How do I show my app on the first page of the app store?

How do I show my app on the first page of the app store?

The app store has become the primary destination for discovering apps. Consider submitting your app to the App Store if you wish to develop an application. It's free and a great way to reach new customers and promote your app.
However, app development is not always simple. Before you can submit your app to Apple, you must complete several steps. Our DXB apps are derived from the fact that each component of your app makes it more compelling for customers to download your app. This article will detail each step and explain why they are significant.

The name of your application

The name of your app should play a crucial role in effective app store marketing. It's not about how creative the name can be; rather, the name should be simple and easily passable from one person to another, and provide a hint in the name as to the type of work your app performs, as with our DXB APPS on the on the market.


Regardless of how simple, creative, and easy-to-pronounce the name of your app is, the first thing anyone notices in the app store is the icon, which represents your app. This is the exact first impression of your app that describes its function and quality. The role of the graphic designer is to create a recognisable app. The representation must be recognisable to the intended audience. Additionally, keep in mind that the representation should be devoid of unnecessary visual details.


Titles and Subheadings

Subheadings should incorporate the essence of your products into the app service. Your application requires a detailed explanation. However, generic descriptions must be strictly avoided. Additionally, light features are relevant to your audience. In order to entice users to experience the best app on the market, the subheadings can be updated periodically alongside a new version of the app in the app store. The app's headings and subheadings are constrained to 30 characters by our app ur app developers.


Our app developers do provide short videos in the app store that demonstrate features, functionalities, and UI/UX to customers before they download our app. The videos are only 30 seconds long, and they mostly show footage from the device to help people understand.


For the best possible user experience, we provide screenshots for visual communication. There will be 10 screenshots of the application. Depending on the reference point, the first few screenshots will appear in search results to ensure that the app's essence is conveyed. Each screenshot is scrutinised by our app development company's forerunners. Smartphones already have dark modes, and these screenshots show how the features can be improved to make the user experience better.

In-depth description

A customer needs an engaging description to comprehend the features and functionality of an app in the app store. A perfect app description contains precise and succinct information about the application, as well as informative paragraphs, highlighted key features, and so on. Users will automatically find your application worthy of download and testing. Always begin with a captivating sentence that compels customers to continue reading about the app. Unnecessary keywords are strictly avoided in the future of your app. The app store allows for periodic updates to the app's description. As a push notification, promotional texts can be a good way to keep information in an app up to date.

Strong keywords

Keywords are the only characters that help customers find the app's name in search engine results. There is a 100-character limit, which is easily discernible. The specification is the key to writing keywords, which will aid the search algorithm in surfacing your app in the app store. Certain powerful keywords help to distinguish the app in the app store, drive traffic, and make it extremely competitive in the market. In contrast, improper keyword usage can result in your app being rejected by the app store. The keywords should be highlighted within the promotional text.

Evaluations and ratings:

To attract users to the application, it is necessary to influence ratings and reviews. It offers an exceptional app experience that encourages users to provide positive feedback. Individual ratings and reviews are displayed on the product's landing page to provide insight into the app's market ht into the app's market.


It is essential that the app be categorised within the app store's list of categories so that it can be easily navigated. Select the primary category first, followed by additional categories that are relevant to the app. Here, our application developers are making the system as smooth as g the system as smooth.


Implementing an additional version of the app's page that highlights specific features and content through URLs in the search option is a thoughtful idea. Start showcasing your products and categories through your app in the app store to increase your market position. Contact DXB Apps if you are looking for a mobile app development company in Dubai.

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