Mobile Web App Development Best Practices

Mobile Web App Development Best Practices

June 14, 2023

Creating a mobile web app can be absolutely terrifying, especially if you are doing this for the first time ever. Even if you have got some experience with this, there are still so many factors to take into consideration. Want to formulate mobile web applications for your business in Dubai, but don’t know how to get started? You are in the right place! In this article, we have listed the 15 best mobile app development practices for an app developer in Dubai. Let’s dive into this!

1. Conduct your research

Your app will never stand a chance to be profitable if you do not conduct proper research ahead of time.

First, you need to identify the target audience of your application. Next, you need to figure out how your app can fulfill their needs. How can your app help to make their lives better? What value does your app add?

If you choose to skip this step, you could potentially waste lots of time and money building nothing but an app that nobody requires or wants.

2. Choose a development method

Not all apps are built the same way. Before you dive straight into developing apps, you will have to determine if you want to produce a native app, a hybrid app, or a web-based mobile application. There are various advantages and disadvantages to each method of application development. Decisions should be taken solely based on the type of app you are looking forward to building. For example, for those of you who want to build a gaming app for your business, a native app will be the best for you.

3. Pick your platform

If you choose to go with the native route, you will need to choose between iOS or Android development. Figuring out which platform your target audience is specifically active on is particularly important if you are going to launch only one store at first. Eventually, you can certainly have your app available in both stores. However, at first, you would want to take things slow and decide between these two.

4. Prioritize security

No matter what type of app, it can collect personal information like name, email, birthday, payments, etc. Users will hesitate to provide you with personal information if your app isn’t secure, so you need to take responsibility and protect this sort of information. To stop cyber-attacks and data breaches, prioritize security from the beginning.

5. Test, test, and test again

For a successful mobile app development in Dubai, testing should be on your mind at all times throughout the whole development process. If you choose not to test your app frequently, later the bugs will only get harder and more complex to identify and fix. Occasional tests can also help you minimize the ultimate costs. One of the best ways to test your app is through beta testers. They’ll give you feedback and suggestions to enhance your app.

6. Keep the design in mind

Developers and designers think differently. While developers are more technical, designers tend to be more creative. However, that does not mean that you should completely dismiss the design aspect while creating a mobile app. Awareness of design components will help you code apps accordingly. This will confirm the final product will fulfill your clients’ necessities.

7. Build around a strong core

Create a robust core right from the start. Make sure you have a list of all the features that are the most vital for the functionality of your app. This will be utilized for core coding. Using plugins at the end of your core code will help to make your app much lighter. This will eventually make things easier to maintain and help your app run faster.

8. Focus on the user experience

Your potential buyers are those who installed your app or use it. They will first give your app a try and if they feel satisfied with it then they will keep on using it. That is why you should always prioritize user experience. When it comes to user experience, it all comes down to these three main factors: convenience, speed, and experience. Ensure that you have enough resources to invest in them from the early stages.

9. Ask for feedback

You are going to need proper feedback to develop an efficient app. You can get feedback from beta testers. However, Other developers can help you notice things that a beta tester or average user would never notice. So, It’s best to get a fresh pair of eyes on your app after working on it for a while. Do not think twice before reaching out to expert mobile app developers in Dubai with whom you have formed a relationship.

10. Follow the app store development guidelines

For producing an Android app, you need to follow the Android Developer Guides. Similarly, if you start to make an iOS app, following the Apple Developer Program guideline is important. If you do not go by those rules, you may have your app rejected while distributing it in the app store.

11. Add accessibility features

Your app needs to accommodate all coming users including those with disabilities. So don't make your app overly complicated. You should add voice assist, captions, the ability to enlarge text, and some other features like these to help accommodate everyone's needs. Your app should be easy to use for everyone.

12. Plan for updates

The mobile development process does not end after launching your app. You still need to work on enhancing its features. Regular maintenance is the key to make your app work well at all times. This is also what your users would expect from you. However, the cost of maintenance is not cheap. So plan for updates and maintenance from the beginning to control your cost. All the features in your app should be simple enough to update.

13. Personalization matters

You want to make sure that users' experiences are personalized. Write code that will permit you to have analytics and other tools built into your app. Regulate the behavior and habits of your users and use this information to personalize their experience. You can use a customer’s browsing history to send relevant push notifications about their interests.

14. Continuous integration

Continuous integration will simplify the maintenance of your mobile app. With continuous integration, your app will have fewer mistakes and errors because the system will be able to identify them before the code gets applied to the app. This is perfect for situations when numerous developers are all writing codes together.

15. Build with analytics in mind

You would want to make sure that it’s easy for you to analyze your app after it gets built. Analytics can help in making your app better and improve its performance. However, this is something that needs to be thought of while you are still developing it. This way it will be easier to add these plugins later on.

If you are planning to build a mobile web app for your organization or searching for the best mobile application developers in Dubai then our mobile app development company in Dubai, DXB APPS can help you make informed decisions with the right app development tools to match your goals. You can contact us for additional information or queries.

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