Taxi-Hailing app platforms: offers the people easy commute

Taxi-Hailing app platforms: offers the people easy commute

June 14, 2023

With people's busy schedules, the need for taxi ordering platforms has increased over time. Nowadays it is even necessary.  It is a UAE-based app developing company that helps other companies in developing an app of their choice. Here is a detailed analysis by DXB Apps on taxi-hailing app platforms that offer easy commutes.

1. Reasons for the need for apps like GrabTaxi

With the announcement of SoftBank regarding the merger of Ola- Uber, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) says that it may lead to a monopoly which will not be good for the consumers. So we need more such taxi-hailing apps like GrabTaxi. Backed by SoftBank and Didi Kudai (China) GrabTaxi is a rival of Uber in Southeast Asia.

1.1 How does it work?

A rider can check the price of the fare and then book a cab. After that, they need to walk to the pick-up position. The taxi will drop them off at a drop nearby to their destination. They can easily walk there, which saves a lot of time.

1.2 Offerings by GrabTaxi

Investing in a taxi-hailing app is a brilliant start-up idea. They are clean-tech start-ups. GrabTaxi has a number of offerings. Currently, it has expanded to GrabBike (which are motorbike taxis), GrabCar (they are mainly private cars), GrabHitch (it includes car-pooling), and GrabExpress (it is used for deliveries).

GrabTaxi also provides an auto-retry feature. It helps in the immediate booking of vehicles, helps in tracking the cars better, and also scans an area for suitable rides in order to find the ride faster.

2. App features of GrabTaxi Rider

2.1 General features

Some of the general features provided by the app are as follows: Schedule a ride, cancellation of the ride, trip history, interactive map, preferred driver, panic button, and so on.

2.2 Admin panel feature

In the admin panel, it provides a few distinct features to the admin such as Reports of admin, manual dispatch, a dashboard that is user interactive, and driver transactions.

2.3 Driver app feature

It Includes the desired destination, the selection of route, the trip history, all SOS contacts, and the review of the driver.

3. Technologies used in Grabtaxi services

GrabTaxi uses a Stylish Online Taxi Service WordPress Theme 1.2.6. It is powerful, modern, and stylish. It is used to create a car rental service agency. It is also used to develop auto mechanic service firms or car repair shops.

4. Website Development for Ride-Hailing

The ride-hailing website development it uses the backend technologies such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQL Server.

It uses the programming languages which make the job easier such as Java, Python, and CSS/HTML.

5. Common for Web and Mobile

  • For web and mobile phones the language used in Node.js.

  • The web- server that is used is Express.js.

  • For the purpose of Rendering, State Handling, and Building React.js, Gulp.js, and Standard Flux are used.

6. App development for iOS

For developing an app like GrabTaxi for iOS users the following things are needed- Storage (LevelDB), Crash Detection (KSCrash), Backend (MySQL, Schemaless), Placement and Sizing (SnapKit, Masonry), Repository (Buck), Testing (OCMock).

7. Android app development

For developing an app like GrabTaxi for android users the following things are needed- Architecture (RxJava), Image Loading (Picasso), Build System (Gradle), Logging (Timber), Dependency Injection Framework (Dagger), Automation Coding (Expresso), Networking (retrofit, Gson, OkHttp).

8. Web design or app design

If you are planning to build a taxi-hailing app then it should include attractive background, graphic designing, interface designing, user experience design, and so on. Web design tools such as DreamWeaver and Photoshop are useful.

9. Services based on location

  • Associating a geographic location with an IP address.

  • MAC address.

  • Wi-Fi positioning system.

  • Canvas fingerprinting and so on.

10. For Taxi app development the infrastructure or the storage(database) are as follows

  • The languages used are Java and Go.

  • For app provisioning Docker, Aurora and Mesos are used.

  • Hadoop storage is used for distributed storage and analysis.

  • SVG, WebGL, and Canvas are used for mapping visualizations.

  • Schemaless, Riak, and Cassandra are used for long-term data storage.

  • Hyperbahn, Ringpop, and channel are used for routing and service discovery.

  • Redis, Celery workers, and Twenproxy are used for catching and queuing.

  • ELK stack is used for searching and visualizations.

  • Packer, Boto, Vagrant, and Unison are used for virtual machines.

  • Puppet is used for system configuration.

  • Clusto is used for inventory management.

11. Integration of payment gateway

GrabTaxi is an app that accepts credit and debit cards as the mode of payment (cashless). If say there is an integration of Braintree and stripe into Taxi-hailing apps then certain considerations arise.

12. Cost to create a taxi-hailing app such as GrabTaxi

There are various determinants that help in calculating the cost of creating an app like GrabTaxi such as Design Aspects, Number & complexity of features, locations, rates, and so on. The Approximate cost to create a Taxi- hailing for an iOS application is about $30,000. The same app cost for Android is about – $35,000. This was all about taxi-hailing apps by DXB Apps. They tell us how they are created, the services and features provided by the apps, and what is the cost of creating such an app. So if you are thinking of creating a taxi-hailing app feel free to contact DXB APPS for further guidance.

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