Best 15 Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

Best 15 Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

June 14, 2023

Mobile App Development requires programming languages. It is very important to find a suitable and robust programming language. In today’s world where the number of smartphone users has increased exponentially, the need for better mobile app features has also increased. The applications need to be secure and stable in order to run long in the competition. That can be made possible only through the use of the best programming languages. If one as a company cannot understand which language to use for mobile app development (for both Android and iOS) they can rely on DXB APPS. The company provides step-by-step guidance on what provisions to take and what to look for while making such decisions.


Here is a list of programming languages that DXB APPS think is best for mobile app development:


1. Python

It is a high-level programming language used for web and app development along with creating Graphical User interfaces. It is easy to read and learn and has been used to create Youtube, Reddit, Spotify, and such.

2. Swift

Considered the programming language for the future, Swift language was introduced in 2014. This language was introduced for use in iOS and Linux. It is popular for writing code in Cocoa, and Apple APIs and is used as a primary language in the development of iOS and S X.

3. JavaScript

It is multiple-language programming that supports functional and object-oriented programming. It is used for developing mobile apps only in HTML, CSS, and AJAX.

It is suggested to use this programming for mobile app development as once the app is coded it is released on Android, iOS, and Windows.

4. Java

It is one of the strongest programming languages. It is easy and flexible to handle and is backed by a community. This reduces the possibilities of error and makes fixing glitches easier.

5. Rust

This programming language is safe, practical, and concurrent. It is sponsored by Mozilla and has a syntax similar to C++. Here, the errors are caught during compilation hence resulting in optimal codes. However, it is difficult to install in Windows.

6. Scala

It is a general-purpose programming language that is released in 2019. It supports a strong static system and functional programming. It is based on Java so a code written in either of the languages can be referenced in both the software. It supports immutability, lazy evaluation and pattern matching.

7. Buildfire

It uses BuildFire SDK and JavaScript to create mobile apps. The developer just needs to create a specific procedure for the business and the rest is taken care of by the language.

8. Ruby

It is object-oriented and reflective programming for general- purposes. It is also dynamic and interpreted. It is influenced by Ada, Pearl, and Smalltalk and has automatic memory management which offers a standard structure for the development of mobile apps.

9. C#

It is also an object-oriented programming language known as C sharp and utilizes concepts similar to C++ like polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance, and abstraction. It has been developed by Microsoft and is used to develop web services, mobile games and server applications. However, it is low on memory.

10. GoLang

Developed by Google it is referred to as Go. It provides strong support for multithreading and is used by companies that strongly depend on distributed systems. It is immensely popular among the startups in Silicon Valley.

11. Kotlin

It is compatible with Java. The language is compact and understandable and makes the life of Android app developers easier. It has been used for the development of apps like Huber and Shadow Shocks.

12. R

Its popularity has grown internationally and can become one of the leading languages for mobile app development. It works well with UIs and is the best language to create beautiful animations, graphs, and multi-layered UI. It can also be used for statistical computations and supports cross-platform development.

13. HTML5

It is best used for web-based mobile app development. Its latest version provides multi-platform functionality and multi-media support for the programs. It also provides quick market deployment. It is popular among iOS and Android app developers for its capability for developing rapid applications and flexibility.

14. PHP

It is a scripting language for the server-side. It is majorly used for general-purpose development and creating dynamic web applications. It is also used for creating all types of mobile applications and PDF codes.

15. C++

It is an object-oriented and general-purpose language with low memory manipulation facilities. It is a comprehensive and powerful resource with the extensive application. It is used for app development, computations, graphic and design, and the strongest of tools such as Paypal, Google-Chrome, and so on.

So this is a list of programming languages provided by DXB APPS. Go through the list and choose the language that fits you the best.

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