Top Online Shopping Apps in UAE

Top Online Shopping Apps in UAE

June 14, 2024

Dubai is not a city which is only built with fabulous architecture and beautiful hotels alone. The city is also considered very ideal for shopping. Even the coronavirus disease covid-19 has increased the overall use of e-shopping in Dubai. Like how we occasionally purchase something online rather than in person, a lot of people in Dubai also do this.

If you ever consider shopping in Dubai, whether it be online or at one of their large malls, have fun and use good judgement! The top UAE Shopping Apps that have dominated the UAE market are listed below:

The current e-commerce market of the UAE is USD 19.2 billion and is projected to USD 27 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 23% for the year period 2020 to 2025.

Here is the list of Top Online Shopping Apps In UAE

1. Amazon boasts an incredible 4.7 million monthly organic traffic value. $605.5K is a notable example of dependability and ease in the UAE's online retail market.

Customers all throughout the nation may enjoy unmatched shopping experiences thanks to the platform's seamless integration of Souq's local knowledge and Amazon's dominant position in the global market. With a few clicks, you can fulfill any need with Amazona's extensive selection of electronics, clothing, and home goods.

Amazon Shopping


With 6.4 million organic visitors, offers a wide selection of goods and promotes regional companies. Future and online support shifted its focus to serving clients and the disabled which places it among the best companies in the Middle East. Even though Noon, the Riyadh-based company for shopping, does not differs from other similar applications, not many can point out the location of the company.

It supports regional companies and company owners by giving small firms a platform next to international corporations.

Noon App

"Discover the Future of Shopping, Top Apps for Seamless UAE E-Commerce"

3. Dubizzle

Dubizzle is the second biggest and greatest Dubai Shopping Apps, with 850.8K organic visits. This also showed that Dubizzle has permanently placed itself as the classifieds website of choice amongst citizens of the United Arab Emirates.

Since its inception in 2005, they have been very useful in uniting the buyers and sellers in many categories including the real estate sector, car selling, sale of household items among others and the employment section.

For example, in the section containing listings, users can effortlessly browse the content to find some material they are interested in or need.

Trending Online Shopping Apps in the UAE

4. Carrefour UAE

Carrefour apps in UAE, where the store has a visitor’s traffic of 2 million per month while estimated amount of visitor’s traffic is 74. 1K organic traffic. The industry it has been operating in since 1995 has been one that has seen it become an institution of the UAE’s retail landscape. Carrefour UAE also offers all sorts of foods and groceries and every other thing required from the basic necessity to luxury products through its regularly established supermarkets and hypermarkets throughout the country.

Carrefour Shopping

5. Sivvi

Sivvi is a fashion enthusiast's paradise apps in UAE, with 4.1K organic visits and a traffic value of $12.9K. Since this web application provides carefully chosen clothing and accessories.

Residents of Dubai can choose from a wide variety that suits their tastes, so there is always something for them to buy. Sivvi's user-friendly layout guarantees a flawless shopping experience, making perusing and making purchases simple and pleasurable.

6. AliExpress

AliExpress is the upcoming massive e-commerce platform!  Therefore, AliExpress is the place to go when you need anything at the best possible price. Millions of things, from fashion to electronics, are available for users to peruse directly from makers. Many choices include safe payment and International shipping makes it possible to purchase these high quality products at lower costs.


The UAE has a massive e-commerce market due to its population’s high computer literacy levels and very efficient, modern digital infrastructure.

7. Opensooq

Using the Opensooq apps in UAE, one is able to access and purchase many commodities and services and also the app connects sellers and buyers across the Middle East. Whether you're trying to

 Purchasing electronics, purchasing a new automobile or renting an apartment

Opensooq provides an easy-to-use interface for perusing and haggling over ads

It's perfect for residents of Dubai to shop conveniently and flexibly with so many categories.


Your next must-visit location for fashion is SHEIN. The newest styles are available on this app at affordable costs. Browse through a wide spread of collection of garments, accessories and other products for both male and female as well as kids. On a weekly basis there are Sales and every other week new pieces, allowing anyone to look stylish without breaking the bank.

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Shopping App

In Summary

The shopping app you use might have a big impact on your experience. This will help you identify which of the UAE apps serves your needs best based on the various features and functionalities it offers. The web grocery shopping is more flexible, convenient and user friendly than the traditional modes of marketing. Accept this change for a simpler, more convenient shopping experience. Proceed with assurance and allow DXB APPS to develop your customized UAE online shopping apps.


Which Mobile apps are being used most often in the United Arab Emirates for online shopping?

As for the UAE, some of the most demanded apps related to online shopping are Noon, Amazon for UAE, and, Carrefour UAE, and Namshi are some of the platforms an individual can use to shop online.

Which features are included in the top shopping apps for UAE?

Prominent shopping applications in the UAE usually offer features like safe payment methods, quick delivery, large product catalogues, tailored suggestions, and user-friendly interfaces.

How can I pick the best UAE online shopping app for my needs?

While choosing the best online shopping app for your needs in the UAE, take into account aspects like product variety, prices, delivery times, user reviews, and app usability.

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