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Which Payment Gateway For Your Mobile App is Best?

June 14, 2024

Of all the aspects of developing a mobile application, choosing the right integration of the payment gateway integration is perhaps the most crucial one. Irrespective of whether you are going to launch an e-commerce or service-based application, the right choice of a payment gateway is sure to determine the success of your app to a great extent apart from the satisfaction of the users.

Most Popular Payment Gateway Providers

Various Factors Involved with Mobile Application Payment

Security and Compliance

Security should always be a must consideration in choosing a payment gateway integration. Because your customers entrust you with sensitive and personal financial information when paying for products, choose gateways that make sure you are PCI DSS or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard-compliant. This is necessary to ensure the secure handling of all transactions and data and serves to protect from fraud and breaches.

Ease of Integration and SDK Availability

Also of most importance to a developer in your mobile apps is the ease of integration of the payment gateway integration. Look for gateways with properly and well-documented APIs, that is, Application Programming Interfaces and Software Development Kits or SDKs. These software can integrate very easily, which will save both resources and time during development.

Transaction fees and costs

Knowing the fee structure of each gateway provides the picture you need to keep your application's books in balance. Most gateways charge fees as a percentage of each transaction or a flat fee. Be sure to add setup fees, monthly fees, and any other miscellaneous costs to accept the gateway. Consider all these costs in their entirety to reach the very best - and cheapest - option for your application.

Methods of Payment Accepted

Another way of enhancing the user experience is by ensuring that your application offers a wide range of modes of mobile application payment, mobile gateway. When you consider offering all major credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets such as PayPal or Apple Pay, and any other alternative mode of payments popular in your target market, there are good chances that you will attract more customers with these different options available.

User Experience and Interface

The smooth and seamless payment process makes them come again for the same service. Your application's design and ease of usability should totally blend by checking the user interface of every payment gateway integration. This can very much bring about a poor rating in your app if not carefully treated, thereby reducing the success rate of the application in the market.

Most Popular Payment Gateway Process

Some Best Payment Gateway For Your Mobile App Are


Telr is one of the best-known online implement payment gateway, in UAE, which can offer multiple popular payment methods. Today, it covers over 100 countries and continuously updates more new methods. There are three schemes for: Entry, Small and Medium levels of payment. Those are perfect schemes for emerging startups, SMEs, and various online businesses in their respective markets.

2.Amazon Payment Services

The second online payment gateway integration prevalent in UAE that we want to suggest is Amazon Payment Services formerly known as Pay fort, which works in Arabic-speaking and surrounding countries like UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, and Qatar. The payment gateway accepts and proceeds with multiple online payment options with high security in order to minimize transaction risks on your site and to boost your revenue.


Checkout is an award-winning international eCommerce gateway provider of online payment solutions. Checkout was established in 2012. In 2014, Checkout provided services to UAE, besides; it had developed an effective payment gateway solution for online and mobile purchasing. Checkout has provided 5 payment methods, such as VISA, Mastercard, JCB, Mada, and American Express to UAE along with other nations, which belong to the Middle East.


This is the international e-commerce payment gateways in UAE that was established in 2006, which work on the development of a trading service. It also included credit cards and debit cards. In UAE, 2checkout offers 10 payment options, namely; American Express, Apple Pay, Bank Transfer, JCB, Mastercard, Neteller, PayPal, PO, Skrill, and VISA. This easy online payment method has made a name for itself in over 200 countries to date.

5.CC Avenue

Building another feat since its launch in 2001, CCAvenue is famous for being the largest Indian online payment gateway provider. 3 years later, the company established an overseas branch with their new office in Dubai. Today, it has established itself as an expert in the field of online electronic payments. UAE eCommerce companies use it mainly today. CCAvenue Payment Gateway pricing can be afforded at every business level. It ranges from the level of small and medium enterprises to huge corporations that deal in the eCommerce market. 

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Payment Gateway App


They simply refer to the choice of the best gateway for your application that squarely considers security, ease of integration, cost, and the accepted means and offers the best user experience. You will be able to proffer a secure, easy way to pay if you consider the above factors and choose the gateway that best suits your application. This will ensure that your business receives the best support it requires to excel in the market.


What are some things I should consider in selecting a payment gateway for my mobile application?

Security features, ease of integration with your application, supported payment methods, transaction fees and provider reliability and customer support have to be considered while selecting a payment gateway. 

How would I ensure the security of transactions through my mobile application?

Improvise transaction security by choosing PCI DSS compliant payment gateways. Some other ways: Integrate encryption protocols, secure your APIs and update your app frequently to overcome the emerging vulnerabilities.

What are some of the benefits of a mobile-friendly payment gateway?

The mobile-friendly payment gateways enhance the user experience with smooth checkout procedures that function well on their cell phones. In-app payments and compatibility with top mobile wallets offer more convenience and reduce cart abandonment rates for a better user experience.

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