How to Create a Rocking Instant Messaging App like Botim

How to Create a Rocking Instant Messaging App like Botim

February 15, 2024


Botim is a renowned Instant Messaging (IM) app primarily catering to the Middle Eastern region. With internet calling restrictions in most parts of the Middle East, interactive apps like Botim are making the lives of millions easier. It offers all-inclusive messaging and calling features to its users, while also allowing them to share files. Since communication is a routine need for every smartphone user today, Botim has become a must-have app. However, beyond the regular messaging and calling features, Botim also brings certain less-known features to the table. Let’s just say these features are underrated, hidden gems, that serve as building blocks of wholesome communication. Keep on reading as we uncover the most helpful and unique features that supercharge your communication experience, one by one.

A Multitasking Genius – PiP and Multi-Window

For those of you who are unaware, Picture-in-Picture (PiP) is a unique feature that allows app developers in UAE to deliver truly immersive user experiences. It gives you the power to minimize the size of your currently active app window without closing it completely. Hence, you can still view the PiP screen while you work on other stuff. Botim puts you in control with multitasking so you can juggle conversations while staying productive at work. You can minimize your video call screen and multitask on Google Docs simultaneously. Pretty sleek, isn’t it?

Besides, the Pinned Chats feature lets you compare and copy content across different messages and chats through multi-window support. You not only boost your efficiency through multitasking but also remain highly productive. So, whether you’re video calling your family back in Dubai or juggling through multiple official conversations, Botim’s multitasking support is a life saver.

A Pro at Organizing Chats

Mobile application developers Dubai understands that organizing and managing chats can be overwhelming for UAE users. Due to the wide span of your professional and personal networks, you are likely to get an overflow of chats in your inbox. Botim does not disappoint in this domain either, thanks to the intellect of mobile app development Abu Dhabi. With its much-needed Chat Folders and Pinned Chats features, you can conveniently create custom chat folders or categorize them as family, friends, or work. You can also pin chats from your buddies or clients through the Pinned Chat feature. Consequently, it ensures that their chats stay on top of your list and never get ignored.

Creative and Expressive

For many Instant Messaging apps, mobile application development companies in UAE prioritize creativity and expressionism to make them fun. Botim epitomizes creativity and expression by proving its users with a handful of animated stickers and reactions. The app takes your boring text-only conversations to the next level with a huge library of vibrant animated stickers. It also puts you in charge of an assortment of quick reactions to let your friends know how you feel. Botim enhances your chats and makes your conversations lively with this underrated feature.

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A Secure Messaging Space

Privacy and security are the top concern for any mobile app developer Dubai. And especially when it comes to messaging app development Dubai, security and privacy are pivotal. Botim apparently understands your needs for discreet and private conversations so that no prying eyes can violate it later. With Botim, you get the Temporary Messages feature, where you can set an expiration date for your messages. Your conversations disappear with a ticking time bomb that explodes on your command. This feature allows users to add an additional layer of security. If that doesn’t seem enough, you can activate the Disappearing Chats feature, where the chats self-destruct within seconds.

Broadcasting Messages On-The-Go!

If you’re a tech enthusiast, a social media influencer, or an offshore team leader, Botim keeps you connected. Messaging app development Abu Dhabi shares the best practices of broadcasting messages to give users a holistic experience. Botim’s massive user base of 90 million users speaks a ton about the extent of outreach that it offers. With Botim, you get the Channels feature where you create groups and add as many members as you want. This feature is a spotlight for broadcasting messages and gives wider reach to keep your audience informed, updated, and engaged.

Customizations that Reflect your Style

Messaging apps of today are much more than mere tabs for texting, they reflect your style and identity to others. Unlike many other stale messaging apps that focus on standardization, Botim makes you feel at home with your conversations. Customization is the principle of mobile app design Abu Dhabi, which is evident in Botim. You can personalize the app backgrounds, individual chat backgrounds, fonts, notification sounds, and chat bubbles to suit your style. Finally, an app that you can call your own, right!

Do more with your Data while it lasts!

Botim also stands out from the other messaging apps in terms of data management. With it, you get a resilient data management tool that allows you to do more with your current data plan. Top app development Abu Dhabi emphasizes data management. With Botim, you can track your data consumption patterns. It allows you to preview media files, so you don’t download unnecessary stuff. You can even enable the Offline Access feature to read messages when you’re out of GBs.

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Top Tier Messaging Apps with DXB APPS

At DXB APPS, we mean business. We are not just another app development company with self-proclaimed kingship. Our successful track record and reputation precedes our claims. With an exceptional team of app developers in UAE, DXB APPS can give you a top tier messaging app. We hire app developers Abu Dhabi with a keen eye for detail and understanding of the customer mindset. With your end-users in perspective, DXB APPS can refine your messaging journey to uniqueness. Plus, you also get the perks of additional features that subtly boost user engagement, an icing on top.

Any Last Words?

Of course, set me free! Just kidding. The success and growth of messaging apps depends on how good it is with user engagement. An app needs to deliver customizable user experience (UX) and a straightforward user interface (UI) to guarantee satisfaction. Especially for messaging apps like Botim, there’s a treasure trove of features and innovations that is constantly multiplying. Unfortunately, the imperative is to be able to incorporate these features into custom apps with more focus. With messaging apps like Botim, there’s much more to it than meets the eye. The best mobile app developers Abu Dhabi comprehend these requirements and deliver second-to-none user experiences.

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