The Ultimate Guide to Patent a Mobile App Idea

The Ultimate Guide to Patent a Mobile App Idea

June 14, 2023

How would you describe your mobile app idea? Is it something new or already existing? What is its purpose? How does it solve a problem?

Describing your mobile app idea involves recognizing its novelty and purpose. Is it a new concept or an enhancement of an existing one? Understand how your app solves a problem or fulfills a need uniquely.

Mobile apps have ingrained themselves into our lives, connecting us to various spheres: friends, family, businesses, and governmental entities. With over two million apps on the Google Play Store, their importance continues to grow significantly, catering to various needs and services.

Creating a successful mobile app encompasses challenges. While the execution is key, understanding the idea's concept and utility is the initial phase before diving into app development. Now if you are thinking that your idea can be stolen and pirated in the market then it's better to patent it.

1. Let’s take a walk through this article on the steps to patent a mobile app idea

1.1 Meaning of patenting a mobile app idea

Patenting an app means a rational property right to protect your app concept and ideas from illegitimate and unpaid usage. Some course of action can be performed to patent your ideas and in the end, your idea will remain original.

1.2 Applications for mobile app patent

DXB APPS, a leading mobile app development company in Dubai either applies for a temporary or permanent app patent due to the following reasons. Temporary patents are easy to channel but their limitation is for a year. After that you have to apply for a permanent patent; Temporary patents are always cheaper than permanent patents; and It’s a lengthy process for the application till the amendment of the patent.

1.3 Eligibility for a Patent

  • There are certain criteria for an app to be patented:

  • The idea must be inimitable;

  • Inventions are best protected; and

  • User-friendly.

1.4 Documents required for app patent 

There is a lot of paperwork required for the app patent but the focus is on some like declaration form, ES (Entity Status) form, IDS (Information Disclosure Statement), claims, Application Data Sheet, Fee Sheet, Designs, Drawings, Cover Sheet, and Specifications.

2. Let’s talk about the procedure in detail to file an app patent

2.1 Professional recruitment

Software patent attorney plays an important role while patenting an app. There are some legal procedures to be followed so our pioneers in mobile app development company did the right thing by hiring a professional for the course.

There are certain roles that professionals play like designing a high-class patent for the idea of the application. This will increase the chances of our app being selected for the patent file.

2.2 An idea of reality

Every court is based on proof and not on theories. Therefore it is inevitable to show corporeal proof for the patent. Valid proofs are the key to patenting an app by the court through legal procedures. Our mobile application developers have already built a prototype and started working on it to get a grasp on the flow so that in the end we could produce a flowchart for the higher authority. To present the idea and carry forward it to reality, an app’s documents are an essential part. This makes the patent easier.

2.3 Patent research

It is always advised to seek the help of professionals for proper research of the patent. Without thorough research, one has to face breaches from other organizations and your patent might be on hold. It is believed that DXB APPS, a leading mobile app development company is an expert in researching the patent along with their professionals.

2.4 Application submission

As discussed above, patent applications can be temporary or permanent. It completely depends on the budget of the company. Nevertheless, detailed information written on the patent is itself a boon for the app development company.

2.5 Purpose of filing a patent

It is a lengthy procedure for the patent file to be accepted by the higher officials, say approximately 3 years from the date of submission.

The following are the factors involved in the consideration of the patent application: requirements, declarations, summary, and drawings.

2.5.1 Requirements

Our development team in the market guarantees the requirements for the app patent to stand out from other app patents. This includes teamwork with the idea of mass production. The requirements like title, background, abstract, and description are essential for the approval of the patent.

2.5.2 Declarations

The app elements are transparent enough for declaring its ownership of the app patent.

2.5.3 Drawings

The diagrams should be good enough to meet the industry standards and norms. The visual interface, relevant figures, and visual information are important.

3. Other relevant ways to protect your application from piracy

Copyright – the application code and UI are copied by our app developer in the company to give protection from piracy. This is a cost-effective process that can make your application inimitable in the market.

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) – all the employers’ signatures should be there in this agreement in case of fraud and violation.

NCA (Non-Compete Agreement) – the app developers are bound not to work with other companies for a particular period of time even after their resignation from the company.

Trademark – brand’s logo, design, titles, catalogs, etc fall under protection from piracy.

Records – records are the only proof that guarantees an application’s authenticity.

4. Take away

Going for the patent is a great idea if you consider your application to be inimitable in the marketplace because it is always better to safeguard your application instead of seeing it getting gigs from someplace else. A patent has value for protecting your app’s property.

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