Understand The Strategies Involved To Build A News App Like Khaleej Times In Dubai

Understand The Strategies Involved To Build A News App Like Khaleej Times In Dubai

March 04, 2024

Apps based on newspapers account for a significant portion of internet traffic. A sizeable portion of news consumption shifted to mobile applications due to their increasing popularity. Every region affects international news sources differently. Khaleej Times is one of the most prominent news applications created by the UAE blockchain mobile app development company. Khaleej Times is an application for newspapers based in Dubai that offers comprehensive coverage of local and global news.

Given that the news and magazines market generated $529.40 million in revenue in 2022, a 12.72% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in total income will be projected from 2022 to 2027, according to Statista.

The Khaleej Times news app is one of the most significant news platforms in the world based on its recognized income. Therefore, this is the perfect moment to invest in the iOS mobile app development Dubai of a newspaper app like Khaleej Times! In addition to discussing things one should know before investing in any similar app, this blog will review how to create a new app similar to the Khaleej Times.

Insights About The Valuable Khaleej’s Times

The most excellent mobile news app created by Android app development company Dubai provides information about UAE-specific news and world events.

The Khaleej Times covers various issues, including business, sports, entertainment, national and international news.

In the meantime, users can customize the app by selecting a topic that interests them. Businesses anticipate developing new applications for the Khaleej Times by the fintech app development company Dubai due to its enormous viewership in Dubai and beyond. An extensive description of the news app medium's expanding influence can be seen below.

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How To Create A News App Dubai Similar To Khaleej Times: A Comprehensive Guide

Developing a newspaper app, such as the Khaleej Times or any other well-known news app by app development companies in Dubai, requires several stages, from conception to completion and release. Create mobile apps development Dubai with a mobile app development company in UAE that has the potential to change the reporting industry.

These fundamental procedures are needed to create a new app like Khaleej Times.

Examine Your Rivals

Conduct market research and look into your competitors' features, limits, and app models before beginning to develop your own. Because Dubai is home to various newly released apps, such as the Khaleej Times, finding the most widely used newspaper applications in the United Arab Emirates would be beneficial.

Recognize Your Target Market

Creating a Dubai mobile app development for a newspaper is about satisfying readers' demands with outstanding content and quickly bringing news to their devices.

Users' demands and interests will be the main emphasis of the valuable news app. As such, it's critical to segment your target audience before moving further.

Select The Format For News App Development

Choose the kind of news app you want to create now by considering which news app best aligns with your business goal. You can make the most excellent news update app with your market analysis. Remember that your app needs to be visually appealing and engaging, covering local, national, and international news, fashion, entertainment, politics, the stock market, and much more.

To achieve your goals, you may work with a seasoned mobile app development company Dubai that will expedite the process and provide you with a clear road map.

Select Standout Features & Keep High-Quality Content

Choose the features for your news app that will draw users in the most. Providing current news and presenting it engagingly to captivate readers is a fundamental component. Secondly, to provide your readers with an engaging read, the information needs to be high-quality, genuine, and error-free.

Intuitive UI/UX

Using a distinctive UX/UI design is one of the most essential parts of developing an app. Thus, for a feature-rich mobile app development in Dubai, you must consider every design concept to produce a news app similar to Khaleej Times.

Avoid making the program's user interface too complex by cramming too many elements onto a single screen. It would be fantastic to choose the color scheme, element placement, and layout with your target audience in mind.

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Essential Features Of A News App Like Khaleej Times

When developing a new application, it's critical to have a few essential elements; without these, your app won't be complete.

Log In

On the other hand, a news app must have a registration or login function to grant audience access. Users must create a profile by logging in using their phone number or indeed email address to avoid concerns about illegal access.

User Profile

It is easier to recommend things based on a user's interests once they have created their profiles. Considering the user's perspective while developing a news app such as the Khaleej Times is vital.

Advanced Search Filter

A news app's search bar filter is essential for helping consumers locate the news. Additionally, it helps the app determine the reader's areas of interest.


Push notification is a must-have feature for a news app such as Khaleej Times.

Try to provide users with news notifications tailored to their interests and preferred topics.

Reading Offline

Users typically like to save interesting content for later reading; thus, having the ability to read offline would be convenient.

Audio Format

Users get bored and spend most of their time reading entire articles. Thus, you must include the audio format for the advanced feature. This will make it easier for the reader to learn everything at once.

Successful News Application Development Dubai Monetization Techniques To Increase Revenue

To increase the return on investment for your news app, you can implement any of the top three monetization tactics listed below.

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You can surely use a subscription model to charge consumers for access to high-quality information.


The most excellent way for businesses to monetize their news iOS app development in Abu Dhabi is through mobile app advertisements, which cost a lot of money.


Using your news app to serve customized ads for sponsors is another method to make money.

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How Can DXB Apps Assist You In Creating A News App Dubai?

Reputable mobile app development Riyadh business DXB APPS has a track record of producing high-quality app development Riyadh and offering a comprehensive news app solution.

Thus, you are welcome to contact our expert app development company, Riyadh, if you would like to develop a news app similar to Khaleej Times.

With the Khaleej Times App, explore the stories of Dubai!

DXB Apps -Your Ultimate Web Development Partner

Web development has advanced significantly in the last several years. DXB APPS, a website design company in UAE, conducts market research and explores emerging trends to support your advancement and competitive advantage. As the best web design company Dubai, we will walk you through every step of the web development process.


In the ever-changing media landscape, developers may make a news app that is both competitive and appealing by considering these techniques.


How Much Does Developing An Application for a Newspaper Cost?

An essential app is expected to cost anything from $15,000 to $20,000.

How does The News App make Revenue?

In-app purchases, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and planning paid events are ways to make money.

What Are The Difficulties In Creating An App Like Khaleej Times?

The generation of content, content quality, authenticity, processing of different material types, monetization, data security, and other issues are some problems in developing an aggregator app such as the Khaleej Times.

What kind of news information is there in a Khaleej Times news app?

A news app such as Khaleej Times offers news items on lifestyle, business, sports, entertainment, and local and global news, among other topics.

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