What You Must Know About Mobile Game App Development In Dubai?-A Detailed Guide 2024 For You

What You Must Know About Mobile Game App Development In Dubai?-A Detailed Guide 2024 For You

April 16, 2024

The market for mobile gaming app development is constantly expanding. Investing in a mobile gaming app presents excellent potential for entrepreneurs and start-ups in the rapidly evolving digital market. Understanding development costs as a whole is essential before beginning to design a mobile game app. It will help you create a solid budget and guarantee wise resource distribution and successful risk reduction. Let's talk about mobile app development!

Gaming App Statistics Overview

The cost of creating a gaming app can range from nothing to a colossal $174m, which is the present record for the most expensive game ever developed. 

Phases of Developing Mobile Game Apps

The processes for creating the mobile game app are outlined below. Now let's talk about specific phases of developing a mobile gaming app:

1. Surveys of Markets

The first stage in developing a mobile game app is market research by app development companies in Dubai. It consists of:

  • Finding the preferences of the target audience,
  • What kind of gameplay will your app have?
  • What game engines are you going to use?
  • Who might be your rivals?
  • Advances in style, plus more.

2. Document for Game Design (GDD)

Create a comprehensive GDD that describes the game's mechanics, storyline, game levels, target audience, platform, and monetization strategy, among other details. Before starting the development process, GDD assists the entire team in comprehending the procedure.

3. Technical Details

This step outlines the game's technical specifications. It covers a range of options, such as game engines (Unity, Unreal Engine, etc.), platforms (Android or iOS), programming languages, and more.

4. Creating prototypes

Creating a prototype makes it easier to test crucial gameplay components and get user input. Before beginning the production process, refining and expanding upon the game concept is also beneficial.

Stages of Mobile  Game App Development

5. Designing Games

The evolution of the game's graphics is relevant here. Character design, game environments, animations, special effects, 2D and 3D components, stages, challenges, and puzzles are all included.

6. Programming Games

Writing computer code and configuring servers, databases, and APIs are all part of this step. Incorporating technological specs, visual effects, 2D/3D assets, and animations with game mechanics is also part of it.

7. Sound Design

By incorporating audio components, background music, sound effects, and other features, this stage is crucial to improving the user experience in app development Dubai. Verify that the game's audio corresponds with its interactions and events.

8. Testing

Ensure you thoroughly test the system to find bugs, defects, or other problems. The stability and compatibility of a game with different hardware setups, operating systems, and screen sizes are assessed by mobile game creators.

9. Launching

When everything is configured, the mobile gaming app is prepared for release.

High-End Factors Affecting the Price of Game Development

Several elements affect game production costs. Thus, becoming familiar with every facet before beginning the development process is essential. Let us verify:

Factors Impacting the Game Development Cost

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Type and Complexity of Games

The kind and complexity of the game have significantly impacted the development costs, whether they are simple mobile game apps or sophisticated or complex ones.

Various Game Types

  • 2D casual games
  • Mid-level 3D games
  • High-end 3D games
  • AAA games

Game Platform (Android, iOS, or cross-platform): The complexity of the platform affects the cost of producing a mobile game.

Technology and Tools

The price of developing a game is influenced by game technology and tools. Assess the tools and tech stack you plan to use for your game application.

Graphics and Game Design

Graphics and game design influence the whole cost of developing gaming applications. Games with cutting-edge graphics and design provide incredible visual appeal and user experience. But they also take a lot of time and money, which drives the development price.

Tests of Games

The next crucial steps in game application development Dubai are quality assurance and game testing. These steps ensure the game runs smoothly and fixes any problems or mistakes.


One of its many facets is developing and releasing a mobile gaming app. The second and most crucial component is marketing.

The Development Team's Location

Because labour and administrative costs vary depending on where the development team is located, game production costs are impacted.

Internationalization and Localization

Although it may be more expensive to localize your game for other languages and cultures, doing so can attract more gamers from all over the world. Providing players with an individualized experience is essential.

Cost-effective Methods for Developing Mobile Game Apps

You should think about the following tactics:

Specify the needs of the project

Establishing your mobile app project's needs, parameters, and objectives in detail will help you get started. To reduce the complexity of the development, a thorough PRD (Product Requirement Document) must be created.

Construct in Phases

Because the market is constantly changing, what works now might only work for a while. Thus, it's critical to divide the development process into phases. Prioritize mastering the fundamentals before moving on to more complex ideas.

Give MVPS Top Priority

A top mobile app Development Company makes an MVP and adds the features necessary to satisfy the needs of your target market. Before moving on with more complex full-app development, you can indeed test your app in the market by concentrating on its core features.

mobile app development dubai

Employ a Mobile App Development Team

Make the investment in working with a skilled and knowledgeable team developing mobile game apps. The project's success and excellent quality are certain when you partner with a company that employs experienced designers, developers, and testers throughout the development process.

"Dubai's mobile gaming scene is booming, and with the right knowledge and expertise, your app can be the next big hit in this thriving market."

Accept Reach Across Platforms

Use cross-platform frameworks for development like Unity or Unreal Engine to create your game app for numerous platforms at once.

Put Automated Deployment into Practice

Updates and releases can be optimized via deployment process automation, reducing the possibility of errors and human work. This process consists of configuring the application, guaranteeing safety and tracking, and setting up ongoing integration for development and testing. It keeps the program current and competitive, expedites the software distribution process, and lowers mistake rates.

Pricing Model's Effect on the Cost of Developing Mobile Game Apps

An appropriate pricing strategy is crucial for lowering the cost of developing mobile game apps.

  • First Pricing Model: Fixed Cost Structure
  • Pricing Model 2: Resource Hiring Team
  • Pricing Model 3: Material Model and Hourly Time 

Pricing Model Impact on Cost of Mobile Game Development

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What kind of game has the highest price tag?

AAA games are pricey because they have sophisticated gaming engines, motion capture technology, intricate gameplay mechanics, and lavish development budgets.

What is the most played game genre?

The most played gaming genres worldwide include action-adventure, shooter, and role-playing.

Is it profitable to make mobile games?

Developing mobile games is quite profitable because there are more monetization choices and a more extensive audience base.

How long does it take to create an app for a mobile game?

Depending on how complicated the game is. It usually takes two to three months to complete a basic or simple game, four to six months to complete a mid-level game, and seven to twelve months to complete an intermediate game.

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