IoT and other trending technologies

IoT and other trending technologies

June 14, 2023

IoT is a buzzword these days. Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the network of devices connected to the internet. These include smartphones, tablets, thermostats, refrigerators, cars, etc. The idea behind IoT is to connect every device to the internet, allowing them to communicate with each other and share information.

This trend has already started taking off. The emerging other technologies include AI, Blockchain, 5G, and so on.

1. Let’s discuss some of the IoT trending technologies for upcoming years

1.1 Security

For a wide level of connectivity, security is the primary thing. Security is an emerging IoT trend and DXB APPS, a leading mobile app development company in Dubai is using IoT security trends using varied technologies.

1.2 5G technology

To expand the full potential of IoT technology, 5G is the gateway for the upcoming years. This is considered the foundation of IoT trending technology. 5G is the most valuable, important, and crucial technology since 2021 for its better performance in devices. What 5G can do? It can process data in real-time, lower latency, slicing the network, higher transmission speed, and broad internet coverage.

1.3 Blockchain technology

The latest technology in the market is blockchain technology. Data can be protected on any device using blockchain technology as it allows flourishing interaction between multiple network nodules and guarantees safe recording. These are the reasons why blockchain technology is a great fit for IoT devices across the market.

1.4 AI applications

Two different worlds can be merged to get something new like merging IoT technologies and AI technologies for commercial solutions. Our pioneers in the mobile app development company know the algorithm for less data usage for delivering good and effective services. Using these two technologies can help any company in the marketplace to automate any procedure, reduce time consumption, and costs, increase efficiency, and secure predictable maintenance.

1.5 Digital twin technology

By 2025 this technology is all over the market. This technology is a virtual presentation that provides the real-time digital complement of a physical object or procedure. Multiple things can be the outcome of digital twin technology like monitoring, diagnosis, optimization, and controlling trade performance with the utilization of other trending technologies.

1.6 Voice-activated devices

There are already some voice-based interfaces in the market available like Amazon Echo, Siri, etc. They used IoT technology to a different level. Our app developers in the app development company guarantee the usage of voice-activated devices that will provide top-notch quality of settings, commands, and results. Voice biometry is another achievement in voice recognition (VR) technology. Voice biometry has allowed our app developers to create a digital profile of someone’s voice by doing an analysis of particular characteristics like intonation, intensity, density, dynamics, and frequencies. DXB APPS is more secure with this technology.

1.7 Smart cities

One company cannot ignore smart cities with the emergence of trendy IoT technologies. An entire city can be transformed with the government’s initiative of involving IoT technologies in the course of studies. Multiple issues can be solved using a huge amount of corpus available to the government for implementing solutions like traffic congestion in a city, safety, and security of a citizen, utilization of energies, sustainable developmental plans for the upcoming years, etc.

1.8 Edge computing

Thanks to COVID 19 and remote working, edge computing has taken up a new world in the market. This technology has helped many startups to emerge in the market of Dubai and across the globe. This offers a cloud-like feature for the companies. In the emerging workforce, edge computing permits the app developers in the app development company in UAE and Dubai to serve each and every client in new fields and backup flexibility and control over the market.

1.9 Management of traffic

In any global city, traffic control and management are getting on nerves these days. But thanks to IoT and other trending technologies available by geniuses, traffic management is now smooth like butter. No company has to invest their sweat and labor in managing traffic for the city. IoT technologies are apt for such management. Today, many other organizations are coming forward to join hands with us to utilize and install IoT technology for their benefit. Business owners, entrepreneurs, and even the government are utilizing IoT these days to increase work efficiency, save money, and create a better user experience.



IoT and other trending technologies are really on-trend in the past few years for the expansion of an organization in the near future. Major technologies are going to play a pivotal role in the upliftment of global connectivity and other internet things. DXB APPS is the top mobile app development company in Dubai that creates applications to operate using sensors and provides outstanding conclusions.

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