How can a Good Design help your e-commerce Website?

How can a Good Design help your e-commerce Website?

How much time do you spend looking at websites before buying something? The average person spends over 3 hours each day browsing through their favorite social media platforms, shopping sites, or even searching for information on Google. This means that they are spending a significant amount of time on the web every single day.

A great user experience (UX) is essential for a successful e-Commerce site. To create a positive customer experience, you should consider using some of these simple e-commerce website design principles:


You come across anyone who loves to shop, their first and foremost priority is the simplicity of the website. A user is always a believer in KISS theory – Keep It Simple, Silly!

Simple is always better than any other criteria as it helps users to find their desired products hassle-free. Our app developers in the mobile app development company dubai guarantee a simple design that helps the traders to be glued to our e-commerce website. With the increase in the number of components in the website, lesser traffic will be created which takes away the entire point of creating an e-commerce website.

A lot of components will act as a distraction for the traders and businesses. The focus should be on the sale so it is preferable to keep it simple, clear, precise, and clean.


To make your brand a priority is what our app developers in the company keep a focus on and something that looks suspicious to the users. Establishing a brand is the key component for any e-commerce website. To gain trust, branding plays an important part for the company. Branding is exactly like the DNA of the company and it is pivotal for the connection and relation between target audiences and sales. Invest time towards designing your brand a value.

Website visitor mentality

Thinking and seeing from a customer’s perspective is essential to make your website magnetize the target audience for growth and sales. There are limited things that a customer will look into your e-commerce website. Keeping in mind, our pioneers in the mobile app development company in Dubai allow the potential customers to look for trendy and easy designs that make their shopping easy, straightforward, and hassle-free.


Color is an extremely powerful tool for your e-commerce website. One cannot just go and paint everything red. The psychology of color is well read by our app developers and they use it for gaining the rank of our website. Inspirational colors should be used for the advantage of the website. Inspirational colors inspire different feelings, moods, emotions, and actions from our customers. They can relate the website to themselves. Incorporating colors to enlarge your business is something DXB APPS is an expert in. This creates a huge impact on e-commerce design.

Top-notch images

Top-notch image qualities help to increase the ranking and retention rates of the e-commerce website. In the crowd of web design, standing out against the odds is essential for the growth of the website and business. More feed will land up on your website with good quality images to be seen. You need to show them what they are buying. Gaining confidence and building trust are the main criteria for making an e-commerce website.

Content scanner

Nowadays in the fast-running world, only a few percentages of the content of your website is being read. The keywords are quickly scanned as per the requirements. So always try to land in good keyword content so that top to bottom content is read by the customers and traders and likewise your website ranks the best among the best. Breaking up your content like description, blogs, and home page quickly grabs the attention of the business owners and readers and that would be easy to get their desired results within a go! The target audience will be able to scan the content if it is designed in an easy and powerful method.

Professional look

To make your customers feel like they know everything about your e-commerce website is by making your website professional. In DXB APPS, we do have some experts who created the professional look of the website. Usually, a professional website is free from any kind of errors whether typos or grammatical, and should look professional like proper presentation inside the website. The final verdict is that if you want your website to be taken seriously, you need to take your website design seriously beforehand.

Social Proof

The feedback section is very much important while creating a professional look for your website as this will help the new customers to run to your feed section and gain their trust over your website in the marketplace. Simultaneously, a rating section in your app and the store section is a boon for the company. To have trustworthiness in your website, provide what is needed.

Easy Navigation

Product categories and product navigation is a huge part of any e-commerce website. No one – no one – likes to spend time on any website to search for their products or description. That is not at all good for the website to stand out in the market. Filters should be added for better navigation like color, size, availability, description, etc. to let the customers find what they are looking for in your website easily with apt design.


The developers need to look at how responsive they can make their website to capture the market. It is always preferable to make your e-commerce website more quickly responsive than other websites so that it will help your website and business to expand its wings fully.

A quick wrap up

Designing an e-commerce website for your growing business is not a toy-making job. It is indeed a tricky job for the team. But now with the above-mentioned tips, one can easily create a top-notch e-commerce website for their business or can improve their needed. You have everything we have provided through this article so you too can create an amazing-looking mobile app  for your customers.

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