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Reasons to Hire a Housekeeper with an App- The Modern Way of Doing Housework

June 15, 2023

It's only natural in this day and age for there to be an app for finding a housekeeper. Why? Because of changes in life circumstances The vast majority of people have evolved. Cleaning services are in high demand because many working mothers and businesses do not have the time to do it themselves. This is where a house cleaning app comes in handy. How do you make an app for a housekeeping service similar to the well-known Vhelp?

The home cleaning app, in addition to maid services, offers plumbing, construction, repair, gardening, and even tech support from a single location. Even though it was just made recently, the app has quickly become the top choice in UAE for both service providers and customers.

How can I create a home cleaning app that is as successful in satisfying its providers and customers as Vhelp? This article will serve as a forum for just such a discussion.

1. Why not use an on-demand cleaning app to keep your home clean?

What are the advantages of using an on-demand app over a traditional app? The convenience provided by on-demand apps contributes to their popularity. Customers are currently less willing to put forth any effort, so on-demand apps are a welcome relief.

As a result, developing on-demand housekeeping applications is preferable. Customers have a better experience when they have access to a wide range of services that are immediately usable. The procedure has been sped up and simplified.

2. Let's look at the characteristics of these apps so you can make your own. Then you'll know where to concentrate your efforts

  • Designing a Cleaning App for Your Business: What You Need to Know

  • An average maid service app has three tabs, which are as follows:

  • Home cleaning command center

  • Consumer advisory board

2.1 The characteristics of each panel are listed below

2.1.1 Administrators' control panel

Users can manage and customize services using the "service" function, which lets them set up service availability in a given region and change the settings for already existing services.

The office manager approves or denies cleaning requests, then looks at them and gives them to a cleaner.

The administrator can change the prices for specific services in this section.

There are secure in-app purchases and an intelligent system for assigning tasks that cuts down on waiting time.

Cleaner Profile Administration This section is for keeping track of cleaner profiles and making any necessary changes.

2.1.2  Billing and settlement: manages payments and invoices

  • Reporting and analytics tools provide data on a company's performance.

  • Customers can get help with their inquiries at any time of day or night.

2.1.3 Home Cleaning Administration

When a user signs up or logs in, he or she gives information that lets the site know who they are. Most often, this is an email address.

  • The profile demonstrates expertise, as evidenced by testimonials and rankings.

  • You can manage requests and sign up for notifications about them here.

  • It uses a map to navigate to the location of the customer's desired address.

  • Customers receive information via phone or in-app chat.

  • Gains can be reviewed monthly or annually.

It is possible to move money from digital wallets in apps to a bank account that has been verified.

To get answers to your questions, contact the help desk.

2.1.4  Survey of User Responses

Customers can sign up for the app and sign in with their email address, phone number, or social media account.

Customers can choose the services they want and conduct their own searches for them here.

Those who want to make a reservation must first select a price.

2.1.5 Schedule a service appointment for the time and date of your choice

  • The client must pay a fee for this service.

  • Customers have the option to cancel their service reservation at any time.

In this section, you can rate and review the maid service.

Customers who require assistance can get in touch with the service's support team.

Using an on-demand house cleaning app has numerous advantages for both service providers and their clients. Some examples are provided below.

2.2 Customers benefit from the outcomes

2.2.1 Service Accessibility

Cleaning service information, such as services offered, prices, schedules, and availability, is typically presented in an extremely user-friendly format on mobile applications. When they require something, they only need to click once to have it delivered. Because of its usability, customers can easily use and navigate the mobile application.

2.2.2 Rating and rating interpretation expertise

The customer is informed of the service's quality prior to receiving it. The app allows them to conduct research on the potential cleaners they intend to hire before making a final decision. This is a fantastic tool for increasing service quality. In almost all cases, these scores provide an accurate assessment of the work involved.

2.2.3 Capacity to evaluate a large number of service providers

Customers can compare cleaning companies and choose the best one for them based on price, proximity, and other factors. They have quick and easy access to all relevant company information.

2.3 Positive outcomes for service providers

2.3.1 Customers become devoted

According to surveys, customers who are satisfied with a service are more likely to use it again. Another advantage of sticking with the same cleaning service is the availability of coupons and discounts.

2.3.2 Improves brand recognition and favorability

The company can improve the public's perception of its brand by utilizing the mobile application. It is essentially a newsletter in which companies advertise their perks to potential customers. An interactive and informative user interface can help them attract customers and grow their user base.

2.3.3 Allows for market competition

The market for mobile applications is extremely competitive, and those who provide the best service at the lowest possible cost will undoubtedly succeed. Investigating the competitive landscape allows you to provide superior options, allowing you to stand out even among highly regarded competitors. Businesses, for example, can publicize special offers and discounts. Using a mobile application simplifies this.

2.3.4 Boosts the number of satisfied customers

A company can achieve sales growth and attract new customers within one to two months of its launch with an effective marketing strategy. Cleaning services are in high demand among customers, so sales growth is likely if the company provides high-quality functionality.

3. How much does it cost to create a cleaning app?

To calculate the total cost of developing a cleaning service app, including the MVP, you must know the number of hours spent developing the app and the software company's hourly rate. According to standard estimates, the time required to develop an app for a cleaning service ranges between 1300 and 1600 hours. The table below shows the breakdown by app category.

Knowing how much time is needed necessitates estimating the hourly rate. The pricing of software engineering services is influenced by the location of the team providing those services. Developers in India and Eastern Europe typically offer more competitive pricing. Wages in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe are higher per hour.

Does this imply that you accept lower-quality work when outsourcing to India or Eastern Europe? This is not always the case, as recent events in the world of software development have demonstrated. Some Eastern European and Indian companies have extensive experience, so contacting previous clients and requesting feedback is a good way to learn more about the company.

Rating agencies such as GoodFirms can also assist you in locating reputable companies with whom to do business. "IT Outsourcing: How to Choose the Right Partner" contains more information.

I recommended DXB APPS because they have a track record of creating successful home cleaning service apps, such as Vhelp App, a local app that works similarly to Uber for house cleaning and has been around for a while.



A dependable app that offers a house cleaning service is required everywhere. And if you're the type of person who seriously considers creating one, you're already well on your way.

As a result, both the customer and the service provider save time by not having to look for the best agency and cleaner, and the customer's tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently with a single click.

When properly equipped, these apps can facilitate open, honest business transactions that benefit both parties.

You can rely on modern technology to help your company succeed. Clearly, no significant financial investment is required. If you decide to create an app similar to VHELP, DXB Apps is here to help.

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