Lessons learned from Tesla’s Approach for Developing Mobile APPS

Lessons learned from Tesla’s Approach for Developing Mobile APPS

June 15, 2023

Tesla provides its customers with all their needs in its app. The app is not only high-tech but also frictionless and provides one stop digital experience to its customers. This makes it easier for the customers to do business with them. For this reason, new app developers want to follow Tesla’s lead to achieve their dreams. We, DXB APPS, help you understand- what exactly is the formula to be as successful as Tesla.

1. Apps are on rising which raises the customer standards

After the on-set of Covid19, the demand of users has increased significantly. The number of people using mobile phones has increased and so have the people developing and using apps.

However, the customers prefer apps that are able to add value to their daily lives. App engagement has increased but there has been a decrease in the app retention rate. Apps should be able to act as extensions of the business just like Tesla.

2. Why do apps fail?

Apps fail as they do not consider the customer journey. Customers prefer convenient and easy to use products. A customer does not like complexities. Apps should be able to provide the customers a cohesive experience. The developers should also keep in mind that no single platform will be able to provide an all in one solution.

3. How to be like Tesla?

Most valuable automaker in the world- this is how Tesla is regarded. Its growth has been exponential even if its production is small. Tesla uses in its cars a powerful interior electronic platform. It is said that the platform is six years ahead of its rivals. However, Tesla’s way of sharing its technology with the customers is even more impressive. That is why most app development companies want to become more like Tesla.

4. Steps to follow:

4.1 Create a one- stop experience

For apps it is very essential to provide a one- stop experience to its customers. Difficulties arise to toggle between windows and tools especially in mobile phones. Brands that provide its customers with all inclusive portals are able to succeed. This is because it increases convenience and makes it easier to make purchases from the company. Using Tesla’s app makes it easier for the owners to operate on their vehicles. The in- app experience provided by the Tesla app is intuitive. This makes it easier for the customer to navigate the app.

4.2 Make it branded and secure

Apps reflect on your company as it is an extension of your company. You as a company should consider how to transform the in- person experience to an equivalent digital experience. The apps should maintain your brand identity. The customers should feel secure while using your app and they should not lose trust in your brand. The customers should have a feeling of security and private digital activity. The end-to-end, in-app experience should be without any middle- man this will help build the confidence of the consumers in your app. Tesla excels in these points and also provides an in-app payment system that keeps the financial information of the customers secure.

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4.3 Provide personalization

There should be a personalized touch to your app in order for the customers to be attracted to it. The customers are more likely to prefer you if your app can remember their tastes and preferences and provide suggestions accordingly. For this, you should collect data in order to create an individual customer profile. This data should be available across platforms and devices. Research has shown how many customers are more willing to share their data if it means a better user experience. This is also a reason why Tesla is in such a high position today.

4.4 Build a premium high-touch tool

If you can provide your customers with a high-touch app experience they are more prone to be loyal to you. Your app is not only a product but a tool to communicate with the customers in order to add value to their lives. The convenient and frictionless experience provided by Tesla makes them reliable and thus customers are reluctant to switch brands. Customer expectations will continue to rise and they will want you to provide them with ways to deal with your products that were once possible only through in-person experience.

These were some of the key points which made Tesla what it is today. Your app can also achieve this. You need to just follow these steps and keep in mind customer needs and you will be all set to go. In case of any further queries feel free to contact us! We are always ready to solve any app-related problem.

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