How much does it cost to develop online payment apps and e-wallet apps?

How much does it cost to develop online payment apps and e-wallet apps?

June 15, 2023

Are you looking for ways to earn extra income from home? If yes, then developing apps might be the perfect way to go. E-wallets and payment applications are services that allow customers to pay for goods or services using their smartphones. They include mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay, as well as online payment systems such as PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree.

Developing these apps requires a lot of time and effort. The cost depends on several factors, including the type of application, its features, and whether it has to integrate with other platforms.

Considering DXB APPS as the leading mobile app development company in Dubai, we maintain a good track record of maintaining a good portfolio for mobile applications that can estimate the approximate cost of mobile payment apps. We can say it reaches approx $60k with interesting UI/UX and advanced functionalities.

The world has changed since time immemorial and it took a long time to shift humans from the conventional methodology of payment to the modern technology of payment. Thanks to the global pandemic situation, online payment apps have captured everyone’s attention.

Online payment or e-wallets are the services that an app provides to the customers for smooth and secured transactions. In this article, we are going to show you what things are and how they work all together. So let’s not waste any more time and proceed further.

1. Benefits of online payment apps and e-wallet apps

  • App developers in DXB APPS do mention some of the worth benefits of using online and e-wallet payment apps.
  • Several offers do make it magnetizing for the customer to come back like cashback offers, coupons, rewards, and vouchers.
  • Online payments aren’t restricted to certain genres but it does have a wide range of payment options like electricity bills, restaurant bills, flight/train tickets, mobile recharge, etc.
  • One can get a history of their payment options to keep a track on monthly/yearly basis.
  • Bank details can be added with the more secured network to proceed with the payment within a snap.
  • One can also get biometric, facial, and code locks for the app for extra strata security.

2. Trades are dependent on online payment apps and e-wallet apps

2.1 e-commerce

With the advancement of technology, e-commerce trade these days is at its peak like food delivery, grocery, medicine, cosmetics, etc. With the help of the online payment option, e-commerce has been very comfortable.

2.2 Cab Booking

Gone are those days when one has to wait for a taxi or other transportation to show up. You open up an app, book a cab as per your requirement, and payment is done in advance through e-wallets or other online payment apps. A trusting app comes here.

2.3 Ticket booking

Planning for a trip is so easy these days, especially in the payment section. You can get your e-tickets within a fraction of seconds by paying through e-wallets and our app developers make sure that our customers get everything hassle-free.

2.4 Paying bills

e-wallets and online payment apps are so trendy and payments can be done from anywhere around the globe even with minimum internet speed. Thinking about paying bills? Don’t worry, DXB APPS provides you with the best experience of all time for making a payment.

Now let’s talk about what could be the cost of developing such beneficial online payment apps and e-wallet apps to utilize every ounce of it. Well frankly, there’s no fixed cost for developing such an app as it may vary depending upon many factors.

2.5 Platform

Platform plays a major role in deciding the cost of the app. For Android, it has to be based on Java and for iOS, it has to be based on Swift Language for both platforms, cross-platform development app is used. These are more economical and our app development company makes sure to be economical for the need.

2.6 Design

To focus on the interface, the design has to be simple yet magnetizing. Our app designers do look after the best graphics to be in use for the best results and center on the navigation part more.

2.7 App size

This is one of the determining factors for the cost of making an app. If the app size is on the lower end, then the cost can be reduced. But if the app size is on the higher side, the cost will immediately jump up. The pioneers in the app development company made sure for the users to take less space on their phones.

2.8 Squad size for developing the app

It's not an easy task for a single man to think and make an app and run a successful business in Dubai. Rather it’s the whole team’s efforts that pay off. The squad includes developers, designers, testers, analysts, managers, and other important people. Everyone’s expertise field helps to build a successful app in the market.

2.9 GPS

The cost factor has another notch with the GPS tracking. The cost may vary as per the requirements of the customer need to keep in mind.

3. Some of the value-added features not to miss out on are

3.1 User-panel

  • Social profile registration.
  • Addition of bank details.
  • Addition of amount to be paid.
  • Balance check.
  • Money transfer.
  • History of previous transactions.
  • POS integration.
  • Requests for payment.

3.2 Merchant panel

  • Customer management.
  • QR code generation.
  • Reward points.
  • Push notifications

3.3 Admin panel

  • User management.
  • Analytics. Data control.
  • New offers and validities.
  • Revenue management.
  • Interactive dashboard.
  • Security extension.

3.4 Advance features

  • Personal expense control.
  • Wearable technologies.
  • e-commerce integration.
  • Chatbot support.
  • CRM system.



The online payment app and e-wallet apps are booming in the trending market as it has become a part and parcel of life. Before finalizing the costing factor, the all above-mentioned criteria and features should be kept in mind to utilize the maximum.

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