Beating Competition

March 04, 2024

When it comes to the monetization of mobile applications Dubai, there are several solutions for developers to choose from. While In-app advertising is a form of displaying ads inside of the app, the freemium model offers a basic version of the app. The free version comes with the option to pay more for the premium version. In-app purchases allow people to buy virtual features or get premium content, while subscriptions models give access to premium services through recurring payments. On the contrary, developers make money from sponsorships, partnerships, licensing, and affiliate marketing for mobile app development dubai. In this article, we show how by selective utilization of these monetization strategies, developers generate revenue while satisfying user needs. Thus paving the way for long-term sustainable apps.

Let’s walk you through some effective monetization strategies for your mobile app in Dubai.

1. In-App Advertising

Banner Ads: The ads are situated either at the top or bottom most part of the interface of the app. These are a very common way to monetize free app development in Dubai.

Interstitial Ads: These are ads that display in full-screen in a non-interruptive manner at moments of transition between levels or episodes. For example, in a game app.

Native Ads: These can be perfectly incorporated into the app's gaming experience to directly carry out marketing subliminally. These ads make your android app monetization campaign highly effective.

Example: "Candy Crush Saga"

candy crush saga

Monetization Method: Interstitial Ads


To illustrate, the infamous mobile game "Candy Crush Saga" utilizes an entire screen of interstitial advertisements. Such ads after each level ensures that the player interacts without disengagement between the ad content and game flow.

The Freemium Model

Basic Version for Free: Under this model, app developers Dubai give the app away for free to the initial audience. They enable the users to upgrade to its more advanced version later having experienced its pilot version.

In-App Purchases: As per this model, app users have to buy virtual products in order to increase their abilities. Or, users are prompted to upgrade subscriptions to make app development in Dubai more immersive and profitable.

Example: "Spotify"


Monetization Method: In-App Purchases


Spotify provides a free version of their music streaming app for having limited features. It charges premium subscribers a fee whenever they wish to get rid of advertisements and enable offline downloads. App developers in UAE also allow higher-quality streaming that is accessible through the premium app version.

Subscription Model

Recurring Revenue: This monetization model allows users to access premium content, deviated features, and extra privileges through a subscription model. App development Dubai prompts monthly or yearly fee options for greater profitability.

Content Services: Streaming platforms, media representatives, and productivity applications often provide in-app purchases to users to upgrade their content.

Example: "Netflix"


Monetization Method: Subscription


Netflix grants its users the freedom to pick the plan of their choice by virtue of a subscription-based model. It broadens the scope of its movie and TV show library, number of screens, and other features. These provisions enable multiple devices to be accessed ad-free all the time.

4. In-App Currency

Virtual Currency: Purchasing in-app currency is a popular mechanism for paying to unlock functionalities, make in-app purchases or access premium content.

Gamification: This is a popular monetization method in gamİng apps like PUBG. Here, end-users purchase virtual coins, gems, fuel, and so forth, for the purpose of advancing nicely in the game.

Example: "Clash of Clans"

Clash of Clans

Monetization Method: In-App Currency


Alongside community-building in the game "Clash of Clans'' gamers are also given the opportunity to purchase virtual gems. These gems are used as an in-game currency to boost gameplay, purchase resources and unlock premium content.

5. Sponsorship and Partnerships

Branded Content: App development companies in Dubai partner with brands to sponsor content within the app. Alternatively, they provide discount offers, bonuses and others to boost engagement with profits.

Sponsored Features: It’s a smart move to partner with sponsors, who help in embedding the branded features within the app.

Example: "Nike Training Club"

app development dubai

Monetization Method: Branded Content


The "Nike Training Club" app offers custom workouts and training plans while partnering well-known fitness brands. This sponsorship gives users the opportunity to enjoy fitness guides and tutorials, offers, and other types of informative content.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Promote Products or Services: Apps can gain profit by rewards or bonuses by promoting products of advertisers. Dubai app development uses special codes and ad/aff links for such monetization.

Referral Programs: This monetization tactic encourages users to recommend the app to other friends or family members. App developers UAE get rewarded after the referral has installed the app.

Example: "Ibotta"


Monetization Method: Referral Programs


The "Ibotta" app benefits from the Refer-a-Friend program. It is an add-on through which both the new user and the referrer get incentives in the form of cashbacks. They also get bonuses after successful referrals.

7. Data Monetization

User Data Insights: Mobile app development focuses on how to aggregate and anonymize user data to offer meaningful insights. The beneficiaries include external organizations, advertisers and other third parties.

Market Research: Channel surveys, questionnaires and other data collection mechanisms that allow users to voluntarily participate in market research.

Example: "Google Opinion Rewards"

google opinion rewards

Monetization Method: Market Research


By engaging users in surveys and giving out the Google Play Credits, users act as market audience research. And the data gathered are considered valuable information resources for further development.

Sustainable App Monetization with DXB APPS

DXB APPS has proven its worth as the trusted platform of mobile app monetization in Dubai by demonstrating exceptional results. We have an added edge in that we not only understand the market very well but also the consumers’ stereotypes, behavior and culture. Thanks to our comprehensive market knowledge, our team is able to build up its own monetization techniques. These in turn prove to be highly effective with the local public in terms of android development Dubai. Using cutting-edge tech stack, we offer complete solutions that are aligned with each client's individual aim and particular objectives. Whether it's applying in-app purchases and subscriptions or through the advertisements and sponsorship deals, DXB APPS has the necessary skills. app monetization


What are the best strategies to monetize from the app in Dubai?**

In Dubai, some of the app monetization strategies are highly effective. These include in-app purchases, subscription features, advertising, sponsorship deals and high-cost features. The methods used will be based on specialized niche, aimed demographic and desired income. 

Do we need to take the law into consideration with app monetization?

Definitely, there are some legal matters to be considered when creating an application that is monetized in Dubai. It's imperative to adhere to those rules, as regards to data privacy, consumer protection, and advertising standards, which apply in a specific locality. Therefore, clients must be assured that only ethical and legal procedures are being pursued.

3. Which application monetization approach will suit my enterprise in Dubai the best?**

Choosing which app monetization strategy is the most appropriate for your business in Dubai can be complex. It can be summarized by examining an array of factors such as the type of audience, market niche of your app, and the level of competition. Additionally, the revenue goals are important. App development companies Dubai provide consultancy that enables businesses to evaluate these factors and develop a unique revenue model.

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