Market Share of Mobile Medical Applications

Market Share of Mobile Medical Applications

June 15, 2023

Dubai holds a large local market share in the medical travel industry and is one of the most amazing healthcare destinations in the world due to the high quality of patient care and therapies, diagnostics and innovations.

For example, in recent years, on-demand healthcare apps that help patients manage chronic conditions have been the most challenging and dynamic part of the healthcare market.

Amid the coronavirus crisis, the global general-purpose clinical applications market, valued at US$6.6 billion in 2022, is projected to reach US$16.6 billion in 2026, growing at a CAGR of 25.5% during the study period.

One of the segments analyzed in the report, Clinical Checking, is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.3%, reaching US$5 billion by the end of the study period.

After an in-depth study of the business impact of the pandemic and the resulting financial crisis, the food and healthcare industries have a revised annual growth rate of 28.6% for the next seven years. This segment now represents 35.4% of the global all-purpose clinical applications market.


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1. This growth in on-demand healthcare is due to two things

  • Growing and ageing population and
  • Growing economic sector.
  • Frequency of chronic diseases Improvement of the general conditions Therapeutic progress and innovation.

2. Top clinical apps /medical health apps in UA

2.1 Google Fit

Is Google's Android platform more integrated than Apple's? So this is for you. This program was developed by Google in partnership with the World Wellness Association and the American Heart Association.

It glows on movement minutes and heart-focused light action targets. If your device is asking for help, stir for a few minutes; Start by setting the timer to 100 minutes a day. This is editable.

You collect one heart point per minute during moderate activity, such as running, walking, brisk walking, and two heart points per minute during vigorous activity.

2.2 HealthifyMe

The group behind this free download app is based in Bangalore, India and is proud to offer the most comprehensive collection of 55,000 Indian food sources for calorie tracking. Mentors can provide you with ongoing experience in your daily decisions, daily routine decisions and suggestions for 1500 different tasks.

2.3 SEED Group

Recently, the office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum announced its partnership with WeMed Inc., a virtual healthcare innovation and services company.

Arrangements include clinical lectures, services, identification of side effects of infections and treatment of ongoing medical services, nephrology, pulmonary medicine and science of the nervous system, and emotional well-being issues that affect millions of people in the Mena region.

2.4 Health at hand

It is a Dubai-based telemedicine company offering on-demand medical services to DHA-certified doctors in the United Arab Emirates, managed through an app that connects patients with just a few clicks.

The application conducts a 15-minute interview with each patient, or more if needed. In addition, patients receive a doctor's report and a list of prescriptions that can be issued at the pharmacy.

2.5 MyMedicNow

It is an innovative mobile application based in the United Arab Emirates that helps clients to find professionals based on their symptoms or diseases and also provides essential medical service providers in the Mena region quickly and efficiently. Many clinicians, clinics and facilities are accessible through this application.

2.6 Sehhaty

Sehhaty is a wearable, bilingual DHA patient app designed to provide medical services to patients and their families through their smart devices. Sehhaty provides a variety of aspects to its patients, including a health card and necessary community-specific medical services, as well as a link to the patient's relative health profile.



According to the UAE Vision 2021, which states that the country will invest in building foundations, talents and administrations for elite medical services to meet the demands of its citizens, the healthcare sector will develop at the request of the UAE. Development of assumptions and needs.

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