The best android apps in 2022

The best android apps in 2022

June 14, 2023

Finding the Best Android Apps might be a tough grind. This list contains the most popular and noteworthy apps on the platform, suitable for any phone, from low-cost phones to high-end flagships. So, whether you're new to Android or have been using it for years, consider this roundup a best-of list.

1. Google Maps

Let's start simple with Google Maps. Google Maps is a must-have, not to mention the go-to map software for Android devices, and for good reason: it is still one of the best maps and navigation tools available today.

It's a great tool for finding restaurants and petrol stations, and it lets you even rate the places you've visited. Furthermore, the navigation is superb, allowing its crowd-sourced material to grow at a considerably faster rate than any other mapping system on the market.

2. Duolingo: Language lessons

Learning a new language is difficult, but many applications can assist, with Duolingo being a standout that covers 35+ languages in conveniently digestible bite-sized lessons. Essentially, the company gamified learning new languages, and this strategy, predictably, helps to keep customers engaged. You may even track your progress to ensure you're on track.

So, if you want to learn a new language or just pick up a few useful words for your next trip, Duolingo is a great place to start thanks to its user-friendly lessons.

3. Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

One of Android's best features is its adaptability: you may utilize third-party applications to change some of its basic components, such as your software keyboard.

SwiftKey is a full-featured software keyboard that is currently owned by Microsoft and offers superb swipe-based input. This release, like many virtual keyboard applications, learns from your typing, so its predictions should improve the more you use it.

4. Sync for Reddit (Pro)

One of the mainstays is Sync for Reddit; it's been around for years, with active development the entire time, and it's my personal go-to Reddit app. It's easily themed able, works on phones and tablets alike, and you can even read Reddit while its servers are down, which seems to happen quite frequently in recent years.

Sync for Reddit is over ten years old, but it remains popular because of its dependability.


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5. Tor browser: Official, Private, and secure

Tor is a privacy tool, a browser that disables trackers and fingerprinting while simultaneously providing encryption. It can also be used to circumvent any sites that your ISP or nation has blocked, much like a VPN. The best part is that it is open-source, which means it is and always will be entirely free to use. Whether you're a security-conscious user or simply want to navigate forbidden or onion sites, the Android version of the Tor Browser is an app you should install to ensure it's there when you need it.

6. Twitch: Live Game Streaming

It's an Amazon-owned game streaming platform where you can watch and stream gaming videos. Whether you want to check out the mechanics of a new release or simply observe how older games are handled, Twitch is likely to provide such material. And if you think anything is missing, you may create your stream to fill that void in the market.

7. Sketchbook

If you want to paint and draw on your Android device, there are several apps available, but Sketchbook stands out due to its ease of use and well-thought-out design. Nothing is ever too crowded, and all of your tools are usually just a tap away. Layers are supported, and you're never left wanting for more thanks to a diverse set of brush and pen/pencil tips. So, if you enjoy sketching, such as black books for graffiti patterns, Sketchbook is a fantastic tool that eliminates the need for paper.

8. Tasker

Tasker is one of the most powerful tools on Android, and despite Google's ongoing thinning of OS access, the app has maintained a following, demonstrating how useful Tasker is.

Over 350 different actions are available to build up your automation (all without root access), such as turning on dark mode at a specific time of day or automatically switching off alerts once you connect to your home WiFi after work.

9. Google Drive

There are other cloud storage options available, but given that we're all using Android phones, it stands to reason that Google's cloud storage option offers some of the strongest connectivity with the OS and its apps.

It's uncommon that an Android app doesn't support Drive if it already supports other cloud storage services. Furthermore, with the Drive app loaded, you won't need to rely on other programs that have built-in connections to Drive. Overall, Drive is one of the most user-friendly cloud storage options for Android consumers.

10. Twilio Authy 2-Factor Authentication

Twilio (previously Authy) can keep your data in the cloud, so you won't be left out if you switch devices frequently. This way, you can quickly go from phone to phone, tablet to tablet, and still have access to all of the accounts you saved on Twilio.

So, whenever a site or service requests your 2-factor authentication code, all you have to do is install Twilio on your Android device and you're ready to go.

11. Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player is a music player app with one of the best audio engines available. This is not only the long-standing king but it has also been modified multiple times over the years to provide a better and better experience.

It is an audio player for audiophiles that is also suitable for the general public.

12. YouTube

YouTube, as everyone knows, is the go-to service for community-created video content. It also contains all of our purchased Play Store movies, as well as plenty of music and an unending sea of tutorials, reviews, and first peeks.

It is essentially its video content ecosystem, a never-ending stream of knowledge at everyone's fingertips, and as a result, it's certainly one of the most popular smartphone apps out there.

13. Solid Explorer File Manager

There are other file managers available on the Play Store, and Solid Explorer has managed to remain one of the best.

Solid Explorer includes built-in cloud storage capabilities, including Drive, as well as archiving, which means you can quickly open RAR files. There are also built-in NAS and FTP capabilities, as well as a slew of themes.

