A short guide on choosing the right Ecommerce business platform

A short guide on choosing the right Ecommerce business platform

June 14, 2023

Open source ecommerce allows you to customize the platform to suit your needs.You only have to pay when there are new updates or data migrations.

It is more efficient than building a platform from scratch as it comes with the brand name of the provider such as Amazon or Walmart.

Unlike the traditional form, you also do not need to pay any licensing fee. You can compare the prices to get an idea about the market. This can be a great option for you if you are short on a budget.

1. Saas eCommerce platforms

Built on a single codebase it gives only a fixed set of the platform features. The businesses need to pay a fixed payment monthly to access the features and for maintenance. If you do not have a great IT back up this is it for you. You can further upgrade the features by paying more.

2. (Cloud) Hosting Environment

A blend of traditional and open-source platforms is shifted to the Cloud. Here you have your own environment however, you have to take care of the maintenance and upgrades.

3. What factors to consider while choosing an eCommerce platform?

The main focus by new businesses should be on aesthetics and UX. However, one needs to keep a keen eye on lead generation factors, business process management, and customer relations. This should be done for the generation of ROI.

An eCommerce platform should be able to help you achieve your desired profits and meet your goals timely. For that it is required to consider some factors.

3.1 Platform type

The platform type is something you need to take a decision on. You have to choose from the above three choices. While choosing you should keep in mind that you should have some customization liberty that should be matched with optimum cost.

3.2 Cost

There are several costs related to upgrades and maintenance. Further, there can be hidden costs. You should make a list of all potential scenarios which will require more money. Speak to someone experienced if needed that will give you clarity on the costs.

3.3 Features

Your platform should have a set of SEO strategy features. This will help in boosting your search ranking. You should go for platforms that have all the necessary features you need plus give you the freedom to add more when needed. Do not go for platforms that offer multiple features initially as you will end up paying more than you need to.

3.4 Integrations

Your platform should be readily integrable with the other business software. You may need software such as a CRM or inventory management platform.

3.5 Themes and UX

In order to attract more customers, you need to keep an eye on the aesthetics (theme) and UX of your platform as well.

3.6 Support

You should go for those vendors who are always accessible and ready to provide support as and when you require it the most.

3.7 Speed and Scalability

You should go for a platform that will give you both fast responses and can be easily scaled. This is an important point as your business grows you will be needing to scale it differently.

These were the important factors to keep in mind other than this, security is also something to be taken care of. We hope our guide will help you to open your own online business successfully.

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