Snapchat reveals how brands can engage with users more meaningfully on app

Snapchat reveals how brands can engage with users more meaningfully on app

June 14, 2023

Sanpchat has recently revealed a Generation report which gives a clear indication on how the different users engage themselves on the app. This report helps the brands who are trying to increase their influence through the app. This report is based on the preferences of over 19000 Snapchat users in 16 different markets. The reports highlighted how almost 93% users enjoy sharing a moment of their daily lives through this app.

The reports provide guidance to the brands on how they can engage more meaningfully with the users on app. One of the first things to be noticed on the basis of the reports is how brands should focus on more seamless integration of their products in the user’s experience. The users prefer such brands more.

Snapchat is widely known for its visual communication while messaging. This makes it the number one app for creating photos and videos via camera. However, it is also among the top apps for sharing purchases. This is primarily because more than 90% of the users are interested in AR (Augmented Reality) for shopping.

The people who use Snapchat are almost two times more likely to use AR to try on make- up and clothes than people who do not use Snapchat. So, the brands should keep this in mind while they are trying to sell their products. It will help them to create more interaction with users and hence result in more sales.

The report also highlights how more than 70% users support value actions. The actions that result in collective benefit. In simple terms the users are looking for brands who will support and at the same time stand behind their values and motivations. These were the major findings of the survey.

Snapchat urges the brands to thus engage with the users more meaningfully by providing visual brand experiences. Sanpchat also asks the brands to explore the true identities and needs of the users so as to sell their products better. This will make the shopping experience more interactive and social.

Snapchat is essentially an app which allows its users to share about themselves and stay connected to close friends. It is not assertive in promotion of products like other apps. So, when brands try to approach the users they should keep in mind not to be interruptive and not cause a disruption to a user’s personal experience.

Brands can approach targeted users using Snapchat’s targeting options such as the “Radius Targeting” or “Location Categories”. This enables the brands to get hold of a few locations within a close reach of their shops. So if there are users in the region then they can give them the relevant ads and increase their sales.

In a nutshell the points the brands need to keep in mind to engage more meaningfully with the users in the app are as follows:

Communication through pictures over words:

The brands should try and use pictures and videos to promote their products as Gen Z prefers such communications. In a study it has been found that the top five items in digital communication are photos, emojis, videos, video calls and memes. Snapchat is the best place for such communication and if the brands can make use of its features correctly then no one can stop their profits.

The brands should promote the social issues that matter to the users

The second important point that the brands should keep in mind is the promotion of social issues that matter to the user. It has already been mentioned above how the users tend to be more attracted to the brands that stand for their values. The brands going against the users beliefs will be shunned and the users are less likely to buy from them.

The Snapchat users outspend the non-Snapchat users

This is primarily because of the reason that Snapchat is mostly popular with higher income audiences. The reason for it is unknown but a study says middle to high-income groups is more likely to use Snapchat. The brands should make use of this fact and promote their products more in this app than the others.

Use of AR:

As mentioned earlier the use of AR is highly promoted among the Snapchat users. The brand should make full use of it.

This was all about how the brands can garner more traction of their products by using the features of the app more mindfully.

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