Your Ride to Success: The projected costs of developing a ride-sharing App in 2024

Your Ride to Success: The projected costs of developing a ride-sharing App in 2024

February 17, 2024

At this moment in time, Uber and other similar ride-sharing apps are becoming the new normal for convenient transportation. In a digital era where everything is mobile, ease-of-access is the pivot on which this world is built. Yet what would you do if you intend to launch your own ride-sharing company. What will be your first move in this dynamic industry? The first question that likely pops into your head: How much will it cost for a ride-sharing app development Dubai in 2024?

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This guide not only answers your most important questions, but also deep dives into the most popular trends of the industry. We'll also discuss the growth  of the app development scene in Abu Dhabi. This gives a chance for the entrepreneurial aspirants in the region to learn from these experiences. Fasten your seatbelts, as our ride begins through the world of ride-hailing mobile application development UAE!

The Alluring Ride-Sharing Market:

Before tackling costs, it is crucial to consider the market potential in general. According to the statistics, the worldwide ridesharing market is anticipated to reach an amazing $185 billion by 2026. This comes with an average CAGR of 16.9%. Such growth spurt hints at a vibrant market with a lot of potential for ideas.

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Basically, how much do all these wonders cost me?

The truth is, there could be no one size fits all solution here. It all depends on the following aspects.


Techniques such as real-time fare estimates, in-app chat, and multiple languages support will make the overall system implementation cost to rise.


Developing for both iOS and Android will bring in additional expenses. If you build the ride-sharing mobile app on a single platform, it will all be in control.


The development fees also keep on changing based on the difference in location and hourly wages of the developers.


User interface is all about sleek look and ease of use that, in turn, need trained UX/UI designers and hence increase the cost.

Development Team:

Deciding for in-house departments for app development is generally feasible. This is because outside services providers, or independent contractors have larger cost impacts.

Breaking Down the Cost Structure

Basic MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

A single platform with core functionality; this may cost you at least $50,000 - $100,000.

Feature-rich app

The same amount of $100,000-250,000 for iOS and Android is needed by incorporating advanced features.

Uber-like app:

$250,000 and above is what you might have to pay for a fully comprehensive app with intricate features and a stylish design.

However, take these as rough numbers only. As the cost can be subject to change depending on what exactly you might need. The real cost can be more or less than what you expected.

Abu Dhabi: An Ideal Landscape for Application Development:

If you happen to be in Abu Dhabi, you're definitely the luckiest since there are lots of places to visit. The city is an active centre of app development providing opportunities for developers and agencies to grow. There is a pool of professionals like DXB APPS who can get you to your ride-sharing app destination in no time.

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Here are some advantages:

Competitive rates

A lot of times development costs are lower in Abu Dhabi as compare to Western countries

Proximity to talent

Reaching out to large and talented developer groups in the community.

Government support

Initiatives like the training from the ADGM encourages innovative tech startups.


E-biking and riding scooters are increasingly popular among commuters, and they are making their way to your app, too, becoming a green alternative.

Shared autonomous vehicles (SAVs):

Incorporating autonomous vehicles into your instrument could be an advanced line of defense against them.

Subscription models:

Having monthly or yearly subscriptions can help get more user loyalty and retain income.


One-platform approach is what appeals to the users by combining such services as ride-sharing, food delivery, and payments.


Design and development of a ride-sharing application is an appealing venture. But it's not the cost alone that you should consider. App developers in UAE routinely advise their clients to also consider other elements. To begin with, the ride-hailing industry is dominated by the longstanding big players. Have your value proposition and user experience ready and ensure that is different and amazing. Secondly, instead of directly fighting with the big boys, keep your attention on new entrants by specifying a special segment or territory. Furthermore, it is essential to jump onto new use-cases by merging trending techniques including micromobility and SAV integration. It is also viable to formulate a simple and user-oriented app that strikes a balance between the safety and security aspects.

DXB APPS - Your Trusted Partner for Ride-sharing Apps

Still confused about the exact cost of building your first ride-sharing app platform? Worry not, get DXB APPS’s trusted guidance and consultation. We proudly adhere to our values of premium quality and transparency when it comes to costing. Our dedicated mobile app developers Abu Dhabi seamlessly work with you to quantify each process’s costs, every step of the way. With 10+ years of experience and a multitude of talents, we make your app development affordable, like cutting through butter. So what are you waiting for?

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Immerse yourself in a team of professionals in development, design, and marketing and be united by a common goal. Additionally, make sure to secure the funding needed to cover the development costs, the marketing budget, and continuous operations. Finally, be sure that your application is in compliance with all regulations on the national, local and area level.

Start small, iterate, and grow. It is advisable to avoid trying to build up the entire app ecosystem at once. You should commence with an MVP, collect user feedback and improvise accordingly.

As a business, you can leverage the city's strong ecosystem, and the available government support, to start your ride-sharing app development Abu Dhabi project. With knowledge on the cost drivers, market trends and the most essential factors in perspective, you’re steering towards success in 2024. Recalling that the path to prosperity entails a strategic approach, a love for creativity, and a dedication to build an appealing platform. 

Fasten your seat belts, be a part of an exciting ride-sharing app development journey with DXB APPS!


What matters most in becoming a ride-sharing app creator in Abu Dhabi?

Several benefits make Abu Dhabi a compelling location for your project:

  • Competitive development rates: Unlike in the developed countries which are mostly in the West, cost of development is relatively lower in Abu Dhabi.

  • Access to talent: What you'll encounter, as a local entrepreneur, is an ever-expanding community of techies and firms that provide specialized services including web development and mobile app development.

  • Government support: Initiatives that ADGM provides systematically back the tech startups in their mission towards innovation.

  • Thriving tech ecosystem: Feel free to exchange ideas and resources by being in a developing ecosystem which has enough opportunities for partnerships.

What are some more ideas that can help us achieve that crowning moment?

Mark a unique angle or offer a characteristic that is unparalleled to separate your brand from the rest. Design an app that has easy & smooth user interface and is secure & reliable dashboard. Make it a cool thing by adding to the future requirements like micromobility issue or subscription services. Engage with the best software developers, designers, and marketing professionals who can effectively work together as a team. And last but not least, plan your finances to cover development, marketing, and operations, budget your time, and look for financial resources.

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