10 proven ways to engage mobile app users and increase retention rate

10 proven ways to engage mobile app users and increase retention rate

June 15, 2023

While your app may be proving to be the perfect solution for many in the audience, the truth is the app marketplace is already teeming with several other apps addressing the same problem or providing the same functionality.

The app retention rate is the amount of time, in months, that people continue to use an app that they have downloaded. Despite the ubiquity of mobile app usage and its importance to many companies and consumers, there is scarce information on how to successfully influence the app retention rate.

Want to optimize your app to increase app retention rate, but get lost in the app retention strategies? How do you increase your app retention rate and uncover a segment of your audience that will see real value in your app? No worries, in this article our app development company, has compiled the 10 best or proven ways to engage mobile app users so that they can increase their app retention rate.

1. Early detection of data

Tracking data as early as possible is a boon for any app development company as it can accurately measure the app retention rate and work on the improvements required by the app developers in the metric over time. As soon as you start tracking data early it will give you the proper pathway to measure the performance of the application and one can come up with the best and proven strategies in the marketplace. A good retention app strategies supply the best features for an application development procedure.

2. Time for beta testing of an application

To gain a higher retention rate, our pioneers in the app development company in UAE and Dubai market are more likely to initiate beta testing for the app development procedure with the targeted audience only. This is the smartest way. Through beta testing, our application will not face any bugs or errors that can be a cause for app retention rate. There will be an option for customer feedback when beta testing is conducted so that the app can optimize more precisely the app users’ experience. Using this beta testing, one can make sure that they are providing the best structure for their application if this entire procedure is religiously followed. There is an additional benefit. With beta testing our app developers guarantee the energetic app users' invitation and brand loyalty is gained even before the application is available in the marketplace of Dubai.

3. Soft launch

Soft launch can be used instead of thinking about the dilemma of launching the app in the market. This soft launch will optimize the app’s performance more accurately. A soft launch is a release within a tiny area that allows an app development company to identify the ways of launching an app in a similar yet larger area. This performance will magnetize the high retention rates for an app when it is launched in a larger area.

4. Marketing strategies

What the product has to offer is the crucial thing for the marketing strategy to increase the retention rate. The retention rate will suffer if the promised product doesn’t match the user’s experience. Advertising the app on different platforms can be a boon for app retention rates and it has been proven that this marketing strategy works wonders in the marketplace.

5. Optimization of consumer onboarding

This is a critical step in the user’s journey. This is the most vital stage to attain a high retention rate for an app development company in the market. The guidance is an important part that considers a few things such as keeping it simple with core features, putting up animation for best visualization to magnetize users, identification of other features that are widely popular in the market, and ending an onboarding with a Call To Action for your retention strategy.

6. ASO

This required changes for an app store to get a high ranking in the market. This boosts a high retention rate by magnetizing high-value customers and supplying a translucent platform while installing the mobile app. Certain features are to be kept in mind while considering ASO like the app’s name, design features, keywords search, screenshots, and videos. These are the organic healthy traffic in your app that is retained for a longer duration. This is considered the best practice.

7. Personal toolkit

To personalize an app is a powerful segment to enhance retention rate. This is simply achieved by putting a customer’s personal information in the app with accurate security from our side. So it is important to be selective about how and when to choose personalized information.

8. Notifications

One feature is the push notification that helps the app developers and customers to know about the app simultaneously. This is an effective way to attract users back to the app with every push notification for attractive deals.

9. Emails

Email marketing is on-trend these days and a mobile app development company can take full leverage. The mailing system again attracts users back to the app which is an effective and smart strategy to retain the rates.

10. Messaging system

In-app messaging is great thinking apart from other notifications about the app. This is a two-way communication process and a boon to increasing the retention rate. This helps in adding more value to the users.


Sum up

Increasing retention rate is not an adhesive. It is a well-thought-out strategy ready to be implemented with ripe heads of the app development company that relay across the entire journey.

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