What You Must Know About Ideal App Development Dubai Timeline And Valuable Tips To Shorten It?

What You Must Know About Ideal App Development Dubai Timeline And Valuable Tips To Shorten It?

April 04, 2024

It is necessary to determine your android app development timetable, techniques to shorten it, and app development costs before diving in deep.

The UAE has one of the world's highest smartphone penetration rates, resulting in a strong demand for mobile apps.

5 Factors That Will Impact The Time It Takes To Develop A Mobile App

The amount of time and money needed to develop an app is dependent on several aspects, so it is impossible to give a general estimate that applies to all apps.

Let's investigate the relationship between your app idea and the following criteria to provide you with an app development timeline estimate:

Your App's Type

Millions of smartphone apps are available in app stores, and the majority of them have various features and functionalities. But, you must be aware of the category your app belongs in in order to determine the app development timeline. Determine if you wish to create a unique app or a copy of one. Creating a unique app is not at all simple. There are unique difficulties in designing a whole business model for mobile devices.

However, in comparison, creating clone apps is a little simpler. Apps in the gaming, and entertainment categories are generally more complicated to create and need more effort. Additionally, developing an app in a straightforward category like reading, news, or utility will take less time.

Mobile App Development Timeline Based on App Type

Your App's Features and Functionality

A crucial factor determining the duration of app development dubai is the quantity of features included in it. The development time of an application increases with its features and functionality. However, the top app developers would need more time to create your app if it needs any of the following features:

  • Push Notifications
  • Payment 
  • Social Media Integration
  • Authentication
  • Geolocation Tracking
  • Search Functionality
  • Video and Audio Calls

Mobile App Development Timeline Based on App Features

Which Operating System Are You Developing for, Android or iOS?

When creating an app, this question often bothers top mobile app development company. Building for both of these platforms is somewhat costly and time-consuming, even though it is unwise to pick just one because they both have sizable user bases and losing out on either means less visibility. Because both platforms have different needs when it comes to programming languages, and third-party tools, developing for both will require two teams.

iOS often takes less time to build because Android requires more optimization work and works on a wider range of devices. To put it briefly, developing an Android application will take 20–30% longer than developing an iOS application.

The Idea's Clarity in Your App

Every popular app started out as a concept. Therefore, you must first make sure that your idea becomes a clear and useful solution for your users before moving further with building it or determining on a suitable time frame for application development dubai.

Who stands to gain from it? How will consumers' lives be easier as a result of this application? Which issues will it resolve? If all of your responses are illogical, it will be difficult to determine the goal of your app and it will take a lot of time to develop. Thus, keep your goals in mind and save time and money when creating an app.

Who Is Working On It?

Creating a mobile application is not a simple task. One person cannot accomplish that on their own. A group of app development companies in dubai with varying specializations is what you need if you want to create a successful app. Although many organizations choose to hire freelancers, you may find this to be a very appealing alternative. Hiring an app development agency is another alternative, and it's not a cheap nor a costly one. Hiring a trustworthy group of app developers will also ensure that your project is completed on time and at a respectable standard.

Experience the Future of App Development in Dubai.

Phases, Timelines, and Processes of Mobile App Development

Regardless of what method you select, the following are the fundamental stages of creating an app and how long they take:

Mobile App Development Dubai


During this phase, you will plan the business model that your app will employ. Here, you need to have a thorough awareness of both your target market and potential customers. This phase, which is also known as idea validation for apps, might take up to 15 to 20 days if professionals are assisting you.

UI/UX Designing

This is the golden rule for creating a profitable mobile application. Your designer will need to create user personas, organize the UI wireframe and task list, create mockups, and divide the feedback into sprints for further work. This phase could take an application one to two months, and only then can you go to the development stage,

Development of Backend

As the name suggests, back-end development is all about the complex logics that power an application, as well as data handling and storing systems, performance, and much more.

Development for iOS and Android

At this point, your application will have a functioning prototype that you can use to test the user experience and get feedback from users. However, the front-end code for this will need to be written by your engineers. This step typically takes three months; therefore the majority of the development effort is spent there.


The testing phase should involve a variety of tests, including unit testing, functional testing, integration testing, and issue fixing, to guarantee the quality of your product.


The deployment of the app shouldn't take too long if everything went smoothly in the earlier phases. You only need to deploy your program through the Google Play Store and program Store to be finished. The final step will be completed by your users when they download your app to their smartphones

Ways to Reduce the Time It Takes to Develop a Mobile App

There are several options available that will allow you to publish your app in less than one month. Let's see what these possibilities are.

Time To Build An App

Try the MVP Approach

MVPs are an excellent method to save time. They may be constructed easily by focusing on the app's fundamental functionality.

Use Hybrid Mobile App Solutions

Cross-Platform App Development Technology allows you to target several platforms with a single codebase, rather than writing native code for each one separately. You code once, and you have an app that can be published on both Android and iOS.

Go for Outsourcing Services

This choice will save you time and effort. Having an effective outsourcing app development business on your side during development is more efficient than assembling an in-house team of developers.

Test Your App Using Automation

This saves you time while testing your app manually. Automation testing allows you to execute a collection of tests that would normally take hours to complete manually.

mobile app development dubai

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Businesses that follow these important guidelines can optimize their app development process and offer high-quality apps more efficiently.


What is the best app development timeline for Dubai?

It can take between three and six months to construct a fully functional app in Dubai.

What factors affect the app development timeline in Dubai?

Several factors can influence the app development timeline in Dubai, including the app's complexity, the testing and quality assurance process, and any unexpected challenges.

Is it suggested to use a professional app development business in Dubai?

Skilled app development company have a thorough awareness of the local market, possess technological skills, and adhere to industry best practices.

What should we know about app development?

Strong coding and development skills in a range of programming languages, such as Objective-C, Swift, and Java

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