Top 10 Grocery Apps Of Dubai 2024 - All You Must Know About

Top 10 Grocery Apps Of Dubai 2024 - All You Must Know About

May 25, 2024

We all know the feeling of not being intentionally put in the way of going grocery shopping. Everybody has dragged themselves throughout the supermarket, looking tired and desiring to be somewhere else! Do you want the good news, then? That burden is no longer yours to bear since Dubai is home to a plethora of first-rate online businesses that guarantee those necessities are delivered straight to your front door. Enjoy a happy goodbye to the weekly trolley dash by reading our guide to the top Grocery Apps in Dubai!

"92% of Dubai residents use grocery apps for their daily shopping needs." - Retail Trends Report 2023.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Grocery Apps of Dubai 2024 – All You Need To Know


Instashop is undoubtedly the most notable grocery shopping app in Dubai as it is the first one that was operating within a limited portion of Dubai Marina but then gradually expanded to cover the majority of the city and other regions of the United Arab Emirates. The app displays a wide range of products, including organic products, games, movies, toys, pet food, cosmetics, and types of food.

  • Using the Instashop Dubai app is easy; just enter the address, and the best grocery shopping list app will show you several nearby supermarkets.
  • Choose your products, then decide which retailer you prefer.
  • On delivery, you can pay with cash or a credit card; online payments in advance are also accepted.
  • Additionally, the INSTASHOP Dubai app shows you how long your shopping will take—typically 30 to 45 minutes—which is, in our opinion, a little price to pay to avoid having to get in your car and wait in line while carrying a trolley.

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EL GROCER, an additional intermediary app, selects the partner grocer closest to you so you can choose your products from an online assortment. Depending on availability, all of your food will be delivered to your door in about an hour. Depending on where you live, different stores have different delivery fees. The app is among the greatest grocery apps in Dubai that appeals to a wide range of users because it is also available in Arabic.


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KIBSONS is a grocery delivery app Dubai for people who buy fresh produce often; it features products from all around the world, featuring a decent assortment of organic produce. Moreover, you may ask them to deliver your orders in cartons instead of plastic bags to fit your preference of eco friendly type of packing. For the free shipping to Dubai, you need to have an order which is of minimum value AED 30.


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Do you want your veggies and fruits delivered? The NRTC Fresh app is among the greatest choices out there. They offer the best discounts on the freshest items delivered straight to your door from their farm. For concerns and questions, get in touch with their customer support.

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You can shop for meat with the Springbok app if you're looking for a supermarket delivery service in Dubai that specializes in meat products. It was founded by South Africans, as the name implies, and it delivers fresh meat to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain.

They also provide everything you would need for a classic braai or barbecue because they are a South African firm. The new app from Springbok is ideal if you want to order fresh meat for your family to be delivered right to your home. Pay at delivery with cash or a credit card.

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Online Grocery Delivery Apps in Dubai


The Noon app has a special section called Noon Grocery for grocery items. It provides a safe and simple grocery-buying platform. When you utilize the app, you may stock up on anything you need in the kitchen because it is well-known for its quick delivery, convenient payment methods, return policies, and 24-hour customer support. You will find the available items if the location is inside the service region.

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Using the Talabat app, get all of your groceries for the month. Navigate through the numerous choices to locate what you require and submit an order. Reputable for its quick delivery, it saves you the trouble of going to the grocery store.

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Use Careem right now to live a stress-free life! It's about time you stopped depending on the Careem app for all your food shopping requirements if you use it. In little time at all, you can have all the necessities delivered right to your door. Additionally, Careem provides promo codes that you can utilize to obtain fantastic sales and discounts.

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Many well-known brands, such as Spinneys, Waitrose, Al Adil, Paul, AlMaya, Bin Sina, Bisso's Bakery, and many more, are partners of NOWNOW. This well-known online app in Dubai allows you to order groceries, medications, and pet supplies to be delivered right to your door.

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"We have come to a point where "Grocery Apps" have brought a disruption into our daily lives by changing the ways we shop and save time."


It is a good-selling shopping app in Dubai, and it provides services to most Emirate delivering groceries. For orders over AED 100, this UAE online shopping apps also provides free delivery. Nevertheless, if you want your item delivered on the same day, you must place it by 7:00 pm.

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The internet has altered our consumption patterns, and this shift has a big impact on markets. It seems that major retailers are already placing bets on moving their supermarkets online. Grocery shopping via the Internet is therefore widespread, particularly in highly urbanized nations. The United Arab Emirates, like other nations, has a multitude of grocery delivery applications available nationwide. The goal of DXB APPS is to offer you the greatest Grocery Apps


Are grocery deliveries in Dubai scheduled?

Indeed. Customers can plan delivery at their preferred time and date using several Grocery Apps available in Dubai, giving them flexibility.

Can I pay for my groceries by the grocery delivery app Dubai?

Different methods of payment such as e-wallets, credit or debit cards, and cash on delivery are usually used in Grocery Apps in Dubai with a secure and easy checkout system.

In case a grocery item is damaged or incorrect can I return it?

Indeed. The majority of Grocery Apps in Dubai offer a return or refund policy that enables users to report broken or inaccurate items for quick fixes.

In Dubai, does every supermarket provide grocery delivery?

Grocery delivery is not available at every supermarket. Still, the majority of supermarkets-from small neighborhood independent grocers to massive hypermarket chains-deliver groceries.

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