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How to Build a News App that Delivers Real-time Updates and Keeps Your Audience

In today's fast-paced world, news travels at lightning speed thanks to mobile apps and the constant flow of new information available at our fingertips. Gone are the days when newspapers were only published once a day or once a week. The advent of technology such as the telegraph, radio, television, and Internet has revolutionized the way we consume news. The television and the Internet provide access to the most current information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

News is a significant contributor to web traffic, particularly through services such as Google News. With the rise of smartphones, a large portion of news consumption has shifted to mobile apps. Major media companies, including the BBC, the New York Times, and CNN, have all launched their own branded mobile applications.

In addition to branded mobile apps, smart content aggregators like Flipboard and Google News have also gained popularity, becoming some of the most widely-used news aggregators with millions of downloads. This trend highlights the high demand and potential for a news-based mobile app business. Building a news app could be a profitable venture for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to tap into this market.


Why Build a News App?

Assuming that you are a well-established digital publisher with a successful news site or blog, your goals may include expanding your reach, enhancing user engagement, and boosting revenue. If this sounds like you, then developing a popular news app can be a great way to achieve these objectives. The following are some key benefits of having a mobile app for your news publication:

  1. Improved mobile user experience: With a dedicated app, you can offer a seamless, personalized, and optimized experience for your readers on mobile devices.

  1. Direct communication channel: A mobile app allows you to establish a direct communication channel with your audience, enabling you to send push notifications, updates, and other relevant information.

  1. Increased revenue opportunities: A mobile app can open up new revenue streams for your business, such as through advertising, subscriptions, and in-app purchases.

  1. Stronger brand presence: A mobile app can help solidify your brand identity and increase brand awareness, making it easier for readers to find and engage with your content.

An Improved Mobile User Experience

Think about how your readers currently access your content. They may have to actively seek out your site through email, social media, or regular visits, and then wait for the pages to load on a mobile browser. This process can be cumbersome and unsatisfying in terms of ease of discovery and user experience.

However, having a news app can greatly improve this experience. For starters, you'll become more readily accessible through an app icon on their home screen, or through push notifications alerting them to new content.

With a tap, readers will be able to access your news instantly. In addition, compared to browsing on the mobile web, the in-app experience is vastly superior. While mobile web technology has improved, it still lags behind the smartphone-specific experience of apps. News apps provide fast, intuitive navigation and a self-contained experience without the distractions of other browser tabs.

Direct communication channel:

It is a bad idea to rely on other businesses for traffic and exposure. Several publishers tried this with social media platforms in the previous decade and were burned.

Finally, these platforms will only feature your content if it benefits them. They can even turn off the water on their own, as Australian publishers discovered the hard way.

Creating news apps enables you to create a channel that is less dependent on the whims of technology platforms. Nobody tells you how to interact with your audience or arbitrarily limits your reach.

Apps for news are great for building loyalty. Audience loyalty is the key to surviving as a publisher in the modern era. In two ways, apps increase overall loyalty.

First and foremost, they self-select your most devoted audience members. The act of downloading the applications is itself a form of loyalty.

Then, they give you the chance to make them more loyal by improving the user experience and making push notifications a better way to talk to them.

They are then added to a "loyalty funnel." If you promote them well on your site and through other channels, new readers will download them and begin the path to deeper loyalty.

Increased revenue opportunities:

There are two ways to increase revenue from news apps. First, increase subscriptions by running in-app advertisements.

When you build a news app with Echo Innovate IT, we integrate with all of the major in-app ad networks, so you can start earning a passive income for your own business as well.

But what if you don't make money through advertisements? Many publishers have turned to audience revenue through paid membership services in recent years. Apps can be extremely useful if you need them.

Reader loyalty is essential to subscription models, which apps can help improve. Subscriptions can be sold directly through apps, or you can make app subscribers solely to increase the value of your product.

Stronger brand presence:

For all of the top publishers, mobile apps are a critical channel. Look at apps from The New York Times, Quartz, The Guardian, or any other major publication to get a sense of what's possible.

Creating similar apps for your own company can help elevate your brand to new heights. You appear more professional and established, and you show audience members that you genuinely care about their positive experience.

Types of News App:

Digital Edition

Digital edition news applications can be used by traditional publishers who create digital duplicates of weekly or monthly editions. Converting the edition format to PDF or HTML5 documents that can be read on mobile devices is a legacy of the traditional print media sector. If this is your workflow and you issue digital versions on a weekly or monthly basis, you can create a digital edition app. These apps will allow your audience to open, download, and scroll through your online magazine or newspaper editions. MagLoft is an excellent choice for developing digital edition apps.

Infinite Scroll

The infinite scroll news apps pull content from your website and display it as a list of articles via the news apps. These apps are better suited to the smartphone age, offering readers a more convenient and entertaining way to interact with your content.

Echo Innovate IT News creates infinite scroll news apps by converting your existing website into native iOS and Android news apps. News is for you if you run a WordPress news site and want to build apps.

Branded News App

Are you the owner or operator of a media company, magazine, or publication? If you do, make a news app that looks like it came from The New York Times, BBC News, or CNN. These apps deliver content from in-house editors or contributors, allowing you to combine breaking news, business news, and other stories into a visually appealing app.

News Aggregator

Do you have an audience and want to provide them with global news? Create a news aggregation app in the same way that Google News, Apple News, Yahoo News, Feedly, Pocket, and other popular news aggregator apps do. These apps aggregate information and news from various sources and present it in a single location.

