Web app vs Mobile app- which is better for your business

Web app vs Mobile app- which is better for your business?

June 14, 2023

If you're hoping to establish a well-planned mobile presence for your business or organization in Dubai or any other part of the world, then one of the first considerations that will likely come to mind is whether you need to build a mobile application for users to download or simply a mobile website, or probably both. Mobile websites and apps may seem identical at first look but, deciding which is most suited to your requirements will depend upon several aspects, including your target audiences, available budget, intended purpose, and required features.

1. Difference between Web Apps and Mobile Apps

Before you can correctly analyze the advantages of a mobile website and an app it is important to understand the key differences between the two. Both apps and mobile websites can be accessed on handheld devices such as smartphones such as iPhones, Android, and tablets. Simply put, a web app is generally a website that has been designed fluidly, responding to being viewed on a smartphone. Web apps, specifically, function like downloadable apps, but are accessed via the internet browser and will adapt to whichever device you’re viewing them on. Like mobile apps, they are not native to any particular system.

Websites don’t need to be downloaded or installed. Mobile apps are designed for a specific platform, just like iOS for the Apple iPhone and Android for a Samsung device. They have permission to use system resources, such as GPS and the camera function.

2. Mobile apps

Mobile app development in Dubai has reached a new height so building a mobile app nowadays is not as hard as it used to be on top of that it can help expand your marketing reach and render a unique channel for persuading new customers or engaging with existing customers.

2.1 Pros

1. Can provide a unique experience to your customers

2. Faster than web apps

3. Greater functionality as they have access to system resources

4. Can work offline

5. Safe and secure — native apps must first be approved by the app store

6. Better for targeting an audience and hence building marketing campaigns for different groups of users. 7. Studies have shown that mobile apps are more popular than websites, as they are more user-friendly. 8. Can attract new customers

2.2 Cons:

1. Creating mobile apps costs more than web apps.

2. Compatibility with different platforms (i.e. iOS and Android) usually means designing and building the app from scratch with the help of iPhone app developers or getting in contact with an android app developers team in Dubai.

3. Quite Costly to maintain and update.

4. Might be hazardous to get a native app approved by the app store.

3. Web apps

A website or web app is often how businesses who are considering creating a mobile app get started. A web app is application software that runs on a web server, unlike computer-based software programs that run locally on the operating system of the device.

3.1 Pros:

1. Less expensive than building an app

2. Do not need to be downloaded or installed — web apps function in-browser 3. Works on all devices

4. Easy to maintain — they have a common codebase regardless of a mobile platform 5. Will update themselves

6. Quicker and easier to build than mobile apps

7. Easier to link and share than an app

8. Do not require app store approval, so can be launched quickly

3.2 Cons:

1. Do not work offline

2. Slower than mobile apps.

3. less advanced in terms of features

4. May not be as discoverable as mobile apps as they are not listed in a specific database, such as the app store

5. Quality and security are not always guaranteed — web apps don’t need to be approved by the app store

4. Which would be a better option – an App or a Mobile Website?

When it comes to deciding on whether to create a native app or a mobile website, the most suitable choice usually relies on your end goals. If you are trying to develop an interactive game then an app is definitely going to be your best option.

However, if your objective is to share mobile-friendly content to the largest possible audience then your focus should be on building a user-friendly website. In some cases, you may even decide that you need both a mobile website and a mobile app. Nevertheless, it’s pretty safe to say that it does not make much sense to create an app without already having a mobile website in place. In situations like this, mobile app development companies come in handy.

They can help you make the right decision. A mobile website is an incredible way to begin a fresh relationship with your customers, and an app can help deepen the existing relationships. Mobile apps can provide unique options to engage with your existing customers. It also provides a personalized experience to your customers. Customized user experiences (UI) start with hardware features that are native to phones and tablets. HTML5 has come a long way and there's no denying that.

The improvement has not made it much easier to deliver unique experiences. While websites are incapable of tracking user behavior, apps can customize the user experience by taking advantage of features like geolocation and push notifications. For instance, a mobile website can't deliver customized local recommendations via geolocation or inform a user of special events and deals with push notifications.

Rather than waiting for your customers to check their email, through push notifications, you can always get to your customers directly whenever you have something to share. It can prompt them to visit your website.

5. How can your Website and an App Work hand in hand?

As mobile apps have become easier to develop and maintain, many businesses have started combining a mobile-friendly website with a mobile app. This mixture can offer you the best chance of expanding your reach to new customers. It can also deliver a unique user experience and customized content, deals, and information to your most reliable customers.

This is commonly used for adding language to your website and encouraging visitors to download your mobile app. This provides you with an excellent opportunity of reaching out to people by contacting them directly via push notifications, as well as taking advantage of the abilities of a mobile app. There is no need to choose between an app and a website. Your website and an app can and should work together.

6. Making the Right Choice

If you are planning a mobile strategy for your organization or searching for mobile application developers in Dubai then our mobile app development company in Dubai, DBX APPS can help you make informed decisions with the right project plan to match your goals. You can contact us for additional information or queries.

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