How do I show my app on the first page of the app store

How do I show my app on the first page of the app store?

June 15, 2023

The app store has become the go-to place for finding apps. If you want to create an app, you should consider submitting it to the App Store. It’s free and it’s a great way to promote your app and reach new customers.

However, creating an app isn’t always easy. There are several steps involved before you can submit your app to Apple. Every component of your app makes it more powerful to magnetize customers to download your app and this is exactly where our DXB APPS comes from. In this article, we are going to walk through each step and explain why they matter.

1. The naming of your App

For strong marketing in the app store, your app name should play a critical role. It’s not about how creative the name can be; instead, the name should be simple and easily passable from one person to another and provides a clue in the name about what kind of work your app does like our DXB APPS in the market.

2. Representation

No matter how simple and creative and easy to go name you choose for your app, the first thing anyone notices in the app store is the representation of your app aka the icon. This is exactly the first impression of your app that describes the purpose and quality of your app. The graphic designer’s role comes here to create a recognizable app. The representation should be iconic to the target audience. Other things to keep in mind are the representation should be free from extra additional and visual details.

3. Headings and Sub-headings

Headings should be catchy and sub-headings should integrate the gist of your products in the app service. An explanation is required in great detail for your app. But generic descriptions should strictly be avoided. Besides, light features relate to your audience. The sub-headings can be updated from time to time along with a new version of the app in the store to engage users to experience the best app in the market. Our app developers make sure to use just 30 characters for the headings and sub-headings for the app.

4. Samples

Our app developers do provide some samples to demonstrate features, functionalities, and UI/UX in short videos that customers can see in the app store before downloading our app. The videos are of 30seconds long and the device’s footage is mainly shown in the video to make it more understandable.

5. Screenshots

To have the best user experience, we supply integrated screenshots for visual communications. There will be 10 screenshots featuring the app. Depending on the point of reference, the first few screenshots will show up in search results to guarantee the essence of the app. Focus is given by our pioneers in the app development company over each taken screenshot. Present smartphones do support dark modes and with the screenshots, the features can be well enhanced for a better experience.

6. In-depth description

An engaging description is what needs a customer to understand the features and functionality of the app in the store. An ideal description contains precise and crisp information about the app, informative paragraphs, shortlisted main features, and whatnot. Users will automatically find your app worth downloading and give it a try. The first sentence should always be catchy which makes the customers hooked to read further about the app. Unnecessary keywords are strictly avoided for your app’s future. The app’s description can be updated in the app store from time to time. Promotional texts can be a boon for updating information inside the app as a push notification.

7. Strong keywords

Keywords are the only determining character that helps the customers to get the app’s name in the search results. There’s a limitation to 100 characters only that is easy to discover. The specification is the key for keyword writing which will help the search algorithm surface the app store to locate your app. Certain strong keywords help to stand out the app in the store and help to drive traffic and make it highly competitive in the market. Whereas improper use of keywords can throw your app on the rejection list of the app store. Promotional texts should be such that the keywords are highlighted.

8. Ratings and reviews

To engage users in the app, it is necessary to influence ratings and reviews. It provides an amazing app experience that influences users to give positive feedback about the app. Individual ratings and reviews are displayed on the product front page to help understand how the app is running in the market.

9. Categorization

It is another important aspect of the app to befall under the category list of the app store to help navigate the app easily. Be sure to select the primary category first and then proceed with further categories that are relevant to the app. Here our app developers are making the system butter smooth.

10. Customization

An additional version of the app’s page is a thoughtful idea to implement which highlights specific features and content of the front page through URLs in the search option. Start showcasing your products and categories using your app in the app store to rank superior in the marketplace. If you are looking for mobile app development company in dubai contact us DXB Apps

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