Top Mobile App Design Trends in 2022

Top Mobile App Design Trends in 2022

June 14, 2023

The first thing the user will notice is the user interface. DXB Apps ensures the user gets a detailed first impression of your mobile app and helps them continue using it. The journey of UI and UX design becomes easy and interesting. Trends do vary from time to time as there is always something better coming up in the technology market.

1. The UI/UX Trends 2022 in Mobile Apps Design provided by DXB APPS are as follows:

1.1 Emojis Used Everywhere

We are familiar with emojis used mostly in WhatsApp but mobile app designers are actively using emojis in their solutions as well. Users can interpret the mood and emotion behind each icon very well and thus understand the design of the app without the long UX texts. All of this makes the app quick and easy to use.

1.2 90s Funky UI

To satisfy users by minimizing UI designs is no longer a way. At the same time clustering of too many features and colors is not an option. The point is there are way too many equally simple two-tone applications. So, it’s time to come up with something cooler.

2020 and 2021 were all 80s-style UIs but now the aesthetics of the 90s is a great revival. Vibrant colors, bold fonts, visible shadows, pixelated typography and images, and Memphis style—all of these are used in 2022 mobile user interface designs. There are chances that by 2023, the 2000s style will be recovered.

1.3 Trending of animation

It is the best tool for captivating the users. Animation is always appealing and fun to see, be it in a micro-interaction or complete illustration. There are no limits to creativity when it comes to animation. You can move typography, add unusual illustrations to your onboarding screens, or simplify the in-app navigation.

Since 5G is already being deployed, designers no longer have to think about slow internet interrupting the animation. And thus, there is more scope for imagination and ideas to flourish.

1.4 Brutalism

Another UI trend that has taken over in 2022 is brutalism.This style will add a fancy touch to your design. The black and white color scheme, bold typography and lots of photos are the main features of a brutal interface inspired by 1950s architectural style.

1.5 Unusual Typography

Minimizing designs is not good enough for users so to make it look interesting one has to take the extra leap. You can experiment with your fonts as an option. Unusual fonts will give your design a new look and immediately attract user's attention. You can mix and match fonts, including the one you were hesitant to use because "it's too out there," to achieve that huge, bold typography in your design. Just keep it legible and responsive in mind.

1.6 Micro-interaction

The trend for 2022 is unquestionably Micro-interactions. Even more, this method is quickly becoming a need rather than an innovation in digital design. Just to refresh your memory, micro-interactions are all the activities directed at a particular task.

Small animations here and there further set the overall mood of the app and convey the brand. Again, as with emojis and most trends, don't overuse micro interactions lest you overwhelm your users.

1.7 Social Media Elements

All kinds of apps include social media aspects like stories and comments. Users enjoy scrolling through beneficial postings and sharing their experiences in the comment section, whether it's a health tracker or a shopping solution. Stories deserve special attention. Instagram and social media in general are not just the only platform having this feature. A photo or video that only lasts 24 hours is ideal for sharing updates, making announcements, or demonstrating in-stock products.

1.8 Verification of Face or Touch Id

The most important feature of any design is that it must be practical, saving your users from having to input their password every time they open the app is a sure method to improve its usability. When users forget their password, Face or Touch ID takes only a few seconds and does not stress them out.

For a variety of applications, such sign-in mechanisms are becoming standard. Because of Face ID and Touch ID, it's expected that most people will forget to enter their passwords soon.

1.9 AR and VR

Virtual and augmented realities have been around for a while, but in 2022, we can anticipate them to become even more popular. You might wonder why. This topic was previously covered in our tech trends article, where Apple teased us with hints regarding their own VR/AR headset. And we all know how it goes: anything Apple makes becomes an instant hit. Because it does not necessitate any additional technology, augmented reality is more prevalent in smartphone apps.

1.10 Artificial Intelligence

Finally, it's hard to talk about UI/UX design trends in 2022 without considering AI. From customer service chat bots to AI-based product recommendations, this technology can be used in a variety of contexts.

While AI isn't a must for an MVP, it does aid in the acquisition of new customers in the long run. Artificial intelligence is the most important instrument for generating a tailored experience for your users and, as a result, winning their hearts with the content they enjoy.

And that's the thing about trends: while some may come and go, many become best practices, so adopting them early on makes you a true pioneer or, at the very least, grabs consumers' attention.

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