Features and Cost of E-Commerce App Development in 2022

Features and Cost of E-Commerce App Development in 2022

June 15, 2023

What kind of e-commerce apps will be developed in 2022? Will they be mobile or web-based? How much will they cost?

The e-commerce sector has grown rapidly over the last decade. In 2017 alone, global retail sales reached $3.8 trillion, representing a growth rate of 6.5%. This trend is expected to continue through 2022, according to Statista.

As the number of shoppers continues to rise, retailers are looking for ways to improve their customer experience. Mobile apps are becoming essential tools for both brick-and-mortar stores and online businesses.

No matter how well a business runs on a web basis, in the end, everyone needs an app to go. People expect everything in their hands in the form of an app, and thanks to the e-commerce industry life are so easy now. The need to indulge a company in the e-commerce business is imminent with rising population and demand. But the important questions that linger in one’s mind: what are the features offered by the e-commerce app and how much is the cost?

Here in this article, we will discuss not only these two prime aspects but other aspects too, so that by the end of the reading, one can be clear about developing an app.

Let’s first talk about

Advantages of E-Commerce business

  • This industry helps to boost the sales of the app development company in Dubai. Mobile app e-commerce business is commonly referred to as ecommerce app development. This is trending in 2022.
  • Almost everyone has a smartphone these days and thanks to mobile companies. Having a mobile phone is not a luxury anymore; it is a necessity and thus the rise in the e-commerce industry.
  • Mobile applications do provide a certain level of satisfaction to the customers that a website company cannot provide. Making a responsive website is a solution to many problems but making a responsive app in hand is genius.

Next, we will have a look on

1. Advantages of E-Commerce app

1.1 Adequate user experience

A responsive website is slow to download anything whereas a responsive app represents a fast loading app and that leads to a next-level user experience.

1.2 Smartphone hardware

Our pioneers in the mobile app development company in Dubai make sure to have access to smartphone hardware like cameras, GPS tracking, etc. Geolocation helps to supply a more customized shopping experience in the E-commerce app.

1.3 Notifications

Thanks to the present system of push notifications, our android developers supply our customers with a proper platform to know about the latest offers and versions of the app. This is one of the great strategies to increase sales in the e-commerce industry.

1.4 View

The chances are high to fidget inside the e-commerce app on your phone at least once a day to know more about products, prices, offers, etc. The industry is making a smooth effort to magnetize customers.

1.5 Comparison

It has been noted for a while that people tend to compare an app with a website. They always look for easy and secured transactions and varied payment gateways in the app. One doesn’t have to carry an entire computer; it’s just a matter of a smartphone in the hand.

1.6 Analytics

This plays a crucial role and we have experts in the app development company to look after the analytics to understand the consumer’s behavior more accurately and help to supply a better app version every time. It’s a two-way road to development.

Now let’s try to understand

2. The cost of e-commerce app development

2.1 Platform value

Certain targets need to be kept in mind before putting further steps in development such as statistics, demographics, targeted audience, expected market value and market reach, etc. The cost of an e-commerce app depends largely on the platform chosen. There are many platforms to work on like native, web-based, or hybrid. However, the most popular platforms for developing an app are the iOS and Android platforms.

2.2 Location

The rates increase depending on the geographical locations. Complex procedures require more money for the app developers so development is an extensive factor that considers the cost.

2.3 Design

Visual representation is essential for any e-commerce industry and our app developers in the company make it visually impressive which is unavoidable in the app development factor. There are varied sections in the app design sector like logo designs, screen designs, icon and index designs, etc depending on the customization of the customer for branding the app in the marketplace and the cost will vary simultaneously.

2.4 Features

The complexity level of the features of an app decides the cost of an e-commerce app. Our app developers make sure to present the best brainstorming ideas to the market. Our app development company chooses to offer more versatile and complex features for the app instead of just choosing simple and basic features.

2.5 Maintenance

This is one of the imperceptible factors for determining the cost of an e-commerce app. No one ever thought about the maintenance factor while starting developing an app but this factor becomes an integral part to provide a hassle-free application. This is an unavoidable criterion for running the app successfully in Dubai’s market.

And finally, we will look into

3. Cost of building an e-commerce app

3.1 Wireframe

Making wireframes is the initial and vital step of building an app. A wireframe is a blueprint of your smartphone that provides detailed layers of screens, organizations, and presenting components like icons, buttons, etc. the client decides the final layout out of the many created wireframes by the company. The number of screens and complexity of each screen determine the actual cost of building an e-commerce app.

3.2 UI/UX Design

The next step is the creation of UI/UX. It offers a significant role in magnetizing customers by improving their conversion rates. The interface also depends on the platform chosen which plays a part in the cost of app development. This provides optimal user experience by looking after the workflows, interactions, etc.

3.3 Development

Coders play a significant role in deciding the cost of the app as this stage involves the shape via codes. Generally, the cost can reach up to $30k depending upon the expertise level of the coders in the development.

3.4 Evaluation and Deployment

Our app developers always make a bug-free and error-free app and thus the rise of the cost of the app eventually. That is why evaluation and deployment of the built app are crucial for the company and the customers.

3.5 Additional expenses

This includes marketing strategies, extra maintenance, and server and database costs. If you want to build a fantastic e-commerce app for your company in 2022 and beyond, then feel free to contact us, and let’s have further discussions on it.

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