How To Design A Mobile App User Interface Like A Pro

How To Design A Mobile App User Interface Like A Pro

Pioneer in the Mobile App development market of UAE, DXB APPS helps and provides guidance on how to design a Mobile App User Interface (UI) like a pro. DXB is a leading mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE. This company provides a wide variety of solutions for mobile app development. This is the best mobile app development company in Dubai which provides a step-by-step guide on the development of mobile Apps and designing a mobile app UI.

Here are steps to design a Mobile App UI by a top mobile app development company in Dubai:

Step 1-

Do not jump right in and get started with the designs. It is very important to take time and brush up on the key theoretical points before putting them into practice. Focusing on the basics is one of the key suggestions provided by mobile app developers in Dubai.

Step 2-

It is very important to spend some time in the User Interface (UI) Design Principles. These Design principles are more commonly addressed as heuristics. They are basically some basic guidelines that the user needs to stick to in order to improve the quality of the Interface and at the same time increase their efficiency. The six most commonly used User Interface Principles are:

Structure Principle- It is mainly concerned with overall user interface architecture that is keeping the related things together and separating the unrelated things.

Simplicity Principle- It makes the process easy for the user to communicate in simple language.

Visibility Principle- All the given tasks and their materials should be visible.

Feedback Principle- The user should get proper feedback in case of an error or interruptions.

Tolerance Principle- Should have a high tolerance and should allow redoing tasks to reduce the chance of mistakes.

Reuse Principle- The design should be able to reuse the components so that it reduces the need for users to rethink.

Step 3-

It is very important to have a clear idea of what we are building, that is the Mobile App Design Process. Since the focus is on building a Mobile App UI, there are certain functions that need attention.

Say we are trying to build a language learning app then the main functions we need to focus on are as follows:

  • Notifications.
  • Home Screen.
  • Tracking Progress.
  • Viewing a Lesson.
  • Viewing a Word.

Step 4-

Now after we know what we are building the next important question that arises is how do we build it?

First, we will need to practice the designs with pens and pencils. It is important to have a clear idea of what the various functions are going to look like. Then designing tools need to be used in order to bring the designs to life and check how they will look in the device. Each screen of the app needs to be designed individually in order to avoid mistakes.

Step 5-

The next step is testing the designs that have been created. Earlier it used to be difficult to test the designs on the Mobiles however nowadays Sketch provides a very good feature named Sketch Mirror where it is possible to have a preview of the designs on the device itself.

Step 6-

After the designs have been tested the next step that needs to be done is to distill our ideas into solid UI designs which are usable. For this, there is no need to take extraordinary steps. Just by sticking to the basic design steps and basic Design Principles, it is possible to build and design a friendly User Interface.

These are the steps that are followed by the expert Mobile App developers in Dubai. These steps are really helpful and if put to proper use make designing Mobile App User Interface easier. DXB APPS is mobile app development company in dubai that helps people who not only want to create apps but also gives them thorough guidance just like in this article a thorough guide on designing Mobile Apps User interface has been provided.

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