15 Tools to Develop UI Designs for Mobile Apps in 2022

15 Tools to Develop UI Designs for Mobile Apps in 2022

June 14, 2023

Over the past years, the use of mobile phones has exploded all around the world and so does the usage of mobile apps. Mobile app design is a vital phase and a UI can make or break the application. Are you thinking of making your app UI design more catchy to the customer? Then top mobile app development companies in Dubai can help you with this. UI tools are crucial for every designer and the best UI design tools will help you to guide through your entire work. Well, Mobile app developers in Dubai are the best in this.

Let’s see some tools to develop UI design for mobile apps.


For Mac users, Sketch is a great design tool. It is a vector-based program that was launched in 2010 and rivals Adobe Photoshop. Because of its user-friendly layouts, Sketch is perfect for beginners. This modern tool rests its focus on creating UI/UX designs. In this tool the Symbols feature allows users to create avatars, icons and other design elements.

Designers even can apply various improvements to their design and can go back to the original one.


This is a browser-based design tool that is compatible with most web browsers. It mainly focuses on user experience design and user interface design. The team libraries make collaboration and sharing simple. It provides design teams with the ability to develop UI prototypes swiftly and simply.

Adobe XD:

well, it is a vector-based user experience design tool, that offers a quick way to share user interfaces and experiences, designs and prototypes. You can create high-fidelity designs on Android or iOS. You can also switch from design to prototype in a quick way.

InVision Studio:

There is no doubt that Invision is one of the most powerful mobile app design tools. With its intuitive vector-based drawing and flexible layers, it allows to easily turn ideas into screen designs. It also offers you the ability to effortlessly guide the whole design process in one place and also keeps everyone fully aware of all updates.


It is a product design platform that helps product teams easily turn ideas into design and present fully-interactive wireframes and prototypes. You can share or collaborate with anyone who is involved in the product.

Origami Studio:

origami studio, a free design tool, created by Facebook allows the mobile app designers to build and share interactive interfaces. Origami studio has a library of many patches which help you in quickly deliver components like switches, animation, and other interactions. Well, you can also add sketches, and illustrator content to your project.


For mobile app designing all we want is a flexible and interactive tool, well which can be more appropriate than Framer. Without any coding background, one can just drag and drop in fully functional components from their interactive design marketplace, Framer X.

Proto io:

For a beginner, Proto io is a perfect choice. It is a mobile app prototyping platform that doesn’t require coding. It is designed for mobile prototyping. With its timeline feature, you can use it to create animations to show your app’s flow across various screens.


Developed by Peldi Guilizzoni, Balsamiq is a wireframing tool that produces the same experience as sketching on a whiteboard. You can refine and revise your design more often.

Adobe Illustrator:

Adobe Illustrator is a widely known design tool. This is vector-based software used for creating designs, animations and videos. Well, there is a learning method involved in the program and the results are worthy of learning.


Marvel is a simple design tool that enables everyone to create beautiful assets and mockups quickly and also has a large variety of pre-made assets, images, and icons for Android apps and iOS. Marvel helps you in turning simple sketches of paper into interactive, tappable prototypes and allows you to share with others.


well another widely used app Mockplus, is a prototyping tool for Android/iOS mobile apps. It uses a simple drag and drops method to build interactive prototypes. It comes with at least 3000 icons and 200 components.


Another designing tool that allows you to design mobile app wireframes and prototypes without using a code. It comes with a free UI kit and also offers access to items from UI libraries. And even provides features for defining interactions like linking, conditional linking, calculations, etc.


Axure is also one of the best UI design tools and is great for projects that require powerful complex functionality and dynamic data. This tool allows many people to work on the same project at the same time.

Fluid UI:

with Fluid UI you can create mobile app prototypes with gestures like swipes, clicks, taps, etc using their simple linking system. It also has 2000 built-in components from iOS, windows. With this tool, your ideas can be prototyped within a minute.

As we can see there are several tools available to develop UI design. A UI design will decide if your customer wants to use the app or not. So if they are not satisfied with it then you will be in trouble. If you are making a strategy to build a UI development app in Dubai, well then the best mobile app development company in Dubai, DXB APPs can help you with some strategies and information and can provide a team of expert mobile app developers in Dubai to help to reach your goals.

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