What Google Announced For Developers At Google I/O 2022?

What Google Announced For Developers At Google I/O 2022?

June 14, 2023

Google is founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the year 1988. It is referred to as the “most powerful company in the world” and is an American multinational technology company that focuses its attention on artificial intelligence, online advertisement, and e-commerce. The company has grown rapidly and offers a multitude of products and services, that extend beyond Google Search and hold dominant market positions. These include email (Gmail), navigation (Maps), web browsing (Chrome), language translation ( Translate), etc. Google is known for solving humanity's biggest problems. It has made highly ambitious technological innovations. Google conducts an annual, developer-focused event to announce its software changes and updates, known as Google I/O. It took place from 11th-12th May, bringing some significant changes along with it, which are as follows-

Google Translate gets new languages

All around the world, Google translate has been an important tool for newcomers and residents trying to adjust and communicate with one another. It has been of immense help to the Ukrainians, giving them hope until they are able to return home again. There is a long tail of languages that are not represented adequately on the web and translating them is cumbersome. 24 new languages have been added to Google Translate, including the first indigenous languages of America. 


Google Maps gets a new immersive view

For over 15 years, Google maps have created rich and useful representations to help us navigate. CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai demonstrated a new immersive mode in Google Maps. With the help of 3-D mapping and machine learning, Google has fused billions of aerial and street-level images to create a new and high-fidelity representation of a particular place. If someone is thinking of visiting Big Ben, he or she can check if there is traffic, the weather forecast, and how busy it is.

Google Wallet

Google declared its first wallet app back in 2011, which underwent many changes and ultimately transformed into google pay in 2018. Google aims to replace the physical wallet of users for them to store their debit and credit cards, without requiring a real wallet. It also features certain preset passes like boarding passes, gift cards, and vaccination cards. Users can expect Google Wallet to be out on Play Store very soon.

Visual Improvements on Google Meet

Google meet is an online video calling app that allows up to hundred participants. Project Starline was introduced at I/O last year and it has been tested across various Google offices for feedback and for improving the technology for the near future. It has led to powered image processing to automatically improve the image quality in Google Meet and it is very flexible as it can be used on all types of devices. Features like adjusting the light position and brightness have also been included so that one is visible even when he/she is sitting in a dark room.

“Hey, Google” is no longer required to activate Google Assistant

In order to make Google Assistant more accessible, we can now make use of a new feature called Look and Talk, where a person needs to look at the Nest Hub Max and start talking. The Google assistant waits for the person to ask a question after looking at the screen.

Help people be more efficient with Google Workspace

People often spend a lot of time reading documents. Hence, automated summarization of Google Docs has been introduced, where the words are parsed automatically, thereby highlighting only the main points. This is a big leap taken toward natural language processing.

LaMDA 2 debuts in AI Test Kitchen

Google's LaMDA AI tool which is a generative language model for dialogue applications that can convert on any topic is getting its very own AI Test Kitchen app.There are three ways for users to interact with LaMDA. One of the three modes can be used: Imagine It, Talk About It and List It. Access will be opened over the upcoming months.

To conclude, Google’s aim is to make the world’s information universally useful and accessible, and approachable. Not only has Google enhanced the entertainment industry but also overturned the lives of people with its ever-developing software updates and changes.

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