Blogging Apps

Is it correct that you blog? You can use these apps to publish your blog posts to mobile devices. They can be used in conjunction with or in place of your online blog (website). Millions of bloggers curate content for websites and apps every day; why not join them?

Community-Based News Apps

For news editors, bloggers, and public relations firms, these apps serve as a community platform. People can easily sign up for these platforms and post articles on a wide range of topics. Medium is one of the most well-known community-based news apps.

What are the benefits of having a news app?

Get an Opportunity to Earn More Money from a News Channel

There are two ways to increase revenue from news apps. First, increase subscriptions by running in-app advertisements. When you build a news app with Echo Innovate IT, we integrate with all of the major in-app ad networks, so you can start earning a passive income for your own business as well.

But what if you don't make money through advertisements? Many publishers have turned to audience revenue through paid membership services in recent years. Apps can be extremely useful if you need them. Reader loyalty is essential to subscription models, which apps can help improve. Subscriptions can be sold directly through apps, or you can make app subscribers solely to increase the value of your product.

Push Notifications

This is one of the primary reasons why mobile apps have transformed the way people receive news on a daily basis. If a user chooses to get push notifications, they will get instant updates on breaking news and other important stories. This is like having a 24-hour news service sent straight to their device.

Push notifications can also be tailored to ensure that users only receive notifications about stories that are of interest to them. This contributes to the enhanced service that news apps can provide to their audiences in order to increase engagement. According to eMarketer, 43 percent of US smartphone users click on new alerts all of the time, 45 percent click on new alerts occasionally, and only 11 percent claim to click on new alerts only occasionally.

Another significant benefit of having a news app is that it can be found in the App Store and Google Play. This means that you can use ASO to make sure that your app is seen by the right people, which will help you get free users.

How to Create A News App?

With the help of modern technologies, the news industry is expanding and adapting. As a result, it provides a wide range of opportunities, particularly in the field of app development. Almost all of the major news organizations in the world have branded mobile applications. At the same time, a plethora of well-known news aggregators provide readers with the most interesting and relevant stories from the most reliable sources.

Make sure your news app has all of the standard features as well as anything else you can think of to differentiate yourself from the competition. After you've decided on a niche for your news mobile app, look for a successful model to emulate. You can make a technical specification on your own or with the help of a company that makes apps.

When comparing potential development partners, make sure the app developer you choose has a proven track record and the best price-to-quality ratio. Echo Innovate IT, a mobile application development company, is a prime example in this regard. Working with a diverse range of clients, from established multinational corporations to cutting-edge Silicon Valley startups, we've honed our mobile app design skills. Fill out the form to get a free consultation and price estimate for your application concept!

Relevantly Summarize the Story

Displaying the most pertinent stories first will enhance the user's experience. This saves users the trouble of having to sift through their feed in search of a quick answer. CTR for timely news and other important stories will almost certainly rise as a result of this.

Begin creating the groups you want.

If you organize your content into categories, users will have an easier time finding material that meets their needs and interests. An additional use for the categorization feature is to allow users to locate content that is similar to that which they have already consumed. This may lead to a rise in both pageviews and time spent in the session. Furthermore, users should be able to select individual types of alerts.

Finding a Good Model

An existing, well-received news mobile app can serve as a useful case study. Take inspiration from it, model yourself after it, and improve upon it.

After a user clicks on a news article's thumbnail, they will see the estimated reading time for that article. By allowing users to quickly and easily determine whether or not they want to read an article, this tool has the potential to significantly increase the average time spent on each post. Transparency with your readers is another effective strategy for enhancing the user experience.

Make a detailed list of your needs in a technical specification.

Before beginning development, you'll need a detailed technical specification outlining a specific set of requirements. An app's specification is a technical document that explains in great detail how that idea should be made into a working program. Product owners rarely have the skills necessary to independently create a specification. Almost any mobile app development firm you reach out to should be able to help you with the specification's design.

It's time to get a mobile app developer on the payroll.

Discovering the best mobile app development company like Echo Innovate IT can help you bring your idea to life. We strongly suggest that you find an offshore software development company or an app development agency to hire a professional developer. In this case, you can expect the same level of development while saving a significant sum of money with zero risk.

Mobile app development company

Create something unique.

To reach this goal, applications should be made so that they are easy to use and feel natural, while still looking and feeling professional. The success of a mobile news app is measured by the extent to which its users adopt and make use of its features. The goal of good user interface and user experience design for mobile news apps is to create applications that are engaging and simple to use. Even though a nice-looking user interface will make it easier for people to download your app, how easy it is to use is much more important for keeping people interested.

Prototype the Product

Prototypes are highly useful for simulating the functionality and user experience of a future app. Prototyping can be time-consuming, but it's well worth it because you get early feedback on your app's design and functionality. Prototypes are often used to figure out how the proposed app's features can be made better.

Execute the tests.

Assuring the app's stability, functionality, and security through quality assurance (QA) testing is crucial during the mobile app development process. To make sure that your app has been fully tested by QA, you must first make test cases that cover every aspect of app testing.

Launching App

The first step in making your native mobile app available to the general public is to submit it to app stores such as the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. To distribute your mobile application, you must have a developer account with both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

The following items must be included in an app's metadata before it can be submitted to the app store:

  • The description of the app's title

  • Keywords in the "Keywords"

  • Category

  • App Icon

  • App’s Screenshot

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