Will Artificial Intelligence create a profitable business environment

Will Artificial Intelligence create a profitable business environment?

June 15, 2023

Artificial Intelligence has become a hot cake in recent years. Many experts believe that AI will soon replace human works and workers and take over their jobs. AI is the ability of machines to perform tasks normally associated with humans. The term was coined in 1956 by John McCarthy at Dartmouth College. In 1956, he published his paper titled “Computation of Functions'', where he proposed the idea of building computers capable of carrying out complex tasks.

There are several ways to define AI. Some say that it refers to the ability of machines to carry out tasks that require human intelligence. Others say that it is the ability of machines or robots to mimic human behavior. Still, others say that it is the study of computer systems that exhibit intelligent behavior.

Many business leaders have adopted AI technology to expand their business and make it profitable. AI will assist them in creating a competitive business with their rivals in the coming years.

Here in this article, we would like to point out the value of AI in businesses to excel revenues. Some of the implementations are:

1. Marketing and Sales boost up

What a company or business looks for at the end of the day? It’s the marketing or sales profits. And the right amount of profit is possible by investing in the right AI technology. Our app developers do look after such criteria. Chatbots and advertising platforms are the key platforms for any business where customers or clients can directly make a contact with positive AI-powered feedback and sometimes calls from customer care. Customers can clarify their doubts at any time and this way a business can increase its retention rates eventually.

On the other phase, AI technology helps to boost expansions in the marketplace. Our experts of app development companies in Dubai made sure that the business would get ample benefits by using AI-powered technologies in the application. It targets audiences in varied segments by running virtual campaigns, patterns of customer purchase section, and many more. Hence, businesses use artificial intelligence together with other technologies like machine learning, and deep learning. These all-together technologies can do wonders for a company.

2. Boosting the sales procedures

DXB APPS, a leading app development company in Dubai guarantees and identifies the customer behavior trends in the market. A system that works on AI has the capacity to identify potential qualified leads within less amount of time by processing customer data. This can automatically save a lot of human time and accurately increases the sales procedures for the business in the upcoming years.

3. Reduces operational costs

AI tools are cost-effective tools to consider. The overall economy of a business venture will increase with the usage of AI technology and tools while reducing operational costs. There are certain tactics that a company follows for boosting its business like what our DXB APPS do are hiring qualified employees, data analytics, screening portfolios, and other HR management skills to utilize valuable hours. Artificial Intelligence can save time and optimize operational excellence, thus proving valuable for the business.

4. AI helps to take decisions promptly

AI technology delivers cognitive insights and helps to make business decisions promptly. AI helps to process corpus data, interpretation of meanings, and derive patterns resourcefully. This way a company’s objectives can be achieved.

Customer preferences can easily be predicted using the processed data through AI and present more personalized and customized customer services and products. This will increase sales chances and increase revenues for the business.

5. Best to identify suspicious activities

There are certain sectors that are more prone to have suspicious attacks like the banking and financial sectors. There are high chances to get fraud business deals if the sectors don’t allow security tools, techs, and protocols. Here, AI helps to identify any fraudulent activities in the sector with the help of machine learning technologies that keep an eye on every transaction made for the business and to the business. AI technology will help to secure any system 100%.

6. Automation

If you want your company to work on everything starting from the e-commerce segment to handling clients, then AI is the tool for automation. Hence, the app developers of the app development company using AI software systems to automate the entire procedures to build a strong foundation for the company and business.

7. How AI help to increase businesses in the future?

Many remain in dilemma whether using an AI-powered technology is beneficial or not? But what to worry about when you have AI in the world! Being a leading App Development Company in UAE and Dubai, we can guarantee that AI never is an unsatisfied field, especially in business dealings. AI makes the impossible possible. Likewise, the demand for AI will increase with the increase in Internet-based services.

There are a few sectors that will be seen to boost their business agenda within the next decade like healthcare, e-commerce or retail, finance, entertainment, etc with the help of AI.



The future is coming like a roller coaster no matter what holding the hands of AI technology. The world will be able to see new start-ups and businesses with the rise of AI in the market. Artificial Intelligence has the ability to change the economy of a country and world but the exact output is yet to be seen.

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