How do you turn your unprofitable website into a profitable mobile app

How do you turn your unprofitable website into a profitable mobile app?

June 15, 2023

Online business has produced one of the biggest shifts in publishing over the past decade. This is making the idea of long-form content obsolete; their platform uses short-form content to deliver a targeted message to varied audiences. It also impacts traditional content, a long-form publisher’s scramble to monetize in new ways that fit the online publishing world’s needs. Website visitors prefer shorter videos, so it is not surprising that businesses for mobile discovered that visitors on average watch about 90 seconds of content in their apps.

We all know that mobile apps are the future of entrepreneurship. But with low conversion rates, no revenue, and a lot of competition, it's not an easy path to success.

Is your website unprofitable, which is why you want to transform it into a mobile app? If so, you’re not alone. It's tempting to switch gears and go mobile, but how are you smart about it?

With the evolution of Android and iPhone smartphones, the interaction between humans and websites has reduced a lot. People are on the run mode all the time so, they prefer apps on their smartphones other than opening up any website until and unless extremely necessary.

Mobile apps are on the go these days and are very convenient to use. There are many applications available these days to make any work easier and faster with just a touch. Consequently, our app developers have realized lately that the best way to magnetize customers is to provide them the best in the form of an application as per their needs. These mobile apps are making one’s life easy, sustainable, and classy, increasing user experience, as well as brand credibility in this modern digital world.

We are the leading mobile app company in Dubai that suggest other companies transform their poorly handled websites into a powerful application to make a profit. There is little information that needs to be discussed right now.


1. Reasons to go for mobile applications than websites

1.1 Superior personalization

To get and utilize the best features and user experience, our pioneers in mobile app development company have provided a section according to sex, age, birthday, and emails like detailed personal information to be provided for the application.

We have other apps for the customers that would require certain specific details for better product search options and availability. Simultaneously, our app developers use some specific tools that are capable of tracking a user’s activity behavior and providing them with their desired products. These are the best custom recommendations related to new arrivals, and price drops to the clients. We have provided certain features that are more value-added to the app than the websites like order tracking facilities and chatbots.

1.2 Superior notification system

Usually, websites use emails to communicate with the users so far but lately, companies do realize that it is far better to work on apps than websites as email reach has dropped down drastically. So our app developers have worked out a solution to reach out to users in wider prospects like ever before. Applications do provide in-app notifications and push notifications for a better user experience.

2. Advantages of turning a website into an app

2.1 Meeting customer’s expectations

Talking about an app, our customers prefer to use a modern app with modern features. Our app development company tries to meet every customer’s expectations. There is an app available for the everyday needs of every customer. So converting a website into a profitable app helps to meet the high expectations of our clients. This will further increase the strong relationship between the customer and the company.

2.2 Offline convenience

To open a website one has to follow up certain tedious steps before retrieving any information that might take longer time than opening an app. The exact advantage of turning a website into an app is offline facilities for the customers in need. Users can enjoy offline functionalities.

2.3 Customized experience

Mobile apps are easier daily because they have the power to solve many problems in a single device. Customers can set their customized options for a better user experience like tracking, interacting, and creating their modern accounts. This is quite enough to convert a website into a functional app.

2.4 Integrated features

Once a website is turned into an app, many integrated features can be experienced like social media, push notifications, camera, GPS, and fingerprint lock system. Therefore it pushes our company to the next level of building an app.

2.5 Convenience

There’s no doubt that a fully functional application is a simplified version of a website. However, an app is more convenient for a user than a website. It can load any content much faster than a website and consumes fewer data from your smartphones. An app allows better user guides for better functionality. After all, converting a website into an app helps to increase the retention rate.

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