Frequently Asked Questions

DXB APPS solve challenges with Apps tailored for a wide range of Industries and Business needs by integrating cutting-edge technologies to power up your next-generation app solutions

Answer: We, at DXB APPS provide Ecommerce solutions, Industry Apps, and Readymade Apps. In the Industry Apps, there are sectors for Food, Beauty, Home Services, Education, HealthCare, and Automotive. In Readymade Apps - it Includes Food Delivery Readymade Apps, Grocery Readymade Apps, and Car Pool Readymade Apps.. Click here to get in touch.

Answer: We utilize advanced techniques to secure your app. Our code is secure, tested multiple times, updated and patched multiple times to make your apps secure. We use high level authentication and data encryption to ensure the high-end security of your on-demand apps.

Answer: Using DxbApps, you can build your on-demand business app within days. In case, you need more customization, we will analyze your requirements and get back to you with a quote within a day.

Answer: Yes, we can. With a decent amount of knowledge and experience in website to app porting. We have a highly reliable team of developers, who understands everything that it takes to build a fully functional app based on your website.

Answer: Yes, we do. You can contact our experts anytime for any of your development-related concerns and queries. The support is not only during the development process but also after the development process is over.