Reasons Revealed For Instagram Cutting 60 Jobs, Eliminating A Layer Of Management At The Company

Reasons Revealed For Instagram Cutting 60 Jobs, Eliminating A Layer Of Management At The Company

January 20, 2024

According to a recent story from The Information, Instagram has eliminated a layer of administration at the company by cutting 60 technical program manager positions. The affected workers have two months to apply for other positions inside the organization. If they are unable to find another position inside the organization after the two months, their employment will end.

Potential Reasons Behind Instagram's Decision

A former Instagram employee claimed that certain technical program managers would be asked to "re-interview for PM roles" on LinkedIn. When asked about the employment job cuts, a Meta representative remained silent. According to The Information, Instagram has also informed staff members of a product team reorganization, deciding to establish three new areas of focus for the group responsible for assisting users in generating content on the social media platform. Creation, Creators, and Friend Sharing are the three new areas of attention.

Also, with over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the most widely used social media networks globally, according to Statista data.

Promoting Creators Who Encourage Teen Interaction

Instagram will now put more of an emphasis on promoting creators who are most likely to encourage teen interaction on the app as a result of the modifications. It's not shocking that Instagram wants its staff to concentrate on creators who can draw in teenage audiences to the site. Still, the move corresponds with a lawsuit filed by more than 40 states against Meta, claiming that the company's services are causing mental health issues among their younger users.

A generation of young Americans' psychological and social realities have allegedly been "profoundly altered" by Meta over the past ten years, and the lawsuit claims that Meta is utilizing "powerful and unprecedented technologies to attract, involve, and ultimately capture youth and teens." Along with X (previously Twitter), TikTok, Snap, and Discord, Meta is set to appear before the Senate on child safety on January 31. This coincides with the company's focus on teen engagement. Committee members will likely question company executives about their platforms' failure to safeguard kids online.

Instagram is still committed to teen engagement and retention, even in the face of constant regulatory pressure. But Meta is trying to please lawmakers with its new teen safety policies. This week, Meta disclosed that it will begin automatically restricting the content that teenage Facebook and Instagram accounts can view on the platforms. Teenage accounts will no longer be able to view offensive information, including posts concerning eating disorders, graphic violence, and self-harm.

Current Landscape Of Social Media Platforms

To comprehend Instagram's reduction in staff, it is essential to assess the wider social media platform ecosystem initially. In recent years, the social media Dubai app development business has experienced enormous growth and rivalry as platforms compete for user attention and advertising money. The parent firm of Instagram, Facebook, is up against a lot of competition from sites like TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter, all of which target different user groups and offer special features. Instagram is unavoidably under pressure to innovate, adapt, and hold onto its market share as a result of the heightened competition.

“Transforming Today for a Thriving Tomorrow”

Evolving User Behavior And Demands

The demands and behavior of users on social media mobile app development Dubai platforms are ever-changing. Platforms have to adjust to users' evolving tastes and needs. Instagram may have reacted to these changing user needs by choosing to reduce staff and simplify management. The organization wants to promote agility and responsiveness by cutting back on layers of management. This will enable them to respond to new trends quickly, improve customer experience, and maintain an advantage over competitors.

Streamlining Organizational Efficiency

The goal of increasing organizational efficiency is another important component of Instagram's staff reduction. Restructuring is a common strategy used by businesses to streamline processes and cut expenses. Instagram hopes to increase communication, speed up decision-making, and create a more effective organizational structure by eliminating a layer of administration. This change may speed up decision-making, provide teams with more autonomy, and improve alignment with overall strategy objectives.

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While change is never simple, it is essential for development and advancement.


In light of the changing dynamics of the social media sector, Instagram has decided to reduce staff and remove a layer of management. Instagram wants to position itself for long-term success in a highly competitive market by optimizing organizational efficiency and reacting to changing user behavior. In the end, the personnel reduction is a strategic decision made to guarantee the company's ongoing relevance and resilience, even though it may present some short-term difficulties and uncertainty. It will be interesting to see how these modifications affect Instagram's users and the larger social media ecosystem as the app grows.


Why did Instagram choose to remove a management layer and reduce jobs?

Instagram made this choice to promote innovation and future growth, simplify organizational efficiency, and adjust to changing user behavior. The company wants to become more cost-effective, responsive, and flexible in the fiercely competitive social media space by cutting back on managerial layers.

What measures is Instagram taking throughout this restructuring to maintain a strong company culture?

It's essential for keeping a positive workplace culture in change. Prioritizing open communication with staff members and giving them frequent updates on the reorganization process should be Instagram's top priority. To ensure also that those impacted are treated fairly and with respect, the organization must provide resources and assistance to employees during this transition.

What will happen to the workers whose jobs are being cut?

Instagram must manage the change with compassion and honesty. It is expected of the corporation to offer affected employees reasonable severance compensation and support systems. Furthermore, Instagram might help with job searching or present chances for reassignment within Facebook, its parent firm.

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