Mobile App Backend Development Dubai- Know All The Valuable Insights

Mobile App Backend Development Dubai- Know All The Valuable Insights

April 26, 2024

No matter how stunning or alluring an application's user interface is, it cannot carry out its intended functions without a backend, just as a car is useless without a strong engine.

An application can only process data, carry out business logic, offer security, or communicate with users instantaneously with a robust backend. Therefore, to enable dynamic functionality in your business application, you must thoroughly understand the backend Dubai Mobile App Development process for mobile apps and know how much money to invest in it.

What is Included Within Mobile App Backend?

Backend development by a mobile app development company is essentially the "behind the scenes" work that goes into creating a mobile app. It is described as the development of logic that the application uses to operate. The three parts of an application's backend are servers, middleware, and databases accessible via an Application Programming Interface (API) on the internet.

A load balancer and additional connectors, such as push notifications, email notifications, and queuing services, could be part of a growth-oriented or new-generation backend design. Below, we have covered the essential elements:

3 Components of a Traditional Mobile App Backend

1. Web Servers

Whether your backend is on-site or in the cloud, a server is still necessary for your app to function. It responds to user requests and distributes network resources, including databases, web services, file storage, security, and encryption.

2. Database

A mobile app's database is what gives it its dynamic nature. The database receives requests from app users on the front end, processes them, retrieves the requested data, and returns it to the user. The database also accepts and edits data requests. Developers employ a variety of database tools, much like they do with web servers.

3. Middleware

Software called middleware runs on the server and connects the front end and back end of an application. It allows connectivity between the client and server and can be controlled at multiple levels, including the display and business layers. It enables communication between on-premises and cloud programs and provides services like error correction and data integration.

Top 5 Database tool for Backend Development

What Options Do You Have To Develop The Backend Of A Mobile App?

Basically, there are three methods for constructing the backend of your app: proprietary backend Android development dubai, an MBaaS solution, or using a third-party SAAS provider. One of these approaches might be selected based on your business logic and scalability requirements. Below, we will go over each of these choices in more detail.

It's only sometimes essential to spend a fortune to acquire the best possible answer in mobile app development UAE. All you have to do is choose a solution that saves you money while meeting your business needs. These days, many brands employ MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) and third-party services, often known as SAAS, as their mobile app backends.

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1. SAAS, Or Third-Party Services

This kind of service is easily comparable to what restaurants offer. When you're hungry, you go to the restaurant, order, and pay for your food. Third-party service providers, SAAS, provide front-end app developers with ready-to-use backend solutions. All you have to do to access the backend as an app owner is register and purchase a subscription.

You can use this kind of service for the following types of mobile apps:

Apps For Online Shopping

Third-party backend services are a good fit if you indeed want to create an online store to sell your goods on smartphones. You don't have to start from scratch when creating a custom backend.

Weather Apps

If you want to release a weather app and need weather information, you can easily create a frontend to retrieve the information from an established service such as OpenWeatherMap. You must pay a monthly subscription fee to use the service, but other than that, everything will go smoothly. It is also a superior option for creating your backend.

Content-Based Apps

If you want to develop an app that needs content management (including text, photos, videos, or movies), you can utilize a headless content management service like Contentful. It's as easy as setting up a Facebook account. Using an API, your front-end application can retrieve the material.

The following are a few benefits and drawbacks of utilizing third-party backend services, or SAAS:

2. Mobile Backend As A Service, Or Mbaas

Simple applications can be created with third-party backends or SAAS solutions, but if you believe that your app needs more functionality, you should investigate the MBaaS alternative before creating a bespoke backend. These solutions are ideal for apps that need to store client data, use features like push notifications, and have correct authorization and authentication.

SaaS is a less versatile alternative to MBaaS, which offers superior scalability and customization. It essentially gives you a basic structure that you may modify to fit your business's needs. Depending on the number of users, push notifications issued, traffic volume, and other factors for your app, you pay a monthly cost for the resources you use.

The following categories of apps are compatible with MBaaS:

Real-Time Or Messaging Applications

Even though creating a messaging app like WhatsApp takes some time, you can make the process go more smoothly using a productive server-side service. MBaaS systems provide server storage, RESTful APIs, message protocols, and alerting features essential for creating a messaging application.

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App For Gaming

You can use an effective MBaaS platform to launch a feature-rich game app without spending money constructing your backend. There are various MBaaS solutions for game apps, but AWS is among the best.

Mobile Commerce Apps Or On-Demand Apps

Every day, more and more people use on-demand mobile apps like Uber, Lyft, and Zomato. Only some app ideas, though, can have a unique backend built. To simplify your process, you can use an MBaaS platform like Firebase.

The following are a few benefits and drawbacks of MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service):

Pros and cons of MBaaS

A Pricey Choice

Even while using any of the solutions above to create the backend of your mobile application can save you a ton of money, if these choices don't work for you and you have extra money to spend, you can always invest in custom mobile app backend development. Let's examine its procedure in detail:

3. Create A Unique Backend For A Mobile App

This option gives you complete control and flexibility, but it's also the most expensive. It makes it simple to build anything that SAAS or MBaaS solutions cannot. But the obvious drawback is the amount of money and work needed. Depending on the project's features and business logic, your bespoke backend could be a straightforward application or a laborious collection of technologies. Therefore, it would help if you acted appropriately.

How Can I Begin Developing A Custom Mobile App Backend?

Before creating a custom backend, decide which tech stack is best for your project. Alternatively, you can work with backend developers who can advise you on selecting the best technologies to build an effective backend at a lower cost.

Choosing the appropriate technology stacks involves selecting the following:

  • Programming language (Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Node.JS, or Django)
  • Database (NoSQL, SQL, or a combination of various DB types)
  • Architecture (modular monolith, microservices, serverless, or monolithic)
  • Infrastructure (the platform, such as Heroku or AWS, on which the app backend will operate)
  • Kind of API (e.g., JSON, GraphQL, REST, or any other type)

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What role does backend development play in mobile applications?

Backend development allows functionalities like user authentication and data storage, which guarantees a smooth connection between the front end and the server.

How can I pick the best Dubai-based mobile app development company?

Seek out a business with a track record of success, knowledge of the platform you want to use, and the ability to manage projects cooperatively.

What are the primary distinctions between developing apps for iOS and Android?

IOS app development in Dubai has more robust security standards and a simplified user experience than Android, but Android offers more customization and reach.

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