14. ZOOM Cloud Meetings

ZOOM is a free video-conferencing app that supports up to 100 participants in its free tier meetings, which is why the service is so popular right now. There are also paid options, which vary from $16 to $20 per month and increase the number of participants allowed to 1000 while also extending the duration restriction for these broadcasts.

It is, without a doubt, one of the best video conferencing apps available out there.

15. Bitwarden Password Manager

Bitwarden Password Manager is one of the best options for password storage. There is no limit to the number of passwords that can be stored, and these passwords are secure with AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashtags, and PBKDF2 SHA-256 keys. There's also a password generator built-in, so you won't have to come up with your passwords.

Bitwarden is also a cross-platform service, so you may use it on various operating systems.

16. Zillow: Houses & Apartments

Zillow is undoubtedly the most well-known real estate app, and for good reason: it's a lot of fun to use. Choose a town, and then scroll through the many photos of each home that catches your eye. Estimated prices are given, as are standard taxes, so you can easily determine if a house matches your existing budget. You can also organize tours of these homes through the app and make offers.

16. Spotify: Music and Podcasts

Spotify is a pioneer in music streaming and possibly the most well-known service. It provides a variety of curated music discovery services, such as its Discover Weekly playlist, and is continually introducing new ones, such as Stations. It has also increased its non-music material, with a focus on podcasts.

17. MX Player

MX Player is one of the oldest native video players for Android, and it's still one of, if not the, best video players available, thanks to its extensive video codec compatibility. It's useful on a phone and tablet, but it's much more useful on Chromebooks and Android TV.

18. MyRadar Weather Radar

MyRadar is a simple weather forecast tool that shows you the weather forecast in real-time using animated pictures on maps.

It is an extremely handy software that shows you the weather forecast at all times, no matter where you are. It has a plethora of tools to keep you up to date with the most recent and upcoming weather information for any city in the world.

19. VLC for Android

The two best video players for Android are VLC and MX Player. When one doesn't operate well with your video format, the other will — thus if you sideload a lot of your video files and need a powerful and trustworthy video player, VLC will suffice in a pinch, especially if your other media player has failed to play your current file.

Finally, the ability to select your local video player allows third parties such as VLC to advertise their wares just like they do on PC.

20. FL Studio Mobile

FL is a well-known DAW that allows users to easily generate music tracks by painting them on the screen (similar to Sony's Acid Pro), with a step sequencer included so users may build their tracks and then paint those tracks together to form a song.

Audio recording, MIDI controller support, and MIDI file exports and imports are all supported.

21. Netflix

Netflix is the most popular video streaming service, along with YouTube, but because Netflix is more focused on Hollywood-style material. Many of the top movies and TV shows available in 2021 can be found here.

Overall, Netflix is available almost everywhere, and since many TVs are now Android TVs, you're likely to be using the Android app.

22. Shazam: Music Discovery

Shazam is a music identification and discovery app that has been on Android for over 13 years. It is astonishing Shazam is still here, and that is due entirely to how wonderfully it works. Similar apps and capabilities are available from Google and other phone makers, but Shazam stands alone and provides a slew of added features for quick discovery once you've defined a song.

23. PayPal

PayPal is an online payment system that enables customers to safe and secure payments for products online as well as send and receive money.

It also includes biometrics for simple sign-in, alerts when money leaves or enters, and the ability to execute transfers directly from your device.

24. DoorDash

Food delivery services exploded during covid, and despite the pressure, DoorDash is still operating.

The restaurants are easy to find, and the monitoring is trustworthy, so I know when my order will come. Even the costs and prices are generally lower on DoorDash than on many of its competitors.

25. Snapseed

For years, Android lacked great photo editing tools, but that has changed with the arrival of Snapseed.

It's a powerful editing application that will allow both professionals and novices to easily repair and edit their images without having to switch to a desktop PC with a full-featured app. Snapseed may not be a replacement for Photoshop's desktop version, but it sure beats the mobile version.

26. Telegram

Telegram is a free and cross-platform cloud-based instant messaging (IM) service. Furthermore, the service provides end-to-end encrypted video calling, VoIP, file sharing, and a range of other features. It has enough capabilities to compete with the big players, but it also provides more security than many, as well as several applications, including for Linux, that fulfil desktop messaging demands for the big three desktop operating systems.

27. Samsung Internet Browser

At this point, almost everyone on Android should be familiar with the Chrome browser, but it may not be enough for you. Surprisingly, Samsung has built a useful browser that keeps out of your way, based on Chromium for a familiar feel but lacking all of the Google crap that Chrome is continuously crammed with. It's a clean browser that loads content quickly, which makes it an ideal backup browser, but it also shines with normal use because browsing without bloat is the main goal.

The software is free to use even if you don't own a Samsung handset, so there's no reason not to try it out.

28. Uber

Ridesharing has easily revolutionized how many of us get around, and Uber remains the undisputed leader. This service has more drivers than the others, which means you'll get trips faster. Yes, extra fees appear to be increasing, and there is even a subscription for people who use the app regularly, but this does not diminish the app's and this service's utility.

The applications are limitless, allowing individuals to travel more easily while simultaneously reducing drunk driving when the bars close. The application itself is rather simple, though the interface appears to change frequently.

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