How do AI mobile apps make retail so interactive and enrich the in-store customer experience

How do AI mobile apps make retail so interactive and enrich the in-store customer experience?

June 14, 2023

1. Introduction

Stores, shopping malls, and supermarkets are adapting to modern consumers' changing needs, demands, and desires. They must combine leisure and health attractions, provide an entirely consumer-centric artificial intelligence experience, and provide social and public experiences that people desire and cannot get elsewhere.

By using accumulated business and customer data to make better business decisions and more accurately predict the future, AI can assist today's online retailers in providing an optimized customer experience on and off their e-commerce mobile apps.

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2. Buying recommendations

By using AI-powered mobile apps, customers receive highly relevant purchasing recommendations on their previous searches and purchasing history. AI software enables devices and applications to extract patterns from customer search behavior and provide real-time intelligence. Retailers who provide AI mobile apps are seeing dramatic business results. DXB Apps, as a company, is an expert in this, with leading iPhone and Android developer teams in Dubai and UAE, who can help the retailers to increase their business by developing AI-based apps, which in turn will give out dramatic business outcomes.

3. Voice-enabled shopping assistance

It is one of the most effective applications of (AI) artificial intelligence technologies in the retail or e-commerce sectors. The development of AI apps is reshaping the traditional retail landscape. Retailers must respond to buyers instantly and operate more efficiently in this competitive digital world. DXB Apps being experts in mobile apps development in Dubai can help retail business owners implement this in their apps seamlessly.

Voice-enabled AI-powered mobile apps are the best way to accelerate digital transformation in the retail sector. The adoption of AI in the retail sector enables businesses to provide virtual shopping experiences to in-store or online customers. AI voice-enabled shopping assistants that provide immediate responses to in-store customers are improving their shopping experience and increasing retailers' profit margins.

4. The Privilege of virtual try-on

Retailers are changing the way brands interact with customers by leveraging the power of AI, virtual reality, and augmented reality technologies. Along with AI adoption, most retailers are incorporating AR/VR tools to open up new avenues for interaction with their target audience.

DXB Apps, a mobile app development company in Dubai, can help retailers incorporate these technologies in their apps to make the user experience better for the end customer and thus increase business growth.

5. Creative facial recognition Payment modes

This is probably the best example of an AI use case in the retail industry. In-store customers benefit from the convenience of facial recognition payments, which also improve retailer operations. Self-checkout and facial recognition payments reduce bill payment wait times while increasing payment speed and accuracy.

AI development for retail can quickly detect shoppers' faces from large databases, scan their faces, authenticate their profiles, and investigate connected banking information for quick payment.

Customers' expressions and moods can also be detected by facial recognition systems that use machine learning. It assists retailers in providing personalized assistance to store visitors, which helps them improve in-store customer service.



Artificial intelligence-powered mobile apps have the potential to transform every aspect of the retail industry. It replaces intuition with intelligence and gives retailers a glimpse into the future by predicting their choices based on their previous choices and behavior. When it comes to implementing artificial intelligence, business leaders must be pragmatic. They must understand that this is a capital-intensive technology that will yield results in the long run. To ensure success, businesses must establish a long-term use of artificial intelligence.

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